23 May 2011    

Channeler:  Faye Rouchi

The ascension of 2012 is really nothing more than a story you have created for yourself as a means, as a symbol of the return to Oneness. The story is a way to explain, so that the mind can relate to the CHOICE that has been made to set aside the illusion of separation. Time is still required until this cycle completes itself and each One of the Whole has completed its task of releasing ego.

This story takes place within time and space, and therefore has no reality to it as such, but serves a purpose for the use of time until time is no longer needed and time ends. There is only one world that the true initiate must surrender to and that is the world within. Within there is no time and no space, so dates and years are non-existent. Once removed from the throws of ego and separation, one can freely play in the dreams created and be free of no longer becoming imprisoned by them, having retained full consciousness of ‘What Is’. The will determine the experience; therefore there are infinite realities that can be experienced in this way.

The world of does not exist, however, within the dream of it, it does. Within the dream there is an “event’ that is occurring if one chooses to play a part. This world is a world of symbols and if this is understood, can be an interesting journey. This can become a distraction, however, if one is still susceptible to the belief in separation, but many of the realities in this dream will be unattainable to one still entrenched in duality. All worlds come from within. Once this is fully embraced, exploration of what you call the Cosmos can be most engaging and rewarding affording an infinite experience.