22 May 2011


On May 15, we turned a corner. What I noticed that day was I began feeling love for everyone I saw, even if I didn’t think I would. It took me by surprise, but I observed it and realized it is much easier to feel that way than to have a judgment. It just happened. In fact, I couldn’t stop it from happening.

Even when it was someone who normally would have made me uncomfortable, there was a spontaneous flow of love. This encompassed the other person, too. Complete strangers felt loved and recognized for who they were, and their hearts opened in response.

This “spontaneous love flow” was preceded by something. On May 11, in the evening, as I was answering email, I experienced an infusion of “sparkle” that flowed into me and exploded like Pop Rocks candy.

It was intensely delicious and wonderful, impacting my entire body so much that I erupted in movement and sound.

When it subsided I thought: I would like to experience that again. Who wouldn’t? But often we experience something only once, so I wrote about it in my journal and let it go.

On May 19th, I was awakened at 3:15 AM to discover the Sparkle Energy was back, bigger than ever. It flowed into me for twenty minutes. I had a conscious thought: whatever this is and wherever it takes me, I am ready. In the past few months, I have had a couple of opportunities to go into unfamiliar territory but I wasn’t ready. This time, I released my fear of having something unexpected happen. The energy flowed in and softly exploded in my heart and throughout the cellular makeup of my body like fireworks of ecstasy. It was glorious, it was powerful; it was bliss.

Gradually I noticed that the walls of my house disappeared. I was in a house, but it was an illusion. Then I noticed my own “walls” disappeared and I expanded out to become a part of everything. I saw that my 3D form was a convenience, a way to experience the planet Earth. My expanded consciousness was able to experience the enormity of the cosmos. I touched distant stars and planets. The energy flowed into me and then I became a part of it and flowed out into everything. I felt no desire to return to the illusory world.

In the morning I was different. Primarily, I no longer felt limited to the three-dimensional realm. My physical body was in it, but my consciousness was still very expanded. When I went to the Post Office to get my mail, the energy of love continued to flow forth from me. But I was altered in another way. My physical vessel had become an illusion that I could see.

I was aware of the beings bringing this sparkle energy to me. They spoke of the final phase of the conversion, the conversion of form. It is the proverbial caterpillar morphing. At last there was no more clearing to be done, no more activation, no more increasing the vibration.

Months ago I was told our transition experience would begin this summer, and that people would begin to move into the new realm by late summer. The conversion of form is underway.

The afternoon after the twenty-minute infusion, I went to feed a stray cat I have been feeding for a few weeks. After he ate he said, “Follow me, I will show you my cave.” I heard him clearly. I followed and he seemed pleased and excited. Our movements were as fluid as flocks of birds that swoop as one. We went up a steep hill and then he ducked under some low branches and jumped over a rock wall. I couldn’t fit through that space. He came back, happy that I had entered his world and wondering why I had stopped, yet willing to wait. Showing reciprocity, he offered me his den. I was touched. “See you tomorrow,” I told him. He said, “At last, you can hear me.”

We had a telepathic conversation that was crystal clear, unlike ever before, as if we were the same species. Like equals. He felt like a long-lost friend.

I think it was his assignment to connect with me, because in the last several days he became very determined to do so. Now I had gotten his message. I saw that he was a master of energy, able to step through the veil. I had gone from feeling sorry for him to seeing the dynamic, magical world he inhabited.

He showed me something I had been looking for.

Once we see that 3D structures are illusory, we can let go of our attachments. Once the energy of the stars sparkles in our systems, we can expand our consciousness and step out of separation into unity. Once we morph into multi-dimensionality, we create the new world.

In her latest post wrote, “…we are shifting from the mental understanding of ascended living to the sensation-based experience of it. This has yet to sink into our full body awareness, but it will.” (“http://consciousco-creationalcoaching.blogspot.com/2011/05/human-20-christed-edition.html” http://consciousco-creationalcoaching.blogspot.com/2011/05/human-20-christed-edition.html)

This is what I have gone through, a shift from an understanding of ascended living to actually feeling the sensation of it. I was transported into a full-blown experience. And once we bring something into our body awareness, we begin to live it and create it.