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Tuesday, 10 May, 2011

As I step out of my door, I step out of my mind. The mind that can be so full of day to day concerns, the ever pressing need to fix what is problematic, the desire for things to be different than they are. But as I step out into nature, I invite God to walk with me. I welcome him to show me the gifts that can only be embraced in the present . As I walk beneath the canopy of radiant effervescent blue skies, I feel my &;s grace bathe me in light. God, thank you, I whisper to the gentle cool breeze that kisses my skin. It is as if God is breathing life back into my very being. Each step brings a new delight a fresh from my creator.

The sweet aroma of jasmine infuses the air, the falling leaves and flowers let go of their attachment to the tress that held them so lovingly and the foliage bends gracefully in the wind. I am willing to learn this level of trust; to fill ever waking moments, infusing life with sweetness and . I am willing to learn to let go and let God. I am willing to be flexible and graceful as the winds of change blow through my life. Then, splendor and rapture dance through the air, I am escorted by hundreds of dragonflies dancing joyfully through the atmosphere. Their iridescent wings illuminated by sunbeams tickle their free flight acrobats. God is not nature; I witness is God’s creation, my Beloved’s gift to me when I am fully present and open to receive.

As I walk through this moment, through this day awareness arises. How many gifts have I missed being preoccupied by the past or projecting into the future? And what about the moments of pain, sadness and fear could these also be gifts. If I ask God to help me embrace and accept this present moment and everything that arises from it. If I ask my Beloved to carry me through the valleys that I experience; if a knowing springs forth that I am so profoundly loved and that everything I experience is for my good and my growth then who am I to judge what is a gift and what is not. From my own human perspective I can only see a tiny glimpse of reality. But I trust deeply and allow God’s grace to permeate my being. For if I could see through his eyes I would know at all is well, or as Amy Vonstom says in One Thousand Gifts, he is my well and that I can be filled with grace at any moment I remember to go to my source.

To experience the fullness of this grace, I will make mistakes, I will feel emotions, I will make progress, I will learn new lessons, then I will step out of my head back to my source. For my beloved creator is ever-present, waiting with open arms to fill me, renew me, walk beside me and show me what my next step is. So I will keep disovering gifts, receive the blessings and give thanks for the aliveness of the human experience that grants the opportunity to dance with God’s grace in this present moment.

Thank you God for the gift of grace, the beauty of nature and for being fully alive to experience them

Much love and sweet blessings to all


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Debbie Milam, Founder The Best You Can Be Foundation