THE RETURN is actually the third book in a trilogy. In the first book was VISIONS FROM VENUS, wrote about my first visit to Earth at the fall of Atlantis. I then strung together several of my past/alternate realities into the tale of my trying to find and reconnect with my Divine Complement, Lamire in the second book, RECONSTRUCTING REALITY. The third book has always been planned to tell a story of my connection with my Divine Complement and our ascension into the fifth dimension.

At the time that I wrote the second book, I was sure I would quickly move onto the third. However, I came to learn that writing about planetary ascension was very difficult when I had no idea how it would happen. Even now, I can only guess. However, something happened today that told me it was time to start writing this journey, as I was about to start experiencing it.

In case you wonder, I did meet my Divine Complement and it was more work than I could ever imagine. Try being with someone who is the mirror image of you, only “through the glass darkly.” In other words, to maintain the bliss that you both felt instantly upon meeting, you will have to face your own dark side again and again and again and again… Is it worth it?? Of course!!

Before I begin with number three of the trilogy, I wish to tell my readers that I have always been well aware of my alternate realities, misnamed as “past lives.” There are not “past lives,” because time is a third dimensional illusion. Instead, these lives are parallel realities that are occurring in a different frequency of time and space. Did they actually happen? Yes, in fact, they are happening NOW.

My inner instruction has told me to share this journey via my blog. The ascension process is happening right NOW, so there is no “time” to wait for the books completion. In fact, I have no idea when the completion will occur, and I have no idea what I will write. All I know is that we ALL need to share our ascension process with everyone that will listen.

For millennia, those of the light have had to hide their true SELF and not tell anyone for fear of their life. Therefore, we must face that fear of many lifetimes and use our ever-expanding light to share our process of ascension in the way that works best for each of us. In this manner, we take the secret of ascension out of closet and make it normal.

None of us really know what we are doing. Therefore, we need to keep connected to our own Multidimensional SELF and discuss our process with others. We don’t know how to do this, as we haven’t created it yet. Since we are choosing to ascend an entire planet, we need to be united with our SELF, others and our planet.


I woke up tired again. It seemed like the more I sleep, the more tired I am. Is it becoming a habit to sleep so much, or is the habit about being in the fourth dimension and beyond? I like my life, I really do. It is just that it is changing so fast, or is it not changing fast enough. I have so many expectations about what will happen, which is likely a place to hide my fear. I feel I do NOT need drama and challenge to learn any longer, and I think that there are many others who no longer need the harshness of third dimensional challenges. Nor do we need a catastrophic event to get our attention.

I don’t know if it is possible or not, but I am holding the intension of a peaceful transition into the fifth dimension. There are many who are still asleep, and they may need some good old-fashioned drama to make them take a long look at themselves. On the other hand, there are many people like us, who have been looking at themselves for decades. In fact, many of them are now seeing the faint image of their Lightbody. That is the reality that I want to create. I want to create the reality where people wake up like blooming flowers–one petal at a time. We don’t need to question if it is our time to awaken, for if we have it is. If we have not awakened, then it is not our time, but it will come soon.

I am pretty good as releasing fear and living in the Flow of the ONE, a lot of the time. That is when I am not too tired, hungry, sick, busy, stressed out or driving in traffic—oh yes, or worrying about money. I get worried or upset, then, finally, I realize that all I can do is just relax into the process, as there is NO rulebook. Fortunately, there is my (and our) connection with the higher planes. This connection is the lifeline from my SELF to my self.

I do know that a major part of my ascension process, and maybe it is for everyone, is that I close the gap between my Multidimensional Arcturian (among other realities) SELF and my earthbound human self. Therefore, I will ask higher expression of me (usually it will be the Arcturians) questions. The first question I want to ask is about my meditation today in which I was told that I was ready for a conscious experience of being on a Star Ship. I looked around inside to find any fear, but couldn’t. Therefore, I will ask for a bit more information now.

Dear Arcturians,
What am I to do to have a conscious experience of being on a Star Ship? Am I wanting it too much?

ARCTURIANS: Wanting means that you do not realize you already have it. Not only do you visit the Starship, you live there. However, you have not yet fully connected with that expression of your SELF. You will soon. Then your conscious experiences of being on the ship will begin. You will begin by remembering, not the Ship, but the YOU that lives on it. Once you remember that reality, you will have your first stepping-stone into your fifth dimensional reality.

Everyone has a stepping-stone life, which is the expression that they will "step into" at ascension. Soon everyone will begin to remember this stepping-stone reality, as well as other realities in their dreams and meditations. However, the secret is not remembering everything. The secret is that everything you remember is REAL! By that statement we mean that everything that you imagine you create. Therefore, if you think about it, you create it.

It is this final stage of ascension into the fifth dimension that is so problematic because you must BE the Master of your Thoughts and Emotions. If your every thought and emotion were broadcast over your head for all to see, you would become a Master very quickly. In other words, welcome to life in the fifth dimension, for in that expression of your SELF, your every thought and emotion will instantly manifest. Because of this, it is vital that you become gain Mastery over your fears.

The two vital tools to gain master over fear is INFORMATION and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Furthermore, if the information you receive does not "feel" like unconditional love, then discard it and look for a higher frequency source. Fortunately, unconditional love is not only the antidote to fear, it is also that that keep fear from penetrating your consciousness. If you suspect fear, do not "look" with your Solar Plexus, as it will accept lower frequency information into the sacred temple of your earth vessel.

Instead, we ask that you recognize the feel of fear with your lower chakras, but look at the patterns of that information with your Opened Third Eye. Fear cannot not penetrate your Third Eye, therefore you will not be harmed by the perception of it. Rather, you can use your Third Eye to transfer the message to your High Heart. Your Hight Heart will then send unconditional love into that message, emotion and/or thought-form. The unconditional love will protect you and heal the fear. Yes, fear can be healed for it is a creation, a human creation. Begin to think of your every thought and emotion as your own human creation.


Dear Arcturians,

I have been hearing a message just inside my mind, or is it my heart? I am asking you now to assist me in recovering this message. I have been communicating with an ascending being who has told me much of his process, which is much like mine. We are very different people, but our process is very similar. It has been wonderful for me to be able to talk without any editing of my presentation so that I don’t confuse, frighten or confuse the listener. I know that I need to do more of that in order to close the gap between the “me” that writes this not and the “ME” to whom I write—The Arcturian Group Mind.

I am ready to ascend now! I am ready to be my full multidimensional expression of SELF. I am ready to close the gap between who I call to and who is calling. Please assist me now to better understand this process…

Our dearest Suzille,
We/you have already closed that gap, it is just a matter of re-calibrating your perceptions to be able to consciously experience ALL the frequencies of reality between the third/fourth dimension and our eighth/tenth dimensions. Once you have experienced the realities beyond the seventh, the return to the fifth will be natural. It is time now for us to take you (that is you and all your readers) into the sixth and seventh dimension.

In the sixth dimension, we will assist you to go into the Divine Blueprint of your earth vessel to clear the accumulated dross since the fall of Atlantis. While you are there, you will also take the quantum leap into the reality in which Atlantis and Lemuria completed their cycle in a loving and peaceful manner. It was the violence of the closing of their cycle that has resonated in you world since then.

You know that there are myriad parallel realities at all times. Hence, there is a reality in which the peaceful transition of Atlantis and Lemuria occurred. Because wanted to ascend along with her people, she asked for volunteers to experience the extreme polarity of your present reality. She knew that it would be very difficult for those volunteers, but the ones who survived would do so because they became strong enough to participate in a planetary ascension.

You, the survivors, both incarnated and in the higher planes, are gathering together now to assist Gaia with Her ascension. However, your must completely release all records of darkness. The darkness that made you strong must now be purged to allow you to be even stronger. In other words, your teacher, the darkness, must now become your pupil so that you can close the perceptual gap between the third/fourth dimensions and the higher worlds.

We speak to you Suzille, and to all those who share this journey with you. The Return has begun!


As I see the final wisps of the infant’s consciousness return to the body of my newest human self, I notice that the form of light that I am wearing disappears. Now, I am a speck of light, a center of aware consciousness. My formless state seems to pull me back into the Arcturian Corridor, which I now recognize as a kind of Home for me. My journey is calm and peaceful, and as I travel through this Corridor, memories of myriad third and fourth dimensional lives swirl about me.
I am aware that the ONE is summoning me. Feelings of unconditional love and visions of multidimensional light surround and comforted me like a warm blanket. I can feel my formless state become lighter and lighter as my frequency rises. Slowly this “blanket” of light and love pulls me into a deep sleep. I know that I will awaken as a new expression of my SELF; hence, I relax into the process…


I awaken to find that my body is an adult. I see myself not as completely in that body, but overshadowing it and serving as the Spirit Guide to that female human. I see that she is asleep; therefore, I can easily expand a portion of my being into her form and enter her dreams. To my surprise, I find that she is dreaming of one of my fifth dimensional expressions in which I am aboard the Arcturian Starship Athena. For a brief moment, my multidimensional consciousness must adjust to my Earth expression dreaming of one of our myriad fifth dimensional realities.
As I integrate my multidimensional perception into the neural patterning of the grounded one whom I have just entered, I can perceive three realities occurring within the same moment of the NOW. There is the reality of my Primary Multidimensional Consciousness who experiences and overshadows many formed expressions of my SELF, the reality of my sleeping human self and the reality of that human’s dream, our life upon the Starship Athena.
Maintaining constant connection with my true, multidimensional SELF within the ONE, I simultaneously focus on my sleeping human form as well as my Starship reality. As I do so, I become aware that this particular reality will be the stepping-stone reality into which my grounded one, known as Suzille, will step into at her moment of ascension. Suzille has dreamed of this reality many times, but she has usually forgotten when she awoke. I understand that the homesickness of remembering that life is the reason why these dreams are forgotten.
I see that she is on the cusp of ascension, yet the final three ninths of any journey are filled with all the challenges that been left until the last moment. I see that this “last moment” has become her NOW. I also see that she suffers from the many remaining conflicts between her ego and her soul. Fortunately, within this moment, she is at peace in the comfort of that which she has missed since birth.
The experiences of success or failure of her present competitive reality are easily forgotten on the Starship where everyone works in completely unity with each other and with the organically based Starship. I feel the unconditional love and companionship that is so difficult to “achieve” in her current reality of 2011 Earth. Simultaneously, I can perceive how we, the collective consciousness of Starship Athena, are overshadowing Earth reality, just as I am overshadowing Suzille.
She is awakening to her Earth life now. She has slept too long and must rush off to work without taking her “time” to get grounded and centered in her SELF. It will be a difficult day for her.




I am happy that she had the blog to talk to. For most of her life she has hidden her true SELF from others. Therefore, to a large extent, her SELF was hidden from herself, as well. Now, when she shares her process with others, she needs to recognize them enough to write them down and publish them for others to see. The publishing forces her to see her humanness and use it as a means to help others.


But these “others” that she speaks to are unseen, except within her consciousness. At first, she thought that it was all right to be herself on the Internet because she didn’t use her real name. Then, after a very long amount of her time, she was able to use her real name. But, still, the “others” were unknown, except for their emails and phone calls. This was a very important lesson for her. Because as she was communicating with other human expressions of her SELF via consciousness, she was learning to communicate with “other” higher dimensional expressions of SELF.


However, these communications were still with “others.” Now she is realizing that EVERY expression of Life is ONE with ALL Life. Soon, she will be able to be at ONE with us, her Infinite Expression of SELF.



Human Expression of SELF


Dear Blog,

If you read my newsletter this month and/or the previous segments of The Return, you know that I have been in the process of “trying” to commune fully with my fifth dimensional “stepping-stone” self. We all have myriad fifth dimensional expressions of our SELF, which can be very confusing to a new fifth-dimensional returnee. Therefore, we made a pre-birth contact with one of these expressions (remember that one has a very different meaning in the fifth dimension) to serve as our Contact Person.


Just as we may have made a deal to have someone waiting for us at the off ramp at the fifth dimension with a card with our name on it held high for us to see, this stepping-stone SELF, is our guide for our return to the fifth dimension. This connection, made from the perception of the third dimension is not easy deal, because ALL of our human expressions have to agree to make this return. Therefore, we need to go into the deepest cellars of our unconscious and see if anyone is afraid to make this journey.


The problem is that we cannot see this frightened one, as it learned to hide from others and from our self. We know that the frightened one is there, though, because something is standing in our way. Since all of the process occurs within our own consciousness, the only in our way could be a lower frequency expression of our SELF that needs to be healed.


I had an interesting experience that frightened on when I was making the Radio Show yesterday that airs this Friday. It was a bad technology day and I am NO expert at Garage Band. My assistant was not available and I couldn’t get a clear message. There was static through most of the message. In the first part of the message I was speaking from my physical expression, getting angry and impatient at “that machine.” Then, I would need to take a break and get centered so that I could try again. I made two attempts, and they both had static.

Finally, I erased them in frustration, although interested by what I had said and erased. On the third try I had to just go with it and let was happened to just happen. Still static!! Got frustrated, cursed the computer etc. Than it was time to communicate via my Arcturian expression of SELF. Wow, what a difference. The machine still had static, but I was totally calm about it and accepted the situation.

However, I didn’t even see the difference between these two expression of my SELF until the end of the day when I was finally relaxing. I had many revelations that are now parked in a higher frequency of consciousness that I am using at this time. However, I did want to share this experience. We always have such potential, but we get caught up in time and space, I had a deadline to meet, and functions off of one third of our true potential.

Will I remember this lesson next time I get upset? I guess the real question is, will I ask the inner frightened one why she was so upset?



I see the ascending on in her bed writing this note. She is trying to open her mind to my capacity, but is physically tired. I tell her now that she can best do that in her night body. I will greet her in her dream state and remind her that WE are ONE.


Human SELF

Before I went to bed last night I thought that I heard a message from expression of my SELF that was, well, it was Infinite. It was energy beyond what I had ever felt before. It is not that it was more “evolved” than the Arcturians or the other Galactics because at that frequency of reality “more” has no meaning. There is always, in fact infinitely, enough. This Infinite Expression of my SELF was less personal than the Arcturians, but personal is not really the correct word. It is a struggle to describe these limitless concepts to English. Therefore, I guess I will say that this Infinite SELF was new to my experience.

To continue, the message that I received was that this Infinite Being would visit me in my dream state. I went to sleep enthusiastic to remember a great dream. I had several dreams, waking up after each one, which is common, but nothing was exceptional. When I finally gave it up and got out of bed at about 5:30 a.m. I was disappointed. I did my usual routine of getting my tea and going into my meditation room. I lit the candles, put on some music and did some reading while I drank my tea. I tried to meditate, but I couldn’t settle into it.

Finally, I decided that I still had time to walk along the beach and meditate there. I always get great messages by the ocean. I walked fast for a while to get the exercise then sat on big rock just at the edge of the small waves. I went instantly into a meditation and was surprised to find myself “inside” of my fifth dimensional stepping stone life, the very me with whom I had such trouble connecting.

First I was walking around the starship doing normal errands. Then it was time to tend to my duties. I was, of course, a counselor. However, no one came into my office. Instead, I communicate with others via consciousness. First I communicated with those still on Earth. When I did this I created my room to look like I was in the woods with greenery all around, a small stream and a few animals. Being in this environment allowed me to more deeply connect with those who were living on the body of Gaia.

When I went to talk to other Galactics, I created my room to look just like their environment. In this manner, I could bond fully with those to whom I spoke. Furthermore, they could see my creation and know that I cared enough to create a comfortable space for them. However, our communication was all via consciousness. When my “work/service” was over, at the time that we would sleep on Earth, I was ready to commune with the higher expressions of my Self. The need for sleep is very minimal in that reality.

It was then that I connected with the Infinite; in fact it was the Infinite Expression of my SELF. I cannot begin to put that experience into words, as the communication was beyond words, sounds or even images. It was the reception of Awareness, of Consciousness beyond limit. At that point I realized why I had not had that dream. My fourth dimensional night body could not embrace the experience of communion with the Infinite, nor could my third dimensional self remember it.

However, when I consciously experienced being IN my fifth dimensional SELF while communing with the Infinite, my human SELF realized what had happened. I think that the reason why I could finally experience “being” my fifth dimensional SELF this morning was because of my communion with the Infinite the night before. This communication could only be remembered when I was inside of my fifth dimensional SELF and free of the limitations of my third and fourth dimensional expression.

I half awakened from the meditation, remembering how my fifth dimensional body felt, and slowly opened my eyes to see the gentle ocean waves flowing back and forth across the sand. I understood then how the Infinite Flows through all dimensions, taking on a different Expression of Being in each frequency.

I knew that I would have to get ready for work and leave as soon as I got home. I did not want to forget the experience so I touched my Third Eye and “opened a file” for the meditation. I then saved it as Meditation 1-27-11 to the location of my Third Eye. I also told a friend while I was driving to work to help me remember my experience.


Dear Blog,

After my last entry, I found this writing from three years ago. I share this message because I know that it applies to you, as well. I had completely forgotten this message, as well as the other ones I will now release that I got from , my stepping-stone fifth dimensional SELF, between 1994 and 1998. I am sure that you have many forgotten messages from your fifth dimensional expression of SELF. Perhaps, my messages will jar your memory to reconnect with your forgotten communications with SELF.


Dear Future SELF,

I woke up this morning with a message from you. Can you please give it to me and again, as well as expand upon its meaning.

My dearest Grounded ONE,

I will happily retell you my morning message. I was saying to you:

I am your future SELF, because I AM your infinite SELF. Therefore, I am not bound by the timethat rules, or has ruled, your physical reality. I awoke you this morning so that you could remember what I have been telling you during your visit Home into the ONE of our fifth-dimensional reality. You are an awakener. It is your Purpose to first awaken to the infinite nature of our true multidimensional SELF so that you may share what you have discovered with others. Dearest Suzille, after 61 years of experience, learning, introspection and healing you are ready to share your message with the world at large.You will share your message with love, unconditional love.

When you were a child you still knew the great power of your imagination. You innately knew that imagination is fifth-dimensional thought. Using your imagination you began a lifetime of healing by connecting with your alternate realities and your Spirit Guides, some of who were your own higher dimensional SELF. These communications set you apart from many, as they gave you a truth that could not be shared without ridicule and judgment. Hence, you locked your greater world in the realms of your inner life and tried to behave like a "normal" person. Hence, your real wounding began as your hid your true nature and all your wonderful gifts so that you could fit-in to a reality which was filled with doubt and fear.

Gone from your daily life were the wonders of your Spirit World, and worse yet, as your "matured" into a teenager, these wonders disappeared from your conscious mind. It was only in times of great sorrow and fear and when you were deeply upset that you to unlock that secret door to find the unconditional love and acceptance that you so craved in your mundane world. However, your innate expanded perceptions were relegated to your dream reality, where no one else could taint them with their superstition and ridicule. It has taken you this long to be confident enough in your SELF that you can begin to share your expanded nature with others.

Why do the awakened feel they need to hide from those who still live in the fears and illusions of the third-dimensional reality? Because they, too, are so afraid that cannot truly surrender all control of their physical reality to their Soul. Fortunately, as one-by-one, the awakened ones stand tall in their expanded perceptions the tide of fear and devolution is gradually turning toward love and evolution.As each one openly shares with the world their innate instincts, empathy, telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, telekinesis and illuminating communications with the ONE, they make the world safer for others to “come out” from their hiding to openly BE their true multidimensional SELF.

As always, the first way showers will receive the most flack, but their courage will pave a way for others to follow. And follow they will, for only our greater SELF will be able to face the challenges that lie ahead.Remember, my dear Grounded ONE, what is impossible for your ego is simple for your Soul.

I will return to communicate with you more, for in fact, I have never left—how could I.I am YOU!


I AM your Present and Future SELF

I also include this 2001 communication in this entry.



Please tell me more about how you are my future self.


I am pleased to explain to you how my transition was accomplished.However, there is the time line to be considered. If I tell you too much about my past then I will be telling you too much about your future.Therefore, there are certain “collective facts” that I may not be able to share with you.Of course, is far more common than the general public is allowed to know. Because of this, there are many dispensations that have been released to allow for the fact that many of the Lightworkers are beginning to merge with their future, fifth dimensional selves.

I say future fifth dimensional self because we all have many fifth dimensional selves. However, there is only one future self that we each will merge with at the time of ascension. In your case Suzille it is myself, Kepier. I will begin my answer to your question with a brief explanation of how my past and your future are interlinked. What I am about to say may seem impossible, but it is the reason for your fatigue. Yes you are doing too much, but you are doing less than you have done in the past when were less fatigued over.

During your process of our merging you must allow yourself much love and forgiveness for any uncomfortable or unusual feelings you may be having. When you finally share these messages, you will find that there are others who are undergoing the same process. They will find comfort in your story as you will find comfort in theirs.

(I would LOVE to have any of you on the blog to share your experiences!)

Now for my story:

I will begin with my childhood. The future Earth that I came from is quite different than you can imagine. This is one of the things that I cannot share with you yet. However, I do have permission to tell you about my personal story—our personal story. I will tell it in first person:

One morning I awoke very early before the suns were up. We live to be much older than in your time and age does not mean much, but I would say that I was an early adolescent. My body was changing and so was my consciousness. I had been having a reoccurring dream in which I was playing with another girl about my age. I felt very close to her and her to me.

She had shared with me that, although I could remember my dreams of us, she could not. She shared that in her world, people did not believe that we had other parts of our selves.The force of this Collective Consciousness was too much for her to battle, and she already felt like she was too different from everyone else. Therefore, she was unable believe that our joint dream could be real.

In my world, on the other hand, it was a common event to mind travel to other realities, times, and to visit with other portions of our total SELF. I had done so since I was quite young. This young girl, however, felt very different. She felt closer to me than anyone I had ever met in my mind journeys. She said her name was Sue, and I told her that I was known as Kep. I also had a masculine side of myself that I could present, but that frightened Sue. She could only be close to me when I displayed myself as feminine—so that is what I did.

For many years, we met in the dimensions between us—the fourth dimension. She lived in the third dimension and I lived in the fifth.Our favorite place to meet was in Faerie. In fact, it took a very long time for her to learn to raise her vibration above that plane.However, when we first met she was in the lower Astral. I was mind traveling in Faerie when I heard a distant cry. It was a cry so filled with terror that it caught my attention. Usually, I would not have had any awareness of the Lower Astral Plane, and I was told never to go there. Yet, this cry was so familiar that I could not resist investigating it.

I surrounded myself with the so that I would be protected from the low vibrations of that place and left a trail of Light connecting me to my Faerie self so that I would not become lost. Down, down I went into the dark lands of the Lower Astral. I could not see too much through my Violet cocoon, but I could hear cries of agony all around me.On and on I traveled, following the cries of the familiar voice. At last I came to what appeared as a jail. We no longer had jails in my home, but I had seen pictures of them at our learning post.

On the other side of the jail was a small girl who was crying and screaming because a big monster was trying to get her. I entered the jail cell with her and filled it with Violet Light. It took a while for the girl to realize that the Violet Light was around her because she was curled up in a ball with her eyes closed. Finally, she stopped crying and saw that she was enclosed in a violet cocoon. It was then that she realized that someone was in the cocoon with her. She looked at me as if she too recognized me and said,

“Who are you? You don’t feel like a monster. In fact, you feel familiar.”

“Yes, I answered your call because it felt familiar to me, as well. Do we know each other?”


(I guess I had to sleep on the above information before I could continue.)

“I don’t remember,” answered the little girl as she stood up and faced me. “Hey, where is the monster? That is a need trick with the light. Is that what made the monster go away? Can you teach me how to do that?”

“Hey wait,” I stopped her. “You are asking too many questions. How can I answer them all?No, I can answer them all, but not with words.Would you like to go with me? I have a wonderful reality that I visit all the time.”

“Are you asleep too?”

“No, and neither are you. They just tell you that you are asleep when you are mind traveling so that you won’t forget that you are human now.”

“Yeh,” she frowned. “They tell me a lot of things so that I won’t forget that I am human, but I still don’t feel like it. I mean—I know that I am a person, but I am not like them. I don’t believe in their world, and they don’t believe in mine.”

“Well, I believe in your world, and I believe in you. My name is Kep.What is yours?”

“I don’t remember. I know that I have a name down there, but I forget it when I come up here. Also, sometimes I forget who I am up here when I am down there.”

“In my time frame, the adults teach us how to mind travel so that we don’t get confused or forget.”

“In your time?”

“Well, I am not really sure who you are. I will have to ask my teacher.However, I think that you may be a part of myself from an earlier time period.When are you from?”

The child looked confused. “I don’t know. I don’t know what my name is down there, or what time period it is. I only know that I am a kid, and I don’t like being a kid. I also know that I have a lot of scary feelings down there that I can’t talk about. Then, when I come up here the feelings turn to monsters, and I can’t get to Faerie.”

“Faerie—that is where I want to take you. Here take my hand,” I say as I reach out towards her. “I will show you a way that NO monsters know about. Maybe someone in Faerie knows your name.”

The child happily reaches out to take my hand.All of her questions were gone as soon as she knew she was going to Faerie. I wonder why I had not seen her there before.”




Dear Blog,

I received some of these messages more than ten years ago, and they completely left my mundane memory. I send it you now in the hopes that it may jar your memory regarding some of your inter-dimensional memories. So much has happened in these ten years, it is no wonder that we have forgotten our multidimensional experiences. I was a rough decade, but the Multidimensional Light and Unconditional Love is shinning into our reality NOW!



Dear Kepier,

Yesterday we had a blending. I felt you reach into my heart. You were you, but your form was that of a ball. The ball of essence that was you connected into my heart, and I felt how you were an interface between the Arcturians and me. Then I heard myself say over and over, “I am Kepier.” Please comment. Is that how we integrated or will integrate or are integrating?

Dearest Suzille,

Feel me inside of you now. We are one being. I am here to contain your fifth dimensional vibration within your third dimensional form. I know that you do not feel differently. This is good. It is important that this integration is very gradual or your system would short circuit and you could no long maintain a third dimensional form. Feel me within you now. Yes, I am still aboard the Starship because I am a fifth dimensional being and easily bi-locate. In fact to state that correctly, we are a fifth dimensional being, and we can bi-locate. We are two in one and one in two.

Feel me always within you now. Remember that WE are on the ship.We are two now.As you show me more and more of you reality, I am can, also, show you more and more of my reality. Feel the Arcturians around us. Because I am a hybrid, I can be human within you and Arcturian within them. Therefore, I am a link that connects you and the Arcturians.



I have not remembered, yet, how I became a hybrid. I will share it with you when I do. However, I will now post some other important messages from my SELF, that I found when I went back even further.At the time of these writings, planetary ascension was not a concept that I have ever heard of in any form. Therefore, it was not mentioned. I tried to keep the message just as I received it. However, some terms were changed to fit into my more expanded inner vocabulary.

Messages from the higher dimensions come to us via Light Language, which I beyond words, time or space. We then have to translate these messages into our 3D Earth language. Our human brains are much like computers. If the appropriate information is not fed into the computer, it cannot understand and appropriately translate that message from computer language into human language. I edited only that which I saw as incorrect based on the information in my present computer/brain.

In 1994, I had no concept of a timeless reality. Therefore, my fifth dimensional SELF had to use time frames to assist me in understanding the message.My guess is, that since I had no concept of Star Time. This was before I had watched, and live, Star Trek, The Next Generation myriad times. In my opinion, this show was one of the first “reality shows.” Rodenberry channeled the entire show. Perhaps, he was in conscious contact with his Galactic Family. That version of reality was NOT available to most of us in 1994.



My Dear Suzanne,

I, Kepier, have a message for you from the year 2057. You are now translated into your Multidimensional SELF. In deed, you are you Infinite SELF.No longer are you alone, and for all infinity you are now within the ONE.Your unification took place completely while on a trip to the mountains in the summer of 1994.

(This is news to me. How could I forget that??)

Within this 2057 reality there is no time. We use the “time-marker” for the benefit of your third-dimensional, sequential thinking. From my reality all of these realities exist within the NOW of the ONE. You, meaning you and your Divine Complement as one being, are assisting souls in need of help.Time travel is as natural as getting into your car in 1994. You travel into the resonance of whatever time zone, dimension and/or reality of your client and assist them much as you do today.

Just as you can preview all the ages and stages of your life prior to your 1994 Earth reality, from my perspective you can look into all of your lives or realities on all times, planets, galaxies and dimensions.As you look into my/our reality of 3071, you see me meeting with Sue Lie of 1994 ET (third dimensional Earth Time). The designation is no longer before are after Christ, but rather the planet of residence. In 3071 AT (Arcturian Time), but (Again, time is only for your physical thinking), we are incarnated on Arcturus. (I think that this mean that I returned to my Arcturian SELF.)In this reality, you/we connected to the ONE. Hence, there is little need for documentation or written communication.

On Arcturus we live in a relatively formless state. Our home (another third dimensional concept)changes with our needs. We do a great deal of traveling to other planets and vibrations so we create a home that is appropriate for our location/resonance. When you asked to meet a Future Self, we were the most likely one as we are emissaries in this reality.We no longer title them lives as the term denotes a death or an unconscious discontinuation in consciousness.

There is not a need for a "death" on the higher dimensions, as we know that spirit is infinite and lives in the flow of spirit. It is difficult to explain this concept to our 1994 self, but if you can focus your consciousness on Soul it will be easier. We know that these concepts are difficult because in 1994, as you are not accustomed to functioning in the infinity or "no time" of the fifth dimension.

When there is no time, there is also no space.This means that you can be conscious and operational in all the different zones at once.However, you can only be aware of this from the perception of a reality that has transcended the boundaries of time and space. 1994 is a pivotal time for you/us, as it when we first could release ourselves from the belief of time and space.

To assist you in this new concept we will communicate with you whenever you wish. You will not be an interruption to us as our consciousness is of the fifth dimension and beyond in which we have multidimensional perception. Hence, we are not limited to perceiving only “one thing at a time.”

We are joyous that you recognized us.




Dear Suzanne,

We are Kepier. We are ONE. There is no time except in the physical, third dimensional world.Let us explain to you how this is so. The third dimension is a very constrained frequency. Its frequency envelope is very small. The fourth dimension has a wider frequency envelope and the fifth dimension is wider yet. (Actually, I now believe that the fifth dimension has NO envelope.)

As the frequencies increase in amplitude they also increase their range. This is opposite on the physical plane because of the harmonic resonance.One the physical plane, low frequencies, such as a foghorn are more stable and resonate longer and carry farther through space.This consistency of tone is because the resonant frequency of the foghorn is similar to that of the third dimension. Does that give you an idea how low the vibration for the physical plane is? (That is the third dimension of 1994. Earth has a much higher resonant frequency now.)

The foghorn can be heard from far away because it activates a resonant vibration in the perceiver. Low frequencies fit easily within the envelope of the third dimension whereas high frequencies do not. The constant buffeting of the high frequencies against the tight boundaries of the third dimension causes the high frequencies to decay and dampen quickly once it has left its source. Furthermore, within the third dimension, lower frequencies mask out higher frequencies.Therefore, the lower vibration perceptions, hearing, vision and kinesthetic, are more easily accessible in the third dimension than you expanded, psychic, perceptions.

One can learn to raise their consciousness, or raise their resonant frequency (brain wave pattern) to have greater access to higher perceptions.We, Kepier, resonate at a higher frequency, as we exist in the fifth dimension and above. Before, you were able to directly perceive us, you will need to raise your consciousness to the fifth dimension. Even now, you need to write our message and are unable to directly see us.

Before you expanded your consciousness into the fifth dimension, you only perceived our archetypal forms that are well know and accepted to your third dimensional reality. Your present reality has embraced the concept of Ascended Masters, also called Saints, Angels, and even Archangels and Elohim. These great Beings volunteered to lower their innate frequency to be perceptible to you physical world. When you were born, you did not sacrifice your fourth dimensional perception. This knowledge of the fourth dimension caused you a sense of isolation and loneliness, but you had promised to remember your higher dimensional Home.You did very well.

However, you could not perceive us because we are citizens of another planet, Arcturus, and you had too much fear about that. Do you remember the horror movies of your childhood: The Blob, X the Unknown, and the Angry Red Planet.The indoctrination of the 1950's closed your mind to us.We have been waiting for you and your entire generation to recover from that brainwashing.

Now that your consciousness is clear of these fears you will be able to perceive us more and more directly.Do not worry that you do not see us with your lower perception. It is not our destiny to lower our vibration, but rather your destiny to raise yours.Use us as a beacon of light to help keep you anchored in the higher planes.Remember your Home, as is a constant reality. Once one can break through the perceived barrier of the lower planes where time and space limit your thinking, you will begin to fully understand Infinity.

Within the smaller envelope of the third dimension there is much decay. The lower vibration such as mineral kingdom do not buffet against the walls of the third dimensional envelope. Therefore, there is less decay and the element lasts longer. Flowers are of a very high spiritual vibration as they are the regenerative force of the planet. Therefore, flowers do not last a long time, as they are quickly buffeted against the walls of the third dimensional frequency envelope.

This decay of the original vibration is actually the source of time and space as well as the source of aging. Aging is the decay of the resonant frequency of the physical body as it progresses through time while buffeting against the limits of the frequency envelope. Also, as your physical form progresses through time and space, it is moving away from the source of the birth frequency.

This is as is should be because the physical plane is a schoolroom which we attend and graduate from. That graduation is death. Some take only a few classes and die young while others take many classes and live to be old. Some expand their consciousness to higher vibrations as a process of integrating and taking responsibility for all the karma that that they have collected, and some get stuck in a difficult class and cease to grow.

Unfortunately, some see themselves as victims. They take no responsibility for their life and often blame their problems on others. In this case, they actually go backwards, which is they devolve rather evolve. Some even fall into a very low vibration, become selfish and try to take from others what they are unable to create for themselves.These lost ones try to take life, love or power from others, usually to steal their possessions. They do not know that these things cannot be stolen, as they are a birthright. On the higher planes, possessions have not importance at all.

On the higher planes, we all can quickly manifest anything we need with our spiritualcreative force. Since we can always create it, we release it back to first cause when we are done with it. There is no need to "possess" it as we can never loose it.Since we cannot loose it, we do not need to want it. It simply is!

The process of graduation, transcending, (I had no concept of possible ascension at that time.)is one of learning to raise above the envelope of the third dimension vibration and to consciously reside within the higher dimension.Your soul home, that which you have labeled your “Home” is the base reality from which you can travel to all other realities.It is your launching pad for .

Carry your Home constantly in your heart and mind, and it will remind you to keep a conscious awareness in and of the fifth dimension's finer vibrations.

Remember us, for we are YOU.





Today is my 31st anniversary. I consider being married, and being happier now than ever, one of my greatest accomplishments. I remember that when I was a teenager I would lie on my back in my bedroom and talk to the ceiling. Actually, I was talking to the Being of Light that was overshadowing me. However, I had no concept of that and believed that I was talking to God or Jesus.

I recall how I would beg the Being of Light to find me love, so that it could fill the deep hole inside of me. It was during my adolescence that my childhood experiences of Unity with Beings of Light began to shut down. I needed to be like everyone else, so I blocked the part of me that was different, the part of me that filled me with love. It was then that I desperately sought love outside of me. I sorrowfully missed having someone to deeply love me, because I had forgotten how to love myself.

I had a few friends who could love me, but it was not enough, as they too were desperately seeking love outside of themselves. Having children was as close as I got to my finding that inner love, but even that was not enough. By the time I was 28, my first Saturn Return, I was deeply depressed. Shortly after that I found my first spiritual teacher, Mrs. Reed, and started the long, slow path back to my SELF. Fortunately, I learned to love myself enough to release a marriage filled with lies, so that I could better seek the Truth.

When I met the husband to whom I am now married, my emotions were a mix of terror and joy, but I was free! I had also learned enough about love to know when it was true. Neither one of us are “easy to live with,” but we have always truly loved each other. This love was the clearest when we were in nature together. We camped as much as possible, and in many remote places. It was on one of these camping trips that I first met Kepier. I remember drawing her picture, and then another picture, which was more androgynous. After that first meeting, I wandered off into the woods in the early mornings to write to her. Communicating with an “outside/above” version of me began my long journey to finding love within.

I first stepped on my Spiritual Path in the mid 1970’s, but I had no concept that I might meet a higher frequency expression of myself. In fact, I had no idea that there was even a possibility that I would have a higher frequency expression of myself. My first meeting with Kepier, whom, I did not identify as an expression of myself for many years, began a long process of finding my SELF and, most important of all, find the love within me. I first connected with Kepier before I had a computer, probably around 1992. Therefore, I cannot find my earliest communications with her, and I have looked. However, I have some of my earliest writings. I spoke about my self in third person as a way to distance myself from my emotions and experiences. Of course, I was “just writing a story.”



The morning came very early. Her mind danced and whirled through a myriad of options, decisions and responsibilities.

“It is your time now!” the inner voice had said.

The long awaited moment had come. For years and years she had prepared for this. For all of her life she had awaited it. But, now the waiting was over, the preparations were complete. Now, it was her time.

Had she prepared herself well enough? Was she stable enough to stand the weight and centered enough to not get lost? Could she ignore the outside pulls and guide herself solely from her own inner pilot?

These questions caused doubt, and the doubt caused confusion. She could not afford to be doubtful and confused at this time or she would surely loose her way. Moment by moment, step by step she had to carefully venture into the unknown.

Fortunately, she had worked for may, many years to recognize a certain quality of consciousness, an inner feeling that had become very familiar and comforting. If she could surround herself with this feeling, if she could maintain her consciousness at that vibration, she could feel safe. Then, she could enter the unknown surrounded by the known and not need to feel alone or afraid again.

If she could wrap herself in the essence of love and protection and radiate out that which she felt within, she could allow that light to guide her through the darkest places. If she could do this, she would be free of fear.

Without fear she would have peace. With peace she could remember to remember who she truly was. She could see through the veil of illusion and live in Truth.Then, the Truth could set her free.



There was a plan.She was sure of that.However, she wasn’t sure what it was. She knew that on some level she was well aware of this plan, but it was difficult for her to hold her consciousness at that vibration. The recent turn of events had frightened and excited her.For a long time she had awaited this moment, but now that she was here she wondered if she were strong enough to survive.

Yes, survival that was the questions. Was she surviving, fighting, experiencing creating or allowing? She had survived before. Moving through day after day in an numb or depressed way. Merely putting one foot in front of the other and hoping that the ground would be there to meet it. Now, she was determined to fight. She was no longer numb or depressed. She was terrified. As she fought to raise her consciousness, she found she could be more detached if she could experience life without taking it all so personally, without being in constant battle.

She gradually gained enough will power to be able to be an active member in the creation of her life. This concept of accepting responsibility for the creation of her life raised her consciousness greatly.

Now, she had come to the place where it was time for her to let go. She gradually released all the controls of her life that she had fought so hard to gain and handed them over to Spirit. Therefore, she was out of control, or in absolute control, depending entirely on where she held her consciousness.

As long as her free will was in harmony with the divine life she could feel herself in the Captains seat. However, when she lost connection with her Soul, she felt like a small child being led around by her mother.But, wonderfully enough, it was a happy, secure child being led by a loving, protective mother.

Therefore, when she needed to be a child, she could feel her Soul above her like a guardian angel, and when she wanted to be an adult, she could feel the of her Soul from deep within the core of her essence.

However, things were beginning to happen now.Things that in the past would have depressed or frightened her, that now only reminded her to remember to stay at the top of the survival scale—above the pain. She had felt enough pain in this life, and she did not want to experience it anymore.

Sometimes she felt like a tightrope walker without a net. She would have to keep her concentration and her balance. Hence, she could not allow her emotions to take control of her, nor could she allow random thoughts to invade her mind and threaten her concentration. She had to stay within her center and keep her harmony.

Nothing could destroy her harmony, and she chose to harmonize her free will with the divine life. This divine life was beginning to unfold before and within her now. And as it did so, it would bring greater change. Could she remain master of herself and not allow these changes to frighten her?Could she remember to maintain her deep connection with her self and all that she had fought for, experienced, created and allowed?

She had to!! There was no other choice. To stop the process now would plunge her deeply into the jays of pain and set her back into the near death of survival.

She would keep on keeping on into the unknown. The trail was dim and led into the mists, but it was a golden radiation and felt of Soul.She would feel this radiation over, under, around and through her.She would feel this radiation within her heart and within her mind and express it with every word or action.

She was Soul. She was the Isness, Hereness and Nowness. Yes, right NOW she was here, within her Soul—for as long as she could maintain this frequency of her consciousness.




Dear Blog,

Wow, the world is waking up at the speed of light. Freedom is the cry all over the world. Most important, this cry for Freedom is not based on fear and war, but on LOVE and PEACE! I think that now all the messages that we have received and forgotten are returning to our minds, or at least our actions, because the frequency of our consciousness is so much higher. Everywhere I read, the consensus is that the Dark Forces are on the run.

We know as Light Workers how the incoming light flushes up our own darkness, fear and poor behavior. And, we are loving “Service to Others” people. Can you image the darkness, fear and poor behavior that is coming up when the Dark Ones get the blast of Cosmic Light? I think that is why they are loosing their edge. They are off their game, and most of all, we the people are DONE with all the lies.

Also, the Galactics have returned to help. At first I thought, it is our mess, we should clean it up alone. Then, I came to realize that WE are Galactics in different timeline/parallel realities. At the very least, the Galactics are our ancestors, who also had their experience of incarnation on Gaia. They made many of the same mistakes that we have. Therefore, it is there duty, and their honor, to assist us, or at least assist Gaia as she was their “” long, long ago. As we are awakening, we are discovering more and more how we, too, are Galactics in a human costume.

I put the below messages up in the order that I received them to better share the process I went through with my fifth dimensional stepping-stone life, which I had totally forgotten. As you remember, the 1990’s were all about work, work, work, and I totally bought that farm. I am happy to remember now how the Galactics brought me enlightenment in the midst of my trudge through a very difficult decade for me.

I have never presented this information before as, before I could go forwards in my Mission, I had to go backwards to remember how I got to where I was. In the midst of that process, which was writing my website, several other books, finishing up my child rearing and releasing a job I hated to keep the one I loved with far less than half the income.

Most important, I needed to go “back in time” to create the “future” that was based on my SELF. But first, I had to find my SELF. Interestingly enough, when I went into my past to create a better future, I learned to live in the NOW of my Multidimensional SELF (at least, much of the “time”). My inner life had always been a place to hide. Before I could go forward I had to find the wounded me from the past and heal it. And, as every healer knows, if you want to heal yourself, heal others!



Dear Suzille,

I, Kepier, have a message for you.I have come into your meditation to congratulate you for day six of holding the Violet Light within your inner attention. You are developing your Arcturian inner eyes by this process. Do not be dismayed about your service. Please allow your inner vision to see me as I truly am. See that I am an Arcturian.

I am tall for an Arcturian, four feet, and I have four digits on my hands.My forehead is wide and my chin is pointed. My eyes are large and dark, and their color changes based on the atmosphere around me as well as the viewpoint of the one perceiving them. My eyes often turn into a dark purple, when I am using my inner eyes or my 360-degree vision. There is a tinge of gold radiance when I am telepathically communicating such as I am now.

Look into my eyes now Suzille and see yourself. You have come to this ship every evening of your six day violet light dedication. (I forgot that part too.)Last night you learned about the intense radiation on your planet and how the Men in Black and the other Service to Self ET’s have actually sprayed it at people who try to distribute a truth that they do not want released.

There are many diseases that are a direct result of this conscious and deliberate release of radiation by the dark forces. However, once your energy is fully enveloped in the Violet Light, you are vibrating above the effects of their campaign.Continue with your process.Do you see how important it is?

Suzille, know that I am you, and you are us. We are indeed upon the Athena Starship, and you/we are a councilor there. We have learned to consciously raise our vibration to the eighth dimension and can consistently vibrate to that resonance.We cal also meditate to become ONE with IlliaEm, our Elohim SELF in the tenth through twelfth frequencies of expression. We can also lower our frequency to the fifth dimension to better interact with humanity.

Remember who we are so that you do not judge your clay form. This form is greatly needed to ground our mission. You have been experiencing a feeling of urgency. Know that you can feel that urgency without stress. REMEMBER THAT TIME IS AN ILLUSION OF THE THIRD DIMENSION. Once you have fully raised your vibration to the fifth dimension and completely reunited with me/us you will be above the limitations of time. Once you have completely reunited with us, you will vibrate to Oness consciousness. Then, many group endeavors will naturally come into your sphere.

Merge your consciousness with me now so that I can take you on a journey through our Starship. Feel us walking around the ship and communicating with the many species that are now aboard it. Allow yourself to remember how you visited us/me each evening. See before you the transport elevator, which allows you to travel from one area to another.


(I think I remember that time. I was on a vacation I the mountains with my kids, my best friend and her son. I was so ill that I could hardly keep my eyes open. On the way to the vacation I had such a strong sensation of shaking, which I now know means that I am integrating a higher light into my body, that I had to pull over and let my friend drive. I then had chills and hot flashes. One night, like this night, I remembered a dream of being in a very unusual car. When I journaled to ask about the dream, I got this response.

This experience is an example of how our unconscious mind will keep from us that which our ego self is unable to integrate into daily life. I remember that when I was sleeping, which was more like hallucinating, I kept having images of doors slamming closed, steal gates slamming shut and windows closing. I remember at the time that one of my clients was on a “suicide watch,” and while I was away on this trip I was also call doctors, hospital etc. to get her some help.

This was no coincidence, as I had many suicidal thoughts when I was young. Since I was downloading a huge amount of higher frequency light, my own darkness of deep depression was being revealed. It was through my finding help for that “other” person that I was actually accepting help for myself from Kepier and the Arcturians.)


Release the old ego that says, “I am not good enough.I must be imagining this. I could not be this great being that of whom Kepier speaks.”Love that ego as you would love a small, insecure child. Your ego is the grounding force of your mission. Do not release it from your sphere. Instead, remember your ego is being redefined. It is vastly needed and greatly appreciated. See the ego as the hook on the long line of vibratory selves that we are. Your ego/self is the “hook” to grounds our Purpose into the body of Gaia.





Dear Blog,

It appears that much of the time from August of 1996 until January of 1997 was spent on publishing my first book,Visions from Venus.I have not included those few messages, as they were mostly encouragement for my wounded ego. However, it was interesting to read them, as I am finally writing this book, the third book in that trilogy. Even with all the encouragement from Kepier, I was very frightened to reveal my SELF. I think I was just as afraid to reveal my SELF to me, as to others.

I don’t remember why our serious discussion took up again in January of 2007. In fact, as I look back at these messages I wonder how I could have forgotten any of them. Had I become so embroiled in survival that I had forgotten to live? I remember that the decade of the 90’s was one of difficult and life changing events. I write about my process of forgetting, or repressing, my multidimensional experiences to let you know that forgetting is more common than remembering. I, also, write my experiences to prod your memory to come forth with some of its secrets. One thing is for sure; the Truth will not come forward until we are ready to deal with it.

At that time, I was not prepared to deal with parallel realities in higher dimensions. Therefore, I wrote these experiences down and basically told no one. I was pretty sure I was a crazy, but I found such comfort from these messages that I wrote them down, typed them in the computer and placed them in easy to find files. Once that was done, I pretty much forgot about them. The present was ready and waiting for me until I was “mature” enough (in my Soul) to accept it. At that time, I wrote the below poem:



The small child very much wanted the

brightly wrapped present.

But somehow she felt she didn't deserve it.


Each time it was given to her

she retreated in shyness and lowered her eyes.


How could that lovely prize be hers?

How could she accept it?


“Just take it,” spoke a kindly voice.

“There are others who know more than you.

Even though you cannot see

all that has brought this to you point,

know that this gift is yours.”


The child did not understand.

But she trusted the kindly voice and

timidly reached for her prize.


But, as she touched it,

it disappeared.


“Where has it gone?”

cried the child.


“Why, it is yours now,”

said the voice.


“It is no longer something

that you must reach for.

It is something now,

which you must own.”




I wish to take you to your alternate realty in which you are a part of a beautiful and communicative community of like-minded thinkers and compassionate friends. In this reality, everyone is in constant and conscious communication with their parallel realities in the fourth and fifth dimensions. There is no competition because each person knows that they specialize in their portion of a puzzle that everyone in the community is working together to put together into one complete and stable reality. This community is not bound by time and space.

In preparation for this reality, Internet has allowed people from all over the world to communicate in one instant. You are being trained to communicate deeply with people that you cannot see and do not know of this reality. Through assisting people all over your planet it will become easier and easier for you to expand into planetary consciousness. Feel now all the like-minded grounded ones upon your planet.

Now, step into my perception so that you can see the Earth as a globe that is broadcast on our view screen. Feel yourself as me, as I take you to your/our room on board the Starship. This room is much like the rooms on Star Trek, The Next Generation. I/we are sitting on our favorite chair with the ottoman in front of me. The chair is, of course, violet in color, and the material is unknown in your reality. The chair and ottoman completely mold to my body and are attuned to my thoughts. Therefore, they are as hard or as soft as I desire.

From this chair I can control everything in my room via my thoughts.It is what you may call my “computer chair,” as it allows me to activate and use my computer with my thoughts. Therefore, when I meditate, such as you are doing now, I can interact with all my fifth dimensional environment realities. The process that you are now using of typing while you meditate is much like my use of this chair.

See our room. It is very pliable and can shape itself according to my desires. Right now, as I describe it to you, and as you see it in your minds eye, it is very large and has windows all along one side. This room is like a holodeck in that I can create whatever environment I wish. Sometimes I desire to have a Venusian environment, sometimes Arcturian and sometimes Earth or other planets for which I have a heart space.

As you look through the windows, you see a view of outer space. I also choose to have a vision of Earth and Her Moon in my window to keep my consciousness aligned with Gaia. Behind me I have created a huge redwood tree, a lovely path into the forest and a small, rippling brook. There are birds, a dog and many other creatures that are real on their own right, but only visit me when I choose this environment.

My room is modern in that it is simple with a table to the left and a desk to my right. In between is a row of couches along the window with a low table in front of them. There are many flowering plants. One of my favorite holo-programs is that of a greenhouse. I constantly return my plants to the greenhouse program to be regenerated so all of the plants in the room are healthy and flowering.

Now see Earth before us. See the many dots of light around the planet.These dots of light are the beings, human and non-human, who are in conscious contact with their higher vibrational selves. All of you are connected with each other in a beautiful web of light. Now, see how the fourth dimension is superimposed upon this picture creating a foggy overlay that all of you can visit in person. Also see the fifth dimensional overlay in which you have many parallel realities. You choose to connect each, or all, of the specs of light and/or your different dimensional realities by directing your thought and emotions towards that intention.

(After sleeping on that experience, I returned the next day for more.)



Dear Suzille,

I hear that you wish to continue to your vision of the light network of Earth. See the Earth before you with all of the beacons of light glimmering in the distance. Each of these specs of light is interconnected to all the other specs, and each line of connection ignites yet more specs of light. Just as I have created my hologram program to the specifications of your room, calibrate your hologram program to the specifications of mine. Imagine a reality in which you are the observer, Kepier, the observed, Suzille, and the process of observation.

Within this triad is the whole, just as the whole is within each and every other spec of light in this picture. Feel how your consciousness, Soul, essence, signature frequency (or whatever term by which you wish to identify yourself) has a slightly different perception of this hologram than the other “specs of light.” You are one of the many “Eyes of God,” as is everyone else. Each consciousness/light has a slightly differently view of the same reality. Together, each of these perspectives forms an orchestra that plays in harmony to create a beautiful melody.

It is your break now and each player within this orchestra is meeting in the fourth dimension to discuss their performance. From this fourth dimensional perspective, you are aware that the performance continues beyond time and space. However, you can also simultaneously observe your performance as being finished. Feel the camaraderie of your fellow musicians. Each of you is acknowledging the other’s part in the total symphony of life. Each of you is experimenting with a certain instrument while also performing upon the third dimensions space-time continuum.

Isn’t it wonderful to be free of all competition and caparison? Isn’t wonderful to be a component of a group consciousness while maintaining your own individual line both down into the lower dimensions and up into the higher dimensions?Take a moment now and follow that line into the fifth dimensional world of myself.See how we are continuous from the third dimension into the fourth and through the fourth into the fifth. Be aware that you have many other lines of reality, but because you are beginning with your conscious memory of these lines you are focusing on them one at a time.

These many lines of individual evolution are, in fact, only portions of the sum/total of all the lines of your Earth grounded experiences. However, it is recommended that you learn to fully understand one line of evolution before you attempt to perceive your sum/total. As you learn to move your conscious awareness into any one line of evolution you will find that it is actually a hologram. Therefore, through any one portion of your holographic reality, you can perceive all of your Earthly evolutions. When even one of you remembers your multidimensional nature, that memory is passed on to all of you.

Keep connected to me today.We are ONE.





Dear Blog,

I had a dream this morning in which I had an abusive father and I had finally realized how he could no longer be tolerated. I had gone to a play with him and my brother, who had become completely shut down from the abuse of our father and I had to lead him around. My father did one simple thing that was the “last straw.” I realized that I had only been staying to help my brother, but in that moment I understood that he would not wake up from his mental prison. I had to leave. I excused myself to go to the bathroom, and woke up planning my escape.

I did not have an abusive father, but my brother is pretty shut down. I see this dream as a metaphor.The father represented the dominating systems of the third dimension, and the brother represented those who are asleep and may not awaken. The new energy that is sweeping through our world causing those who are oppressed to demand freedom is causing those who have found their freedom to be transformed. It is time for us to “make our escape” from the demands of a reality that was always a choice to experience.

In the dream, I realized that I had only stayed in that abusive environment to care for my brother. But, in that one moment I realized that the only way I could really help him would be to move on to my better life. Then I would have the power to come back and get him. That is what those who have found their freedom in the light need to do. We need to release our bondage to the old system, so that we can better embrace the new one.

As I pondered the dream after awoke, I remember (or created) that I had been preparing my escape from my old life and transition into my new life for a very long time. Therefore, everything was ready, and all I had to “do” was to take that first step towards my new life. In reality, this process is not about leaving a person, but about leaving the constrictive, and even abusive, confines, lies, manipulations and restriction of an old system of reality. This old system is ending, and it is up to us to create, and simultaneously accept, the new system that was always there—just beyond our perception.

What if we all woke up and realized that this reality isn’t real, and that there is a much better reality based on love and peace rather than fear and war? What if we directed NOT to participate in the old experience and to create a higher frequencies experience based on unconditional love? What is we no longer choose to believe that fear was a part of our reality?



I, Kepier, your expression of SELF on a parallel reality, am able to assist you from my vibration of the fifth dimension. First, however, allow me to explain the difference between “realities” and “dimensions”.Each reality of the many parallel realities has a vertical flow, which streams through all the dimensions. Each dimension also has a horizontal flow, which is specific to the frequency of that reality. Upon the third dimension, each of these parallel realities appear to be totally separate, as one of the main laws of the third dimension is the law of separation.

The law of separation was instated upon the conception of the third dimension to separate consciousness into small, single units. This reality was created because consciousness wished to slow itself down and to itemize itself into individual units for the purpose of training through experience. Therefore, one experience at a time was set up so that Consciousness could experience itself in an individualized, polarized, sequential fashion.

In your fifth dimensional reality, you are able to connect any of your parallel realities that you desire to experience. On the sixth dimension, you are able to simultaneously be aware of and consciously live multiple realities in many dimensions, galaxies, planets and “third dimensional times.” I know that this is a difficult concept for your physical brain, but think of it as multi-tasking. For example, imagine that you are doing dishes, eating an apple, talking on the phone, and talking to someone next to you while you look out the window, observing someone walking down the street. Now think of each of these “tasks” as a different reality, and you are living them all at once.

Also, one can experience dimensions in a lower vibration, but can only observe higher dimensions if they raise their consciousness to that frequency. Therefore, you can easily see the second and first dimension, but you have to raise your consciousness to perceive the fourth and fifth dimensions. Your process of ascension begins by raising your consciousness into the parallel realities of the higher dimension to accustom you to that frequency of reality.

When I say I am your expression of SELF on a parallel reality, I mean that I am living a life on a different page than you, but it in the same book. If you were to compare the book to the space-time continuum, you would say that the first pages are the past. Therefore, you feel as though you are remembering the pages you have read and you are creating the pages you have not yet read.

However, YOU are the creator of the entire book. This book is beyond the limits of space and time, and you are writing this book you with your every thought. With every thought and emotion you write and re-write the book of your myriad expressions of SELF. When you edit one expression of SELF, you change all the expressions of your SELF, for they are all ONE.

As another example, think of your “Book of Life” as having clear pages with images rather than words. These pages are overlays, much as you have seen on your anatomy books. From a horizontal viewpoint you only see one page, which would be only one of your myriad realities. On the other hand, from a vertical perspective you see all of your parallel realities existing within NOW. From this viewpoint you can see how all the “pages” interact and intermingle to create ONE book.

If you were to look down through the pages, you would have the perspective of your higher expressions of SELF looking into the lower frequencies of expression of your SELF. If you looked up into the book, you would have the experience of your third dimensional self looking up into your higher dimensional expressions of your SELF. However, since time and space is an illusion of the third dimension, the above terms of down and up are only used to clarify your image. In reality, all realities are functioning within the NOW of the ONE, and you perceive each parallel reality by adjusting your consciousness to a specific frequency.

In other words, when you change from one reality to another,

you are actually changing your consciousness!

(I conclude Kepier’s messages with another visit to the Starship.)




I am aboard the space craft Athena. I am Arcturian hybrid. I have returned to many of my Arcturian features, but I have also maintained some of my human characteristics to better maintain the timeline of our, yours and mine, consciousness. This is why I am called a hybrid. It is important at this time to keep in continuous contact as of my life as Sue Lie so that I/she can guide others in the same process. Therefore, I maintain many other human expressions of my SELF to continue this connection with my grounded ones and with Gaia.

Because of my many human expressions, I am known as a “hybrid.” However, I also have many dimensional expressions as an Arcturian, one expression on fifth dimensional Earth, as well as myriad other parallel realities. From sixth dimensional Arcturus I can easily be on the Starship, on fifth dimensional Earth, on our ascended planets and within the higher dimensions of the ONE.

When I chose to take the hybrid form of Kepier, my hands are Arcturian with four digits and long slim fingers, but my face looks human. However, my “hair” is actually made of many strands of light that arise from my “bald” scalp.I am the height of a human but the slim shape of an Arcturian. I have all the memories of my life as Suzille, as well as all the memories of my life as Kepier. The higher I choose to resonate my consciousness, the more of myriad realities I can perceive and experience within the NOW. I notice that as I write that it is difficult to talk about two realities at once while using the English language. Sequential language does not have within its structure the ability to speak of living multiple, dimensional realities in the same time frame.

I want you to know that I am speaking to you from the core of your being to remind you that you and I have always been ONE. I perceive that many new mind maps will need to be laid for you so that you, the third dimensional component of our SELF, can function on the physical world while the rest of your consciousness is working on the higher dimensions. Gradually, you shall become more and more aware of our life here aboard the starship Athena. Allow all my information to flow into your physical brain at its own rate. Do not try to force or inhibit the process.

Feel how your ego has been wounded through your third dimensional lives. That fear stuck to you through many incarnations, causing you to be cruel in one life, selfish in another life and shy, timid or aloof in other lives. Through our communications your wounded ego has been greatly healed. Therefore, see your ego as a friend. It is no longer an enemy or some thingthat must be overcome.

Think of the ego as the Captain of your third dimensional vessel, and you are the Admiral. As the Admiral you have the authority to command the Captain, but you still trust your Captain and know that she can do her job well. As the Admiral you have many portions of your command with who you are in constant contact. Fortunately, you remember that the secret to being a good Admiral is to delegate. If you do not delegate the different responsibilities of life, you could not be an effective leader.

Commend your ego for all the good work that she has done in managing many VERY difficult situations. Tell her that you realize that her assignment has been difficult and that you are proud of how she has handled her mission. Finally, tell her that the entire chain of command is stepping up in rank. In preparation for this new format of reality, she will be given a new communication system. With this new system your ego will be able to be in constant contact with your parallel realities, as well as you/me, while she continues all her current responsibilities. This advanced communication will allow her to always KNOW that she is no longer alone, for she is NOW a member of the ONE.

Your SELF,





I don’t know if I fulfilled that assignment, as I forgot most of these past messages. However, I have found them very validating for that which I thought I was receiving in the present, but had actually began receiving in the early 1990’s. At that time it was far too soon to share this information. I guess that is why I forgot it. I am sure that all of us have had that experience to some extent. I hope that sharing this information with you will assist you to remember some of your forgotten some of your communications from the higher dimensions.

This entry concludes Part I of The Return. I will put it into a file and post it with my free download books. I will return soon with Part II.