Posted on 28 April 2011

with a message from

I am Jesus of Nazareth. It is with great honor that I come to speak with my beloved .

There are many wonderful and exciting things happening on earth today. Many people are beginning to feel the of Mother and Father God. More and more people are beginning to reawaken to their Soul. This will be a great time for human beings as many will be able expand their . This has always been the will of Mother and Father God for you. Their will has always been for you to have and . The time will come when all will have faith and .

The days and months ahead are an important for all human beings. There will be great advancements in this spiritual reawakening and this is why it is such a wonderful and exciting time. So many human beings are beginning to feel the urgings of their Soul and to read the signs their Soul is sending to them. More and more people are finding the connection to Mother and Father god through their . They are beginning to recognize the great creative power that they have within them.

This reawakening will continue to grow amongst many as the teachers on earth continue to deliver the message of Spirit. All of the creations you have had in the past will seem miniscule compared to what you will start creating now and into your future. You are truly moving towards what you refer to as on earth. Human beings for such a long time have looked outside of themselves for the answers to their questions. Now many human beings have come to the reality that the answers to all of the questions are within you. This is where they have always been. All that you wish for, all that you desire, all of the knowledge that you need is right there within you. It is within your heart. Many of you no longer feel the need to search outside of yourselves for the answers for you have come to the realization that everything is within you. The greatest realization that has come about is the realization of who you truly are. Many, many people are coming to the knowing of who they are, that they are love. This is who you are and what you are. Through this realization you will be able to create your true wishes and desires.

Your true wishes and desires will be the same as the wishes and desires of Mother and Father God for you are one and you have always been one. You are creators and you are experiencing the creations you have created. This is and always has been the truth. You are creating yourselves. You are growing as the love you are. As you continue to grow as the love you are greater reawakenings will come forth. When I speak of reawakenings I am speaking of remembering. Each and every one of you has much more knowledge than you could ever imagine and you have much more creative power than you can imagine. This will be shown to as you move forward on your spiritual journey.

In the days and months ahead the teachers who are on earth today will become more prominent. This is because of the Soul urging you to remember who you truly are and to grow as the love that you are. These teachers will move into the forefront and there will be great changes in consciousness. More and more people will bring into their consciousness who they truly are and they will bring into their consciousness Mother and Father God. Mother and Father God have always wished for you to know them as they know you. They have always wished for you to be happy. Their wishes and desires are coming into manifestation on earth.

Today, right now it is my wish for you to know Mother and Father God as they know you and I wish for you all of the happiness that Mother and Father God are. If you wish to be happy you can be happy and you can create those experiences of happiness for you. There will be many changes coming about very soon and these changes will be moving you forward for again what you refer to as . Look forward to these changes for change is always good.

It has brought me great joy and happiness to deliver this message to my beloved. I love you all so very, very much. I am Jesus of Nazareth.