Here we are at the gates of eternal summers threshold of new birthing of all the energy that we have been integrating and sitting with. It has been a time of acceptance and letting go. Now the indicators tell us that this fresh new perspective is ready to be delivered into and seen in physical form. We arrive at another New Moon, this time in Taurus On May 3rd, 2011. Nothing matters here, but to cherish the moment in its totality. but to let your heart take flight and soar in all the new seeds you have been given to grow .this is a deep time of activating your true dna. This is a time of new, the old of winter hath long been left behind now and what has been given birth this spring is an inspiring intricate opening of the sacred door of the heart. There may have been recent chaos or deep stress, this stress has underneath given you new awakening to seeds of self and opening doors in your own being you have not opened before. This is the time now to take these seeds you have been given and flow upwards to the home of eternal summer where you belong.

You still feel an urge to hold onto the old and not quite show your uplifted being to others, but this true being you are is within and ready to emerge and now is the time to share your heart, as that what you share uplifts not only your own frequency but that of the earth within the giant one quantum verse. Each cycle or season we are given seeds of awareness that gradually can uplift our dhamma or awareness. now is the time to let your seeds of awareness you were given over winter take root and grow within your own being. This will let your being further awaken in pure awareness of being to that which is the one and only . As you uplift you will enchant your own being feeling and seeing natural true magic at work in your own being and around you, as that what you feel within your own heart is reflected out. The energies at work now are working to bring you to the ancient way of living,which is from the heart,not the mind, the further deeper you flow into your hearts caverns and awake all that was sleeping ,you will further uplift and and will then be able to serve your true purpose to the quantum verse. The universal call is to be answered ,not ignored. For when things look bleak there is always a shining light within that moment, look into your heart to see it and ask your heart to guide you,for your heart will never guide you wrong if you trust your own heart and have faith in your own heart. For you are your own light and instrument of upliftment. Being aware of you r own connection to the one , means dealing with what so ever erupts out of your being ,and clearing blockages ,mentally, emotionally, physically, and at the soul, heart and spirit of your being to uplift and enjoy all your connection can offer to you and all your connections with others on multidimensional levels,as you are a multi dimensional being and thou cannot uplift till thou being is clear and each seed seen for its light in your awareness of being. Now is the time to balance your being. New Moon’s signify a clean slate and an opportunity to set new intention of pure heart and create healthy habits and actions. Both the Sun and Moon gather up their energy towards a common theme: Taurus. The symbolism suggests our conscious and subconscious work together to help us focus awareness that is more balanced. This increase of enchanting true magic and awareness you see unfolding and feel unfolding within your being is only the beginning for months to come. You may feel as if our in a maze at the moment,but at your own heart you can see the mazes center and where to work out from and remove these layers of being that go you into the maze in the first place,for these are the seeds of your lessons that need to be realized and shifted away from what got you into the problem in the first place. They are to be transcended and let go, ,they may be actions of self,or ways of thinking,but either way once you recognize them at their root,they can then be uprooted, and reseeded with pure awareness of your heart and uplifted. in Taurus makes a fantastic aspect to transiting Pluto in Capricorn (retrograde), which further stimulates the desire to enjoy the richness of the infinite heavens. This is a time to enjoy your oneness with you and the quantum verse . As you are one in the magnificent . Taurus is an earth element and a fixed mode of energy. This sign attune us to the material world and reminding us to stick to our intention to completion, to be loyal to our hearts guidance and to savor the experience upon the quantum verse for the time we are here in physical being . Our attention is also brought to spiritual values or our deepest core values in life. When you don’t value yourself or what you have in life you will not value another. And this seed of awareness will have played a equivocal role over your last few months and it is basically telling you a tit s heart of meaning, if you don’t appreciate something ,you will have lost it, you may lost in a maze of how to win back what you hath lost. Well,the answer is within you and only you will understand when you enter your own scared heart and see the answer at the heart of your being. The answers always begin with you and if you have not valued your own being,how can anyone else right. Or if they did value you ,you may also have somehow devalued their trust in you, in that case,you need to put value in your own self, and face the things about your own being you have perhaps feared till now. But with what seeds hath been presented to you ,it is your choice to do what thou will. But keep in mind, what you ignore will only repetitiously keep haunting you,and until you break the cycle by facing your own being you will not uplift or progress in your ascension. The answers are all within us, and they are within you ,to the deepest questions you have. It is a pivotal time to see what is original in you and what is third dimensional or earth based escape bed habits or ill willed actions of being or selfish and let them go. What you feel in your own heart is what you attract around you, that is the law of attraction. In other words, what you feel in your heart ,is what seeds will blossom around you, and as well the actions you take will also snap back at you, if you have sown ill willed actions ,these cords will snap back at you and your lessons will be outlined,this is the work you need to work on within. Thus ,is the law of attraction. This is a time to not to linger but to get to work right away and the work you put in will be felt on all dimensions. Spend your energy wisely and only putting into heart felt matters. In other words,follow your heart. For the hearts call is the universal call,and even if you are fighting it,now is the time to surrender to your heart,you will feel a deep release and freedom you hath never felt before. Transiting Venus and Mercury are closely knitted in Aries during, both symbolizing energizing creative expression ,let this inspiration flow and soar uplifting your being . New ideas are emerging and taking flow. This energy can also be used to speak the hearts truth in direct honesty. So if you ever wanted to speak your own heart now is the time to do so. Transiting Saturn in Libra (retrograde) and Pluto in Capricorn (retrograde) are in a wide square with one another, this symbolizes the inner friction leads one to becoming self-responsible remaining integrity while restoring balance and harmony within relationships. the key here is, if you have a relationship that is out of balance,this begins with your own relationship of self, if you are out of balance then your other relationships cannot be in sync,it begins with you being in inner balance in order for you within to reflect outward around you. Look inward and see what needs fine tuning. For fine tuning your own inner being will balance out the world around you.