This interview ties in with this weeks poll. Do take into account that this interview was made in May 2010.

Andy LLoyd have seen enough scientific data to conclude that we live in a binary star system and that the twin star is a Brown Dwarf star. This Brown Dwarf was called . Actually, most stars in the universe is a binary star system. In a binary star system the stars are orbiting (dancing) around each other. Watch this video to see it. What I don't understand, though, why the sun and this Brown Dwarf are now coming so close, while in theory they should keep their distance.

Andy has a plausible scientific explanation why a brown dwarf star, while not emitting light, can produce and sustain life for the surrounding planets/moons. Our assumption that a star has to be bright like our sun to produce and sustain life might be wrong. Many are thinking that this brown dwarf star is what recently has been discovered and designated as C/2010 X1 'Comet Elenin'. Andy also discus the possibility of the existence of the Annunaki in a planet orbiting this Brown Dwarf and what role they probably play.

From this video (and other sources, but this video pictures it the best) I understand that an alignment of Elenin with the sun and the earth causes earthquakes (then what about those manmade earthquake stories???). If this is true, then it has a sufficiently large mass or otherwise it would not have such an effect. It is possible that the sun and the planets from this solar system is heating up because of the proximity of Elenin. And if it passes earth at the predicted closest distance of 0.323 AU (1 AU is the distance between earth and the sun) and also will be making some planetary alignments before and after this happens, the implications might be huge. That is if our ET friends and/or Ascended Masters will not intervene. But I think, if dire things are going to happen, they will intervene.

The most intense times will be between September 16th 2011 and mid November 2011. An article on UFO-Blogger comes to the conclusion that Dec 21, 2012 is actually Oct 28, 2011 (!) due to irregularities in counting methods and several other adjustments over the centuries. These counting irregularities are explained in detail in the article.

We have survived this kind of scenario before in 2003. Just read and watch this article I posted earlier titled "How we just survived". And we didn't even notice. This time, perhaps with some (unseen) help, the same thing will happen again (maybe with a little bit more upheaval). Oh great… The video's accompanying "How we just survived" had been removed because of 'copyright issues', it's deliberate suppression I think. Those allegations are just ridiculous. If you just read the preceding text, you'll understand the story. I had made a good summary what was presented in the video. In the meantime I have found a part of the video somewhere else. You can see here that Nassim Haramein thinks that one of the comets was planet X. He thought that a comet twice the size of Jupiter inside our solar system, nearly hitting the sun would have caused massive tidal waves and destruction. Why it didn't happen he really didn't know…(!)

I hope that all this is somehow a misunderstanding (or a deliberate disinformation) and that the brown dwarf star and Elenin are two different things…