By Joseph Rolley

NOTIFICATION. The Rapture has occurred. If you are reading this , then you have been one of the chosen to enter . A brief orientation to is in order with a few recommended guidelines:

1. Look around and notice where you are. You may notice that the faces of those you love, the color of the sky, trees and flowers seem a bit brighter. Please look closely. The place where you are at this present moment is more exquisitely beautiful and wonderful than anything you had previously imagined.

2. Be grateful for each moment and practice seeing the in everyone. Love unconditionally and wholeheartedly. This usually takes a little practice for the newbies, however once they catch on it makes the experience of heaven much more tangible.

3. While heaven is experienced as an ever increasing awareness of bliss, joy and peace beyond words, it is still a place of learning and growing. Please practice perceiving all obstacles and challenges as opportunities. This practice will further assist in increasing your awareness of bliss, joy and peace beyond words.

4. Due to the logistical volume of new members to heaven, it is possible that not all of the selected have been notified. If you feel so inclined may assist in getting the notification out more rapidly by reposting to your family and friends.

5. Welcome home!