24 May 2011  

Channeler: Faye Rouchi

So, let’s face your fear about your uncertain future. This is what the ego would tell you, that the future is uncertain. There is no future in the present . In the present you can BE presence or you can be IN illusion. It is illusion to believe in the future and to plan a future. You can do neither. To plan the future only reactivates the past, so it is always past, never future, even that which you think you plan for. The future that you hold in your mind, will always be the past. The past does not exist, it never did, it never will. So, it is indeed fact that the past and future do not exist. There is only the present .

Yes, I realize many messages are read discussing the future, your changes, planetary changes, cosmic changes even. But, if there is only the , NOW, and a book has been written about this, and it has flown off the shelves and discusses this very point, the power of NOW. How many have yet taken this valuable knowledge and Really used it?

The in the future is a cop-out to your being who and what you are NOW. It creates a loop, a never-ending cycle which is exactly what you all are trying so to step out of. In THIS MOMENT stop! Do not look for enlightenment or ascension or any of the multitude of definitions you have given to BE-ing Home to come or next year. In this moment your presence, your , puts you there, aware of What Is. It is this simple. What Is, Is. Be aware of that. Do not label it, do not define it, do not think about it, just observe it, with your presence, your . There you are the guru you seek. There simply is no past or future. Do not rely on it; you will continue to stay with unmet expectations, sorrow and suffering. For is it not the past you wish to escape? I tell you, the escape is NOW, not tomorrow, not next year. Choose it now, in this moment of NOW, and it is so.

Can you now see how much misinformation there is ‘out there’? It is a choice, in THIS moment. Do I choose to be awake? What do you care about your body changing if it isn’t real? Furthermore, you ARE its creator. It is not created from some OUTSIDE . It is created from INSIDE , YOUR . Believe in painful changes and you will experience painful changes. Your power is thought, not . Your power is belief, and what else is belief but trust? Your mind is the thinker but it only believes what you tell it to – God,Oneness, WHOLE-NESS or separation. It may be the engine, but you control the gas and the steering wheel.

Everything you see, you believe. This must stop and know what you see cannot be trusted by you. You must defer to Whole-ly Spirit. You will be gently guided out of your illusions and return Home.

Jeshua 🙂