Posted: May 3, 2011


The greatest spiritual renaissance in human history has officially begun with Neptune's transit into , the archetype of the . In essence, Neptune's energy will effect a cosmic baptism to all life on Earth offering redemption, resurrection, and glory of the for all who by their own Free Will choose to attune to this Divine vibration. By transit's end, and as part of Earth's unstoppable , mankind's Divine nature will be totally restored, as it was written and so shall it come to pass. In the coming years as all that separates man from God becomes completely dissolved, humanity will finally, at long last, journey together as one into the loving graces of our Infinite Creator.

The Science of Ascension

The singularly most profound aspect of this transit will be the energetic harmonization of the Divine with the physical, or as some would say, the manifestation of Heaven on Earth, meaning, that the very nature of what we understand reality to be will increasingly become 'distorted into Divinity.' The metaphysical means by which this most wondrous process can best be explained is through the now known as Spacetime Curvature, where time and space condense to a point of infinity, or as some theoretical physicists call the 'Zero Point.' This evolutionary mechanism, sourcing from the Event Horizon at the center of the Milky Way, is responsible for the Ascension of not only planet Earth, but of our entire galaxy.

The dawning of this glorious new era is a testament to the infinite and cyclical nature of Creation, best exemplified by our solar system's coming passage through the galactic horizon, otherwise known as the 'photon belt', which will transition us from a quadrant of darkness into a quadrant of Light. Rest assured that as of December 21st, 2012, the planet Earth will have crossed this cosmic border and begun its infinite and permanent ascent into the higher realms of existence. As humanity marches beyond this most sacred boundary the value of linear time will melt into obscurity, replaced instead by a cherished observance of the perfect and everlasting planetary symphony home to our solar system, for this is true timing. For those who feel the furious fleeting of time, know that its source lies in the cosmos.

The Christ Consciousness and the Death of Ego

Without question the most blessed effect that this momentous thirteen year transit will have on Earth's inhabitants is the gradual and eventually ultimate manifestation of the Christ Consciousness within the human family, for there is no greater level of spiritual achievement than having the Love and Light of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ burning bright within us. This pinnacle state of consciousness is in fact the fabled Philosopher's Stone of ancient lore, the treasure of treasures that the alchemists of old knew would grant power over time, space, and matter, a power that Christ himself spoke freely of: 'He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also, and greater works than these shall he do, because I go unto my Father.'

Metaphorically speaking a celestial hourglass has been turned anew and as the stardust fills our collective the egos of humanity will delicately dissipate, replaced instead by ever increasing enlightenment. As people are released from the deceptions of ego they will increasingly manifest their Divine nature of which a natural byproduct will be the shedding of all forms of vice. This path of personal majesty will impart protection, sustenance, and prosperity in all forms, as alignment with God's Will always, without exception, creates the highest outcomes for all. As God blesses each person individually, free from religious protocol and structure, people of all walks will cast off the corrupt shackles of organized religion.

The Dissolution of Organized Religion

By transit's end the world religions will have been dissolved, replaced instead by the unified and integral Sacred Science of Spiritual Alchemy, the 'mystery religion' that underlies all religion. Alchemy, like its senior, , are profound and ancient tools left to man that through understanding, application, and mastery of their principals a soul can earn its Ascension into the higher realms. In the coming times new teachers shall emerge who will be able to delineate practical guidelines that will make available to all who seek them the most powerful techniques for spiritual evolution known to man. The time for religious division and the compartmentalization of spiritual power has come to an end, and this transit will see to it.

The to Checkmate the Dragon

The task of overseeing this 'Spiritual Restructuring of All Ages' falls to the benevolent authority of the Great White Brotherhood, a universal group of ascended masters representing the elite of Heaven that Scripture reveals in the Book of Revelation, 7:9: 'After this I beheld, and, lo, a great multitude, which no man could number, of all nations, and kindreds, and people, and tongues, stood before the throne, and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes, and palms in their hands.' The abominable decay of Earth's major religions warrants the attention of such a powerful group. Make no mistake that the great purification will be a spectacular success. To those who may question the validity of their sect I say this: is it not possible that you too have been deceived and that greater truths have been hidden from you? Do we not live in a world where at present the few govern the many? This truth alone should be enough to push you to penetrate the mysteries of your philosophies. Those who do not question will remain spiritual captives, robbed of the greatness that is their birthright.

The virtuous instruction of the Great White Brotherhood, commanded by Jesus Christ himself, shall descend through the dimensions into the hearts and minds of the Elect through three primary means: telepathy, dreams, and direct exchanges via physical manifestations. Recall the Scripture from the Book of Acts, 2:17 that reads: 'In the last days I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh, and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams.' Essentially, the Brotherhood will be playing chess with their chosen until finally the ultimate checkmate against the adversary is secured. These occurrences represent the most intense synchronicities that will be experienced during this transit although the entire population of Earth will feel, albeit to a lesser extent, events similar in nature.

Psychic Phenomenon Explodes Globally

On a global, societal level paranormal phenomenon will increase indefinitely as a direct byproduct of the combined energies of Neptune's transit through Pisces, Uranus' transit through Aries, and our impending merger and movement through the galactic horizon. As this spiritual renaissance unfolds, and as the veils between worlds grow thin, and as people become conscious of their Divine, multi-dimensional nature, psychic abilities will increasingly become discovered, developed, accepted, and treasured. Realize that spiritual gifts manifest in proportion to one's karmic balance in that the more karmic debt is cleared, the more one ascends and inherits the treasures of His Kingdom. As was written, the loving pursuit of spiritual gifts is a blessed course, one that allows for greater service to their fellow man which brings us to the next major aspect of this transit: the nature of work and service will become spiritualized and all that does not will fade into oblivion.

The New Infinite Economy of Selfless Service

As Neptune's energy filters through Pisces there will be a great transition from selfish to selfless in the industries and economies of the world. The emerging paradigm is one of infinite abundance derived from the fusion of science and spirit. There will be great disillusionment for those who choose to remain as part of the 'sinking ship' of the old ways. Those who seek material success and comfort will chase ghosts until they orient themselves with a means of service that has the highest interests of all people at heart. Those who refuse this higher path will put themselves at great risk to the many vices of drug-fueled escapism, a path of self-defeat with potentially deadly consequences. In the future, the integration of Spirit with service will be an absolute pre-requisite for success. The wise will make this transition sooner rather than later.

Judicial Corruption and War Eliminated

Many will rejoice to know that the corruption that has plagued the judicial systems of the world will be replaced by Divine Justice by transit's end, with an emphatic clearing commencing at the start of the Age of Aquarius on December 21st, 2012. Much of the legal system that we now know will become abolished to make way for systems of incorruptible virtue that will permit and promote the innate nobility of mankind to thrive. These systems will incorporate revolutionary technologies that can determine truth through various means of frequency analysis. Lying, like all forms of moral decay, will become obsolete in the near future. The restoration of justice will promote world peace and prosperity while burying forever the specter and scourge that we call war.

Interdimensional Communication Accepted

The nature of our daily life, routines, thoughts, communications, and interactions will become inter-dimensional under this transit, with the crowning achievement for each human being the alchemical merging of the with the physical Self. For many, information exchange will become telepathic, free from the confines of space and time. Various forms of psychism will emerge in the mainstream as the acceptance of inter-dimensional life becomes a reality. False perceptions of death will be replaced by the truth of eternal life, allowing for the widespread acceptance of communicating with loved ones who have since ascended into the higher realms. In a general sense, the collective intuition of humanity will increase dramatically.

Spiritual Truths Go Public

The eternal truths of karma and reincarnation will become accepted among the general population and recognized as indispensible elements to not only spiritual mastery but of good social order and moral conduct. As the interconnected nature of life is increasingly understood and accepted the virtues of harmony, compassion, and love will cleanse all strata of society like a gentle wave washing further and further up the shoreline. At the forefront of this realization will be the intensification of human emotion. This emotional evolution will change human interaction into being more heart-centered, restoring at last the precious energy of the Sacred Feminine which has long been oppressed by subversive elements.

Great Miracles in Water

The oceans and the element of water will reveal great mysteries and healing miracles under this transit, prompting radical new advances in marine biology, oceanography, and aquatics that will be of tremendous benefit to humanity. Society will soon come to terms with the psychic malleability of water and all its profound implications. Spiritually-inspired desalinization technologies will permit the greening of deserts by way of ocean water which will help see to the end of hunger and poverty. Wondrous new worlds and ecosystems will be discovered that will baffle modern science and lead to great revisions and retractions within the scientific communities. Genetically modified phytoplankton will purify Earth's polluted waters naturally and effortlessly. Therapies will be created that by means of Sacred Geometry the waters will blossom with abundance like never before. By far, one of the most astounding aspects of this Neptune transit will be the discovery of ancient civilizations of extraterrestrial origin that have made colonies in the unfathomably deep trenches of the . Worry not as these developments will be totally positive in nature.

The Egyptian Sensual Arts Return

A cultural metamorphosis will occur which will idealize the Divine virtues and see that they guide all aspects of our future eliminating strife, discord, and poverty in all forms and on all levels. The romance arts of Egypt will return to subdue the smut peddling that has been exalted for so long, restoring the sacred act of sex to serve, as was intended, as a vehicle for accessing the Divine, expanding spiritual power, and expressing passionate love for the other. Family life will flourish as people come to realize the profound depth that underscores the incarnation of souls to journey through life with one another under certain circumstances, illuminated by the concepts of soul contracts, karma, and reincarnation. The homes of the future will be metaphysical masterpieces doubling both as designer dwellings and sanctuaries of Spirit complete with libraries of the Akashic kind. This Neptune transit will ensure that the perception of family extends far beyond the confines of the home to include all of humanity, that none shall know despair.

Angels to Inspire Creativity

As Heaven merges with humanity and as inspiration increasingly descends into the minds of the men, women, and children of Earth, the arts will erupt with an unfathomable genius that defies current rational, classification, and boundary, fantastically dwarfing the European Renaissance in scope and intensity. The stifling of beauty and creativity will end as Angelic Orchestras inspire millions into infinite heights of creative power with gifts such as new color, sound, and material to spur splendor into life. To all who rely on beauty and creativity to serve with and to sustain themselves I say this: keep the faith and continue your path for God will reward you without measure, so long as you persevere in faith! New Earth will sparkle as a diamond in the Sun as the sum of our collective brilliance. Rest assured that the magic of life will be felt by all!

Divine Guidance for Spiritual Seekers

For those who wish to manifest the highest outcomes of this transit I have for you the following guidelines as dictated to me by my Divine Guidance. First and foremost, to cleanse and detoxify yourselves mind, body, and spirit. Second, to clear and activate all of your chakras, including the etheric, and to establish your connection to your Higher Self. Third, to pray sincerely to God to permit His intervention in your life and to ask to become a conduit of His will. Fourth, the maintenance of the virtue of faith in God's infinite love and wisdom no matter what circumstances befall you. Fifth, establishing a loving relationship with the of Kings, Jesus Christ, the one and only Son of God, and that His mercy, compassion, love, and wisdom guide your ways forevermore. Sixth, invoking through the power of spoken word the assistance of your guardian angels who stand ready to assist you with your Ascension at all times. By these means I assure you that you will walk a higher path and that this path will spiral up as high as your commitment to God permits. As you journey always remember this spiritual truth: that infinite faith is rewarded infinitely. For those who seek direct and sustained spiritual guidance I invite you to connect with my beloved wife and Twin Flame, Divine Mystic Alexis Genevieve.

Astrology Enlightens

Astrology can reveal to us where Neptune's influence will be felt most intensely and where illusion will give way to eternal truth. This is priceless knowledge because it permits us to consciously focus on the Zodiac house, which is an area of life experience, in which we can, if we choose, to seek enlightenment. The accessing of Heaven on Earth comes by way of a Divine consciousness that naturally manifests a Divine lifestyle. The opportunity exists for sincere hearts to climb to the pinnacles of spiritual radiance. A great window exists for humanity to earn entrance into the Divine Realms, so long as certain dues are paid as Heaven's gates are heavily guarded. Astrology can help reveal one's Divine blueprint that their greatest potentials be fulfilled as well identify one's Ascension path. Dear brothers and sisters I encourage you to embrace your divinity for the Renaissance of the Soul has just begun!

In cosmic service,

Salvador Russo

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