7 June 2011  

Karen Doonan

We come to guide and reassure you that everything is changing across the planet, YOU are changing, your human bodies are now holding more light than ever before. It is important that you now start living from your hearts and not allow the head to control what your heart does. We appreciate and acknowledge that this new way of BEing is strange to you, but the more you practice doing this the easier you will find it to live this way.

All around you the “old&; falls away, you see before you everyday the struggle to keep you hooked in. For those who have chosen to awaken at this time it is now more obvious than ever that you live in two different worlds. For those who are still asleep this is a time of major chaos for them. We appreciate that some of you will be newly woken and others will have woken some time ago. Many of you work in the profession of healing and it is to you we voice this message.

It is vital that you start to live from the heart and have love and compassion for ALL around you. Those asleep are sleepwalking through their lives, they are living a nightmare, for they see or feel the way you do, the illusion hooks them in with promises of freedom but in reality further chains them to fear. It is important that the wayshowers, those of you who are walking the planet fully awake begin to support and awaken those around you. Your very vibration will affect those asleep around you, you may find yourself having conversations with friends, neighbours and family that shock you as they further try to stop you in what you do or ridicule your skills.

Please see this as them attempting to stop the pain that they find themselves in. They sense at a very deep level the difference and this produces more and more fear, the more fearful they become the more judgemental they become. It is up to the across the planet to start living their truth. By this we do not mean talking the truth whilst living attached to the “old” way of being. This will be shown for the deceit that it truly is. In the new world of love and compassion there is NO hierarchy, how can there be for we are as ONE. There is no “above” and “below” when it comes to your brothers and sisters across the planet.

There is much information that is being sent out across the planet which is false and is leading to competition and judgement . We guide most strongly that these two things CANNOT exist in a world of love and compassion. Many of reading this will look at the state of the economy and the wars still being raged across the globe and question our use of love and compassion. Those still engaged in war and deceit only deceive themselves. WE ARE ONE. The neighbour you declare war on because they do understand your way of life IS IN REALITY YOU.

The energies across the planet become fragmented when those who walk in service to the light and love that is the new age lower their vibrations to engage in competition. Many channels across the planet will begin to echo this message. This is done deliberately so that all awake can hear the message again and again. Competition and judgement CANNOT live in the new world. The vibration is lower than the one you strive from, it will cause your vibration to wobble and you will feel “out of sorts”. The keep your vibration on an even level you must practice love and compassion in all that you do, with all interactions with others and especially with yourself.

The “Old” age, the age of money and possessions now starts to break up. This will cause an outcry and those who are asleep or who have fallen into the trap of judgement and competition start holding on. YOU DO NOT NEED possessions , the latest tv, the latest mobile phone to live together in peace and harmony. This is the illusion further trying to separate you from your brothers and sisters. To control you, they put in the illusion that there is no money, that you may starve, that you may lose your job and your homes. NOTHING IS FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH.

The is full of seeds of fear, they are planted before, during and after birth and are cultivated by the illusion. By the time you have reached adulthood most humans are a mass of fear that is grown within them. The mind furthers this fear by coming up with various scenarios that encourage the growth of this fear. We guide strongly for you to clear out your to stem this growth of fear. Plant the seeds of love that are much stronger and grow much more quickly that the seeds of fear. Once planted these seeds begin to take over the seeds of fear and change them.

You can be all that you want to be, it is not dependant on whether you drive out your neighbour or classmate so that you gain all and he gains nothing. That is not the way to love and compassion. In the field of healing we see lots of competition and ego coming to the forefront and we guide strongly that this has to be stopped. To be a healer or a takes dedication and love and compassion, many have now forgotten the love and compassion and now find themselves in competition with others in the same field. STOP and ask yourself where these seeds came from. Why would you be in competition with other lightworkers? What would be the point?

The illusion has snuck in the back door and has started growing the seeds of fear in places within you that you do not look at. The last few weeks have seen the energies across the planet bring the shadow of humans to the fore. Many will have ignored these shadow parts and chosen to hide them once again, the purpose of these energies was to illuminate to you all where the seeds germinate. Once you are aware of this you can take steps to eradicate the seeds of fear. If you do not look at your shadow side then you are open to the illusion sweeping the rug from your feet.

The illusion across the planet now steadily weakens but for many it appears stronger, such is the way of illusion, the smoke and mirrors try to say one thing but those who live from their hearts will FEEL the difference and KNOW that the truth is different. That is the difference, knowing and FEELING. That is what you move into, not whether something makes logical sense for many a time there will be no logic, love has no logic dear ones. So it is vital that you begin to trust how things make you FEEL and not your eyes. Your eyes can be made to see lots of things that are not true.

When it comes to nourishment and be very careful dear ones. The illusion seeks to control you through your intake, through the added chemicals and the promotion of addictive substances. This makes it difficult for you to maintain or even achieve a higher vibration, this leaves you half awake and feeling that you perhaps are going mad. Watch carefully what you pour into your bodies. Clear , pure water will clear out the toxins in your bodies, watch as you change before your very eyes if you listen to your body and feed it nutritious healthy foods.

The illusion has jailed many across the planet in jails that are self constructed. Our guidance to you as wayshowers and lightworkers is to be alert to this and have love and compassion for those who struggle at this time. The awaken will begin as the illusion breaks down. For some of you this will fill you with fear as the term lighworker seems to have elevated some of you ABOVE your neighbours, friends and family. This should not be so. You strive to awaken the whole of humanity, not just some so that you can feed ego. This ascension process is for ALL humans not just the chosen few. We guide most strongly to be alert to teachings that say otherwise.

Focus and trust from the heart dear ones. Always process ANY information through the heart. Even information that is from other planets, if you FEEL that any of the words do not sit then do not absorb it. The illusion is also using “other” contact to try to coax you away from the truth. QUESTION everything beloveds. You are not here to blindly follow as in the “old” world, the new world is about YOU. EACH one of you to shine to be the BEings that you truly are. ALL are EQUAL in the new world, let no one tell you any different.

We are the high council of Orion and we have chosen this channel to bring forth this information to help the human race at this time. We have also chosen numerous other channels to bring through similar messages to the human race. We do this to show the new way of BEing, of collectively working together. To do anything else would be to create further hierarchy amongst the human race. HEAR and FEEL our message to you at this time. We love you, we have always loved you and we are as ONE. We are your brothers and sisters from Orion. Treat each other with the love and compassion that all of you deserve and you will gain the freedom that is your birthright