The mysterious transformer explosion phenomenon has continued, this time shattering windows and causing a massive explosion underground at .  Unlike the others, however, this transformer was underground.  As more facts from this mysterious recent global phenomenon continue to surface, it seems more perplexing than ever.

You may recall the story we brought recently of a series of transformer explosions in the past few days that has some experts scratching their heads.  The explosions, which caused manhole covers to explode and even sent one up impacting into a bus with tremendous force thankfully resulted in no injuries – although one was sent to the hospital in an ambulance when he showed signs of distress.

So could this latest transformer explosion be linked to the others that have been popping up all over the world?  In less than a week there have been dozens of such explosions and fires in a phenomenon that certainly seems unique all over the world.  The explosions have resulted in power loss for millions and no one has an explanation.  Few are even suggesting the incidents – which are mysterious but not unheard of could be related.  In the end, it is certainly possible that this could be a phenomenon we will be hearing more of.  But what could be causing it?

The interesting thing about the phenomenon happening underground is it suggests a geomagnetic storm may not be the cause.  Underground the transformers would likely have been shielded and reinforced against powerful waves from space.  And there's also the question of why the effects would be so isolated.  One or two transformers in an area will suddenly explode while dozens more will be left unharmed.

And so it comes down to another troubling possibility.  Is it possible that the transformer trouble we've been having is actually the result of maintenance and infrastructure?  If the globe's power infrastructure is so overwhelmed by problems, then it's apparent that we will neither be able to continue to ignore it, nor will we be able to fund it if funding for infrastructure is cut severely.  And so it seems we will have to -at least for now- wait for more dots to connect them all.  And in the mean time we're having more power failures ranging from cruise lines to power systems connected to a grid to college power systems buried underground.

The greatest fear among those concerned with the topic of transformers going off is the possibility of a solar event setting off another Carrington-style disaster – but with our increased dependence on power since the original event took place, we have the real possibility of losing everything we know about society when the lights finally go out.  And there's no telling how long and drawn out recovery would be if that did happen.

Source: Unexplainable.net