Jennifer Hoffman

April 25, 2011

As you assimilate new energies you may notice that you are seeing old lessons in the form of familiar energies in new situations, reappearing in your lives. You may wonder if you have gone back in the past, are not progressing on your path or are being punished. None of those is true. You have shifted and you are on your ascension path. But your ego is challenging you to maintain your , to move beyond fear and to step into your own power. Your view of life is changing because you are aware that you are living life as an illusion but you can choose the illusion you wish to life. It is a choice that is made in a single thought, which then creates a reality based on a new illusion of life or maintaining the illusion of life.

Every level of vibration co-exists within the third dimension. A shift in within you opens you to a new vibrational level but does not change the presence of other energies around you. Each of those energies creates an illusion of life which can be chosen. But with knowledge and understanding, another illusion can be created. All of life is an illusion, with each one responding to the thoughts and energies that create it. Without , the illusion cannot exist. Any illusion that does not have energetic support disappears.

In each moment, with each thought, you are choosing the level of your vibration and this creates the illusion you experience as life, but that is not the only illusion of life, it is simply the one you know. Its possible details are limitless and can be based on fear or any level of vibration, but all is illusion; there is no reality other than what each one creates. The collective illusion as experienced by the family of humanity is based on what each perceives as life and can know of life. As humanity’s collective vibrations increase, the fear-based illusions disappear. And with each increase in vibration the rate of change is exponential.

None of this is directed by the Universe although you have the support and participation of the Universe as your co-creator. Life, ascension, healing and transformation are the human path and it is through your willingness to transcend fear and access your spiritual connection that you, the family of humanity, choose to ascend into your mastery. There is no power that will force this change upon you as ascension must occur through humanity’s choice. Your soul knows its ascension path and when you follow its guidance you will know how to manage the energy so your illusions correspond with your greatest learning, leading you to right action, most powerful understanding and your heaven on earth.

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