As you are well aware, there is a considerable amount of occurring on Planet Earth at present, and many of you are becoming very distressed about it. It is leading up to the moment of your awakening, to which the vast majority of you on the planet are – at a deep level below your dream-time limited-awareness – with glee.  You have spent a long time on your homeward journey, and the fact that the end is coming into view is exhilarating.  Yet because this wonderful knowledge is so deeply buried, the all around you is most unsettling because it seems so real.  As I said recently, make a point of seeking out the good news – there is a lot of it out there – and share it with friends and loved ones.  It will raise your spirits because it will be reminding you of the master-plan whose present stage is shortly to bear fruit, as you .

You have all been working tirelessly for eons to reach this point of momentous change, and your joy and amazement when it comes to pass will be phenomenal.  If it were possible to give you even a brief glimpse of what you are to experience when you awaken, then all your doubts and anxieties would evaporate.  A few of you have had brief “ experiences” and others have had “near-death experiences,” which have shown very clearly that you are dearly loved and that there is nothing to fear because life does not cease when you lay down your earthly bodies; it expands to offer limitless opportunities for your constant delight.  And because of those uplifting glimpses of Reality, and the consequent ability to understand, to a certain extent, the meaning of their earthly lives, they are able to accept life precisely as it unfolds for them, knowing without any whatever that they are always exactly where they intended to be for the lessons they need and wish to learn.  Others are drawn to the peaceful and loving energy these ones share and extend, enjoying the sense of complete acceptance they offer.

Still others have read about peak and near-death experiences, and have been inspired and uplifted by what they read as they resonate strongly with what is described.  There is so much information available in books, movies, and on the web, that those seeking evidence that there is a far, far better form of existence beyond the illusory reality should have no difficulty in accessing it.  In fact, many are doing just that, and the intent to find that information naturally brings it to them, almost serendipitously, as books in a book shop catch their attention, or as books, movies, or web sites are mentioned to them by someone they just happened to talk to in a chance encounter.  Once you start seeking with intent you are effectively asking for guidance and direction, and so it will be lovingly given to you, frequently without any awareness on your part occurring until, perhaps, as you read a book or investigate a web site, you wonder to yourself, “What brought me here?”

So, as you wait expectantly for this great event, remind yourselves, whenever you find yourselves in a state of doubt or anxiety, that all is following the divine plan perfectly, and recall your own experiences which, until you once again allowed doubt to exert undue influence on you, gave you the peace and the confidence to know that you are each beloved children of God, forever safe in His divine Embrace.

With so very much love, Saul.