by Larz


“Nowhere in particular” can provide some of the most enjoyable moments in life. The freedom that comes with being open to the momentary suggestions of the universe is a freedom to be cherished and a freedom that brings joy. Without realizing it that is what you did when you sat down to channel. Your windows are fogged up, you just binge ate somewhat when you got , you have nothing of particular on your mind, save for perhaps your birthday, and are feeling content, not really wanting to go to bed, not quite awake. So, if done carefully you can relax into this channel and just let us flow.

Finding joy in the moment and finding joy in the day is a laudable goal. Today had many potentials and some oddities. For instance, a phone call from your ex lover from so many years ago. The connections of time transcend this time, or more precisely moments may last a long time.

Letting go of fear around events is a pathway to serenity. What may happen may happen and one should not ignore their instincts. But most instincts will cause a mighty and instantaneous jump, if that is what is called for to avoid the rattlesnake’s bite. Similarly walking along expecting rattlesnakes around every corner is only draining. Fear takes a great deal of to maintain.

Keeping a negative view of the world is quite exhausting really. Imagine our fabled vacation. Every bump in the road a threat, every inn with shyster innkeeper, every restaurant poisoning. Imagining these horrid ultrahidden motives would serve to lessen the joy of every moment until only dread was left. Letting go, as we were suggesting today at noon, is what is in store for you next.

The last several months have been used to prepare you today to the idea that reality happens and will happen naturally if you let go. What will happen will happen, that much is certain. What is not certain is what will happen. What happens is what is willed, and at each moment the will of the moment may change.

Right now you are not liking your wrist guard, but, as you just saw it could be moved. We are speaking in terms of we and you, because at the moment you are not in a trance of any merit and are feeling separate. Think, if you will, of a trance as a state that pulls you out of your closer to the source that you feel more connected. This is not exactly an accurate description of the process as the source is actually deep within your core — more center to your center then you are. Think of yourself as a cylinder, a vein, through which the source runs.

Now again the idea of the deep reality of the universe. That reality transcends whatever conceptions you have about it. It is what it is, regardless of your conscious or unconscious experience or experiences, your beliefs, your thinking and thought patterns, your memories and recollections, your sensing, visions and inspirations, your lives and your deaths, your judgements and pronouncements. Its isness far transcends any of our abilities to experience or measure or perceive it. The point here is that this reality comes before us and will go after us. Acceptance is the key. Letting it happen naturally is the next step.

We are all along for the ride. Truly none of us know fully well where we are going, why we are going there, how we are getting there, or even where we are. Letting go is our answering, and holding onto life for the sheer joy of it is the ticket.

Letting go may be no easy matter. By letting go we actually find ourselves, so obviously another book is in order. The first was how to channel, the idea being that channeling is as natural as flowers blooming, babies birthed, or grains of sand upon the beach. Channeling is something that particles of this universe can do, just like they can aggregate to become sand on the beach, or molecules within a flower petal. You can do it, we say.

This next process is to let ourselves be guided. Not every moment should be spent doing any one particular thing. Right now, you overeat, especially when you come home. That is because subconsciously you think “I have been listening all day. All day long I listen. To my coworkers, to the pronouncements of managers. The direction of supervisors come through the air and in the chat windows. Long forgotten exes call me as do other family members. And I am tired of listening.” So when you get home, suddenly binge eating happens, because you have stopped listening to your body who knows if it needs food, or water. You did remember or more precisely hear your body call out for water. Watching for coincidences is a similar property done with the eyes.

In all these cases we are tapping into the force which guides each and every one of us. This force is not transparent, invisible, or silent. It speaks loudly, eloquently, grandiloquently, with sweeping gestures and broad vistas. Its voice rumbles throughout our inner being and radiates all around us. It says Come Hither, or go not there. When we pile into our car, we take the reality of the universe with us. We do not travel lightly, foolhardily or proceed without caution. We pack our bags. We take comfortable shoes and pants, shorts and long tough jeans, maybe a nice dress outfit. We pack our food, our staples and our water. We take blankets and sunscreen, insect repellant, fishing poles and hats. We have our maps prepared. And we bring our beloved cards and games of scrabble and a small dictionary. We have our phone and our gas tanks are filled, we let our family, friends and coworkers know we are off, and someone watches our cats at home. But then we pile into our car and zoom off. Over there looks especially promising, what about that hot springs we heard of, or I’ve always wanted to go to that such n such place we heard about. People’s excitement bubbles with enthusiasm and a true, safe, joyous adventure has begun. We are not going anywhere in particular, for we shall return home, but in that giant circle of a loop, we hope to bring into our new center a new sense of belonging, of connection, of joy. We radiate with our smiles and the sun smiles down upon us or perhaps blankets us with snow or washes us with rain. In all this rejoice. We have enough of the deep reality of the universe to survive, and this is an adventure.

Letting go and Letting God is an adventure, not a dreaded chore. “Oh no. We HAVE to go have fun today? No, I don’t want to. I’m afraid and want to stay home terrified.”

Now, like abandoned institutionalized neglected children, we may have fear. We may not trust the universe. So perhaps our first trips will be close to home.

And we are not talking not only metaphorically but also figuratively and literally. We are talking physical adventures, channeling adventures, emotional adventures. We are accepting our path as it unfolds before us. We are sensing the path of least resistance and maximum possibilities. We fear not the journey because connecting us invisibly is this unbreakable connection to All That Is and a fantastic property of this is we have All We Need, for our source is All We Need. We discover we are exploring aspects of ourself. We feel connected to the land, our belongings and our beloved fellow men who are on this journey with us.

We have brief glimpses of our island planetary home floating on a long journey around the sun and with the sun around the galaxy, and with the galaxy around the greater cosmos, ever traveling. Some days our physical travels are only from a room to another, or only from home to work and back. But everywhere we go we feel connected. All we see are aspects of our larger self and we glimpse aspects of our creator and of our creations. We forgive ourselves our mistakes and our missteps as we forgive others. We know we are not perfect. We forget our belongings some days, other days we forget our sensibilities. Some days we bring our perceptive natures along, other days we forget them behind. We are not looking for perfection, we wouldn’t know it if we saw it. We are looking to expand our awareness of the great gift of God and the universe and we tire of our petty squabbles about scrabble, or who forgot what, or for taking a wrong turn. There are no wrong turns, only new adventures.

Sometimes our fear overwhelms us and we circle inside forgetting that our innermost core to our veiney self is the flow of the source itself connecting us to the source and to all of creation. But then we find our good sense and our accurate perceptions and we bring light to light our way, and even in the darkness of a deep cool moonless night we feel the light. The lights of the many stars bathe us and their distance seems impossibly close. Each star calls out to the iron in our blood, the oxygen it carries, the carbon that weaves a protein tapestry holding all in its grace and we remember our connections to the stars.

Our great astronomers are exploring the starry skies on their own as well, and our deep space cameras extend our eyes. We have so far to go and no where to go, we are here, but where is here?

Our path unfolds before us and the light extends into the darkness, each step bringing the light with us. We leave our fear behind and when we come full circle we see it has disappeared and vaporized, like a thief in the night. We gently put it to bed, as we tuck our children in, knowing that tomorrow they will grow up a little stronger, a little wiser, and a little more trusting in us, the parents.

We parent ourselves, we create our own adventures. We look back at our ex lovers and bathe them with love. We know we may never hear from them again, or if we do, it will be to let go and to say goodbye, or maybe to gently hold their spiritual hands. Somehow we forgive them as we forgive ourselves, and we will make our amends next times our paths cross.

We are going nowhere in particular, so are so excited to see how somehow our inner selves have reconnected and those things that should have been said are said, and those things that should not have been said are somehow undone. We let go our fears and our angry words and we go on into the great circle of life ever expanding our circles, our loops, our circular journeys.

The morning comes again and again and we bless and rejoice in the circle of a day, of a year and its seasons, of a life and its season. Our joy cannot just vaporize for it is too bright to be contained in this linear life and we are not sure, but somehow we will come back here. Here to our lovely planet and home. We love it too much to never come back.

Just like our childhood we love it so and pray that we give to our children what has so gladly and willing been given to us.

Our parents may have failed, may have faltered. We may have been put down by authoritarian and ruthless demands, told to stay still, stay put, don’t move, and get grounded. But today we are grounded, grounded in the deep reality of the universe, grounded in the earth, grounded in the humus, grounded in our being, grounded in our humility.

We are part of All That Is, but we know we have so far to travel before we’ve seen it all. There are so many tomorrows with surprises in store, and we don’t know it all. We come into the process. We don’t know it all, but we trust it is all of the same source, it is of good and wholesome nature, and we let go the fear of our selfishness and our pettiness and our infantile screaming and head burying. Our mothers umbilical chord is gone now, but her voice, her vocal chords echo on and we feel the call of mother earth grounding us.

We accept our true limitations. Our spirits may fly, yes, fly far and wide, but are feet are on the earth and our lungs fill with air. Perhaps someday our children will be different, but this is not about our children, this is about us. We must be here first before we can create our children.

Truly there is no time, no time to wait for perfection, so we go on and we create our creations now, we birth our children now, but we teach them the joy of life, best we can. We show them by doing.

We let go our petty fears and self destructiveness, we hold onto our deep understanding of reality. All we know may change. Today’s truths may be tomorrows follies, and we accept with humility our foolishness. Like young, idealistic teenagers, we go off on our adventure in search of true love, and we can see “We generally like ourselves.” We see other kind creatures through the windows of our eyes, and rejoice in the beauty of this universe.

We shut our ears to the cacophony of phony cocky strutters telling us to hate, to malign, to hurt, to destroy. We connect to each others sense of truth, and hope our gathering visions will create a better, stronger earth. We feel protective of our home, so sometimes we stop and pick up garbage. Not screaming “Oh, our hateful brethren.” We, too, have littered, polluted, garbaged, and we are grateful to clean up our own messes brought to us back through the circles of times. Our higher power has given us a chance to undo, to pick up to clean up. We have fun and joy in doing our work.

Our daily journeys to the office are great adventures. How may we serve today? We are really serving ourselves. We stop worrying about how this will benefit each other, or ourselves, or the other person, and instead do what is right, best we can each moment.

The journey we discuss happens every day, every second, every minute, every year. It is the moments of our lifetime and we refuse to let them go. We tired of drudgery trudging to some horrid place we go, and realize that the universe is created anew in its own image and each moment in time and we go gladly, oh so gladly, to recreate best we can. Recreation is our goal, and we are God’s children. We drive the car but God points the way. God created us and the car and we are doing our great God’s bidding. We trust him to guide us, to lead us, to show us the way. We go with gladness in our hearts, and the joy of beauty in our song. We are here to spread the gospel, the gospel of good hope and cheer. We are here to free ourselves, to liberate ourselves, and in so doing free our children and our brethren still caught in the shackles of the dark illusions of time.

God Be With You we think, but God Be With Us All, is what we say. Somehow we’ll end up exactly where we are supposed to be: Right Here, Right Now. Forever and ever, Amen!