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Below is the channeling that I did while doing a trial-run for the broadcasts with Adama I've been planning.  The live channeling will follow a similar format of meeting Adama in a group in a specific place.  I don't know yet when the broadcasts will start but meanwhile I am creating some audio to post.  Namaste~

[Erin] Adama is here…we've met in a sacred room. In this etheric place, Adama sits in a , and those who wish to gather in spirit to listen, choose to come and sit around him in a circle so that he can radiate energies equally out to everyone. So if you can consciously choose to have your spirit join us in this Sacred Room.

They're showing outside the windows surrounding this room are beautiful pink flowers. The Sacred Room is actually a room in Adama's house where he conducts meetings with individuals and groups.

As you walk in the , the first thing you experience is the light that comes from the of Adama. The light shines from his like a sun. And as various people file in and find a seat, everyone connects to this beautiful light. And they connect to each other as well. And if you look up at the ceiling, it looks like the room is circular, and as you look up at the ceiling there is a circular skylight, and you can see the branches of the trees above, and the blue sky. So this information's just to orient you to the space.

Adama's energies are very bright and at the same time very soothing, like nature, like springtime.  Allow for Adama's energies to come in fully, and welcome those energies into your field.

[Adama] Greetings, it is Adama, Ascended Master and High Priest in Telos, joining with Erin, bringing a healing energy into the space around us. Just allow that healing essence to circulate around your physical bodies, your emotional bodies, your mental fields, and all the places in your that are in need of a healthier vibration, and let it come in. And as I do this, as I send these frequencies, your vibration becomes stronger and higher, and you are able to enter the room where I sit. Walk through the door way, or the portal, and you're actually going to be bringing elements of your physical here. The earth is not yet ready to experience bi-locating fully, in human consciousness, but you can begin to practice it in increments by allowing your energies to meld and merge with the higher vibrations that we're presenting you with. So isn't that wonderful?

Our theme, or topic, right now, is on handling with care the emotions that arise during the healing and evolutionary process of your Soul. The emotions have a certain frequency that needs to be respected by you. If you have feelings of shame, of fear, anger, I don't want you to view these feelings as anything wrong, anything that's less than what it needs to be in that moment.

When you're all yearning for reunion with the God within, you can't really take a wrong approach because the intention behind your actions is what's guiding you to do what you do. So there's no wrong feeling. And it's important when healing these emotions that you let your higher self spiritually orient you to the best method of healing, the most desirous outcome. And you learn how to do this by practicing silence, and learning the language of thinking, being aware and observing the direction you take in your thoughts, whether it's constructive language or whether it's negative. Avoid using any sort of negative language. As you're taking these vibrations in, I want you to notice as the words are sinking in, the that is taking place inside your body, because is happening . occurs as you allow higher vibrations to enter your mind and body, and it makes for truly wonderful healing opportunities. So, feel into this moment, allow the vibrations, the healing energies, to do their thing. That is all for today. Come back again. Thank you.

[Erin]  You now leave the room by exiting through the door you came in.  It is full of a sparkling energy, and as you walk into it, you are taken back home, fully into your physical body, retaining all of the information and energies you have received.