19 May 2011  

Channeler:  Faye Rouchi

My Dearest beloved Human, it is Gaia, and I am present and ready to continue with our conversation, communication, ready to deepen our understanding and knowing of each other and the nature of things in this reality known as Earth.

Some would say this reality is 3D, but I tell you this reality is all dimensions. It is you that limits this experience of this reality and it is also you that creates the dimension which you have experienced. I wish to tell you that you ARE a multidimensional being and you sit in a multidimensional suit in which to experience this reality in so many different ways, only you have become so fixed, so focused on the mental plane that you now find it difficult to see beyond it. You could even say that this reality has become the mind, limiting your experience to be only the mental field of this existence, equating the mental field as the 3D earth reality that you know and then have forgotten your creative power, your dominion over the elements, over yourself. You no longer know of the dominion you have of yourself, and so this is reflected in the world beyond you as one of limitation and fear. You fear your power, you fear the Truth of yourself.

Do not be afraid dear Human. If there were any one thing I would share with you right now, it would be to emphasize, to be emphatic, that fear is not real but only a mental projection of the denial of YOUR very own POWER, your dominion over the elements, your body, my body, our body, the Earth, your home in this reality, this experience. This fear that is now in your linearity is a very old condition and a condition you must now escape. Your fears are a misuse of your mind, a creation you have manifested here on Earth. The Earth is a beautiful creation, but it is now distorted, just as you have distorted your knowing of yourSelf. You are grand and glorious beings, just as I am, mirror images of the Source, Universal Energy that YOU ARE, that compels you, only you are oblivious to this fact most of the time. There are so many little facts, details that I could share with you, but they will be of little effect until you recognize and embrace your grandness, the God-nature that is you, that is me, that is All. You exclude yourself from this state of being and you diminish all that you see by not honoring, by not acknowledging the truth of this fact.

It is time, Human, for you to grow up, to grow up to the fact of your greatness, your Supreme and Divine power and nature. This is all that ascension really is, it is a re-member-ing of your Self while still enmeshed in this reality. Your journey and adventures have gone deep here, and within yourself from forgetting, and now it is time to wake up and re-member! There is a time for all things here as time is an integral part of this home, as is space. It is all so convincing that you have forgotten you are timeless and spaceless. You are everything and everywhere whether you have awareness of this or not. Dear Human, simply reach out and connect with me, your fellow Earth traveler, journeyer. Let us commune with each other once again, and let us, allow me, to assist you in letting go of the fear that dictates this reality for you. Once again express your creative nature and embrace your Grace and Royal nature. Some may question the use of the word 'royal', but it is quite accurate.

This does not imply that you put yourself before anyone or anything, placing yourself higher, but it does imply that as Creator you have the ability to interpret and to re-interpret everything and to command how and what your experience can and shall be, AND it does does mean that you are Supreme, that you Reign Supreme within your very own reality and that reality will reflect this Truth back to you. To reign supreme does imply that you be fearless and that you have dominion over the elements which are you also. But, the elements do not have dominion over you. This is not an either-or. Once you gave all that you believe is outside of your dominion you began to live in a fearful state, forgetting your Truth. You have felt within the inaccuracy of the picture of yourself you held, and that you hold of all your fellow human beings. You have created the experience of Human, now it is time to create the Divine Human, to bring back the power that is innately yours and begin to use and recognize this power, to begin to KNOW that Human is Source and that as Source you are Human.

You are a Divine Creator and as such you have created a mind, and this mind is not as mature as you are, but if you do not express your maturity, the child then parents the adult. This is not as it truly is. You are the Creator, the parent, and it is you that can foster, can mold and shape your creations. Allow your mind to play and be as a child and go about and discover itself. Give it freedom and give yourself re-membrance. You are not an Alzheimer patient in a wheelchair being cared for by a nursing home attendant. No! I say you are the doctors, the nurses, the building, you are ALL of it and all of it is YOUR very own creation, but as you have forgotten that you are the Creator, you have forgotten how you are creating, you have forgotten it is all you, you have become fearful of yourSelf, for if you can forget something so big, so important, then what? So, you no longer trust yourSelf.

If you will but join hands with me, reach out and dance on Earth again, reach out and communicate with me once again and see yourSelf in all the elements and know that You created them, the Water, the Fire, the Air, the Earth, and that we all came here in this idea to play and to be creative and to witness ourselves at play. At play, dear Human, not at work. Work is a bondage and an idea created out of fear and shame. It is an idea from a loss of memory. It is time to re-member. Allow me to assist you now, as we both re-member. I hold all of your memories for you. I have held these memories for what you would say eons of time and I can share them with you through our connection, a connection of pure Heart. This does not imply your heart can be impure, not at all. It simply means that you come to me as yourSelf, not your fabrication. Come to me from the place of knowing that you truly are more than the slave you have pretended to be, a slave of fear.

Be not afraid, dear Human, for the time of fear is passing. This reality will no longer be a place of experiencing fear. I invite you to be a part of a fearless reality, a fearless Earth, the paradise it was in it's heyday, only you have forgotten how this can be. But I hold these memories. We will not return to the past, we will be as ONE, as nature dictates and be the Creator that we are and this Earth experience will be new and different as is the way of Creation, always changing, always evolving, but, you must first remember the Truth of yourSelf. Reach out to me, allow me to share the memory of You, so you can re-member then. for yourself the grandness of being a Human, so that you may reclaim your grandeur, your love of Self, and of All things. Let go of the fearful you you have created and come to know the Love, the Source that you truly are, that we truly are. I invite you. Let us hold hands together during this time as we shake the past off and move into the future by being present within the heart. Let our hearts beat together in unison. I invite you. Do not concern yourself with what to do, or how to connect. I am aware of everything and everyone upon and within my body.

When you reach out through your desire to re-member, I will find you, for you are not lost to me.

I am Gaia, and I Reign Supreme!