if you place your earthly eyes

upon these words

you are of a grand lineage

whose “soul” purpose

is to awaken the one mind

of Christ…


you will recognize these words

and you will know

your purpose…


I would ask of you at this

in time

to monitor your thoughts…

in these upcoming days

you will see with earthly eyes

that which could bring fear

to the sleeping…




I would ask of you now

to see all with the singular eye…

that eye sees only love


it does not deny

the presence of

yet it embraces it

for it knows

that all is itself

playing out a of



that very dream

is a process

that will bring the presence

of heaven

to earth


the highest self

embodied in human form…


this is a grand time…

I thank you for your

trust and your willingness

that has lead you to

this moment

that you read these words…


embrace all

bring love to it

that very love

that you now carry

which has the power to transform

all unlike it


do this in remembrance

of me


with that

I bid you adieu



your brother and your friend


i am being asked to send this message out today for

all who know they are here to bring light to darkness…

love to unreality…

we are being asked to extend the sacred

that is within us now by embracing all that we see…

being the "peace" in the center of the chaos…to remember

that only love is real and these illusions are being transformed

thru our very ….yes…they are not real

yet they must be transformed…

please feel free to pass this along wherever your

heart leads you….remember that only love is real

and that power is within us now and asking us

to choose for it…to be it…to be that which we are…

and we are I AM that I AM….



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