by Larz


Just moments ago you were walking into the office wondering what, if anything, the voice of your channel would have to say. Then you started smiling realizing that this is the fear we always have. “Ye of little faith&; we retort, with a smile back. Somehow, magically it seems, the universe goes on being another universe for just another universal moment in time.

At each point in time we fully expect the whole thing to come to a screeching halt. First, the affairs of the world seem highly unpleasant and certainly misguided, we await looking heavenward for a savior, who didn’t come after one millennium, and now appears to have missed us on the second one gone by. Maybe we’re counting wrong, or something. Reality is, the savior is not coming. The savior is already here and has always been here. The kingdom is indeed in hand and waiting for our hands to explore the kingdom.

But, nevertheless, we open our eyes in the morning to start another day anew, or another birthday cycles by and we wonder how many more we have left. We see our social cousins dying every day in far off wars or on the obituary page, and we wonder when our day will come, and what will be waiting for us on the other side.

Yet, we stroll through any given day with some assuredness. Our feet do their thing and our balance does another and between everything there is, magically working together, we amazingly walk. But we don’t notice, we are too busy wondering how soon the world might end, these do seem to be, after all, the end of days.

Yet the universe persists with its silent message of persistence, and the universe goes on, gravity holding us down, our feet holding us up. Our feet have such faith in their path and their ability to walk, we should heed them.

We sit down to channel and at ourselves for wondering whether or not the universe actually cared. Of course it cared. We ARE the universe, we care, and for that reason alone we find ourselves in a caring universe. We create kindness with our words and actions, and our hands bring forth tender loving strokes. Our hands communicate God’s will.

Do our God given talents appear miraculously, unbidden, unknown, like a thief in the night? Yes, they do. We don’t know where they come from, suddenly we are typing this and our quiet voices in clickity clackity song. The porch lights across the way, the steam on the windows. The yellows and blue and the amber of a small square light. What is this lack of faith? Why do we doubt so?

Our feet do not doubt. They walk. Our hands do not doubt. They type clickity clack. All of our beingness is being in its being and yet we doubt.

The sun comes up every morning, it is always morning somewhere and we doubt. The savior is not yet come, at least in a blaze of glory or on a golden chariot, the gods of Xerxes are gone, as is Aphrodite and Zeus, and Apollo shines no more. The Mayan temples are ashen and gray and the last true Aztec long since buried. The Gods of yesteryear are banished and their saviors not come. Yet the birds sing in the mornings and the grass sways in the cool breeze of the night. New stars are being born and the elements of life being synthesized deep within. The miracles of fusion and fission continue. Yet we doubt.

We see a great mountain, or a starry sky, plants grow and the miracles of existence continue to astound us, there seems to be no end to the . From the smallest atom to the largest galaxy all we see is beauty, , and we cry out “Where is thy beauty, Oh Lord? Where is thy benevolence? Where is our savior?”

If we needed one, then one would be here. In of our doubts, our wars, our ammunition and our poundings, our poisons and viruses, and great shuddering earthquakes, the earth is still here being earth within the great cosmos that is the great cosmos being great. God is great? But we do not believe looking all around us to the greatness.

We are given what we need, and we let go of the shadows of doubt, understanding that we do not need to know. We bless our scientists and trust them on their paths of goodness and honesty, and see their petty squabbles and egotistical beatings of the chest, but deep down we are scientists accepting the world as it is, at face value, on the surface. Yet we doubt.

But hope comes in a glimmer, a tiny upturn of a snarled lip, a laugh, quietly, in spite of our great misgivings. And we sit down to experience the momentary of our clickity clacking fingers, and laugh at ourselves for our silliness, for our schoolgirl charm and giggles, and for ever doubting. A universe capable of giving birth to a massive star is certainly capable of giving birth to the me that I am. And the great information to do this must be everywhere, encoded everywhere, guiding all in their paths of self-chosen destiny, awaiting whatever universal fates and fortunes that are to be theirs in their joyous dance of life.

We laugh at our doubts and we start to have faith. The intricacies of the universe are everywhere. No stops to think that here they are at this point x and this coordinate y at this time t, and the universe gladly and boisterously reveals itself to their probes, their microscopes, their test tubes swirling this and that, and the universe says “Ask Me! I shall tell!” and reveals its glorious secrets, because there is no secret. A lab could be anywhere. Orbiting Centauri, orbiting Sirius, or in the deep nebula of Orion. We could build it on Jupiter, if we knew how, or orbiting the sun. Or right here in this little office and the universe will so gladly reveal her secrets. The great mysteries of life are here for the taking, and God speaks loudly and clearly for all to hear. The geese hear it as they flock and fly their V across town to another park. The rodents scurry along hearing the voice. They do not doubt, they do not ponder will it happen? Or will I be lost? They hear and they do not doubt.

Our pancreas does not doubt as it creates the digestive molecules, and those molecules do not cower in fear at the sight of some chewed steak going “What if we can’t digest?”

Science for some seems serious and dreary, The mixing of this and the analysis of that. But in reality true science is a joy. It is a happy boy playing on the beach, picking up a shiny pebble, perhaps a little brighter, smoother or shinier than the others, and pondering its beauty. Science is climbing on the shoulders of our fathers, and beaming out at the beauty surrounding us, goggle eyed, bright eyed, and forgetting or not even knowing or especially caring that what we do is important, will save lives, or somehow transform the world into a better place. We do science for the sheer joy and everywhere we look the universe radiates its knowledge and information, if only we listen.

Channeling is not some serious drudgery, a lamentable school assignment. Why, we will be lucky if it is taught in the schools. But that is not the place to learn it, for there is nothing to learn. Channeling is as easy as any thing else we do like lifting our hands, clenching our fist, grabbing a pen and writing. It is all deeply wondrous, deeply mysterious, and again and again, we discuss the deep reality of the universe.

The universe goes deep, you will not find its source. The source is not to be found because it doesn’t exist. There is no source, or the source is null, again it is nothing.

To wonder if a channel will happen is to wonder if nothing exists. No, it doesn’t, there is nothing there.

So rather than boredly trudge about, we clickity clack, and we celebrate our conscious selves. We are here. This is our reality. We do not need more. This is enough. We are blessed for what has been given, and we are not so selfish to ask for more. “We need more. Yes, the universe is great, but where is our great savior?” We tire from the looking, we tire of the digging, the pleading, and the beating of our fists against our breast. We stop screaming out in anguish, in terror, in disgust, in shock and shame. We are given the path, the way, and the light. We who have our values built in don’t quite know yet where they came from, but, here we are honest, accepting and seeing reality the way it truly appears to be. We let go of our flat planets, our flat ideas, our two-dimensional thinking, and we allow the splendour of the multidimensional universe to radiate in our minds.

We laugh at ourselves for our doubts. We forgive ourselves for our misunderstandings. We stop attacking ourselves for our blind spots and for the sides of ourselves we seemed to have trapped in the darkness. We realize the universe was light all along and there are no dark corners. There are no corners where science will not work, there are no corners where our channel to God will not speak. The words are here for all and they are many, and over and over again we offer freedom, and joy, and some doubt, but to those we say come out of the darkness, wash off the mud, pluck the motes from your eyes and see the truth. It is all around you. This is the savior, the universe IS our savior, and we are here to be saved. And we stop acting like cowards and doubting Thomases and we start to see and accept the great truth that is written on our hearts that is shared through our hands and our joyous words and our smiles. We are the solution, we shun the problem, the problem being our cowering self, our doubting side, our side that says only darkness will I accept.

We stop looking for opposites, we know only goodness. We stop looking for anti heat, we know only warmth. We cherish our relativity and our relations. Cold and warm and hot are relative and we seek balance, not too warm not too cold, right in the middle. We can’t fall off the universe, there is no edge.

If we fall, we are caught by the tender cradle of empty space falling forever and never hitting metaphorical ground. We free ourselves of our doubts and we find faith. Not a superficial, pretend, ha ha if you say so, kind of faith. But a deep faith of knowing. We start small. We start simple. We watch in awe as our feet move and our lips talk. We find ourselves aliens in an alien universe, then laugh for we do not recognize our own reflection in the mirrors of our own designs. And we lift each other up and out of the darkness and cry out “Wash off the grime. Clean up. Clarify your minds. The answer is clearly here and it is all around us.”

And the next time we come back to channel, we have faith in our clickity clacking fingers, our inner senses and our guides. We fret not the end, we fret not the failures, and we know only information, joy, experience, hope, love, tolerance, faith, obedience, cheerfulness, love, especially love, and gratitude, and faith, and more faith. And our lists of words describing this inner light grow and grow. And we write the manuals of guidance and life, and we understand that all is good.

We are good. God is Good. The gift of the earth is given to us by ourselves and we cherish it and nourish it and somehow we hope we find a way out of our darkness and bonds of self. We strive for a nirvana full of light beyond light, and deep knowledge. We do not wish to leave and to escape, but to find ourselves grounded here in humility. We find freedom in our grounded self and accept to the ground we shall return.

And we let go our doubts and find our smiles, and pray we can learn fast enough to teach those around us. And we are in this together. We are writing this together. This is our lifeboat, our planet, and we understand it. We stop looking for he who is not here, we rejoice in he who is here. We see him in each others eyes, we can see through each other direct to each other’s hearts.

We find him in every call, every pine needle, every insect, we find him at work. We find him in our employers and their policies, in technology and in science. He is in medicine and he is in the books of the ancients. He is in our parents religion’s and he is in their very fibers of being. We understand eternity and begin to live it, accepting that whatever darkness we see is only an illusion and we free ourselves from those perspectives.

The time has come. The kingdom is nigh. It is right here in front of our eyes where it has always been. The universe is heaven. This is heaven. There is no hell, except in our doubting minds, and we will not stop until every fiber of ourselves sings with harmonic joy, with good tidings of joy, pronouncing the truth that he is here and we are looking at him. Amen!