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Monday, 16 May, 2011  (posted 24 May, 2011)  

Our truth is everything that we believe is true about us and without truth we could not exist. We must embody the truth that we deserve to live, be happy, and have peace, in order to have them. But while we may think our truth is true, our real test comes when we must turn these thoughts into knowing and action. If not, our truth becomes a possibility, depending on whether it can be validated. And within that realm of possibility our truth becomes optional, something that we may or may not believe, depending on the circumstances. Did someone steal our truth? Not really, we lack the one thing that helps us stay focused on our truth.

Without faith truth becomes an option, a possibility and a potential. But it's a little more complicated than that, depending on where our truth is based. Each of us is a blend of spiritual and material truth. Our spiritual truth speaks of our highest potential, greatest possibility, maximum joy, love and peace. But do we have those things? Often we don't and it's not because the truth of them doesn't exist, it is because we are grounded in material truth, where we think it is optional and can happen if we are lucky, with the right person, in the right place at the right time and are blessed. No one steals our truth; we just don't have enough faith to keep it true.

We keep our truth true by believing that it is. And everything that happens which causes us to question it is a test of our willingness to hold our truth. The material world doesn't say 'Your truth isn't true', it says 'Do you want this to be true or not?' and then provides us with the option to agree or disagree. No one steals our truth, we give it away through our powerlessness, doubt and insecurity. We want to be different but we also want to be part of the group. And if being part of the group means giving up our truth, we are sometimes willing to do that. If holding our truth means we risk being rejected, we have to choose whether being true (which is different from being 'right') is worth it.

No one steals our truth, we give it away based on what we want from others. If we want to be loved and we think an aspect of our truth stands in the way of that, we will give up that truth. When an experience tells us if you go after what you want something bad will happen to you, as was my childhood experience, we will block any expression of our truth that allows us to be powerful. And if someone rejects us because of our truth we will deny ourselves rather than asking whether they are being truthful with us. Our truth is the foundation of our , our being, dreams and miracles. As long as we hold our truth tightly, we will live powerfully and use our truth as a reminder of our divinity and the unfolding reality of love, joy, peace and abundance that is our divine birthright can then manifest for us.

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