18 June 2011  

Channeler:  Shariq

Dear All,

As we now, at this time of Ascension, post the of June 15th, find our accelerated pathways clearly defined to remember who we really are, I offer to you channelings and activations that came through at a circle I held on 6-14-11 for the eclipse.

Archangel Michael came forward to explain the momentous changes that are occuring on Earth NOW, as of this eclipse, and how important it is to choose to stay aligned with the spiraling path into Unity Consciousness, towards merging with the Monad. (19 minutes).
A transcript of the channeling is provided below, and an audio download is available on my website.

Thoth then came forward with a very high-powered activation to accelerate connections with the Higher Self via a balancing of masculine and feminine in the , and he creates an alchemical topology that creates a new connection between these frameworks for you. (19 minutes)

An audio recording of this activation is also available as an audio download on my website: .

May these times of change find us focused on joy, peace and beauty.

In love, light and happiness,


Archangel Michael – “The Spiral Path”
Channeled by Shariq Mahbub on 6-14-11

Greetings, beloved Children of Light.

It is I, Michael.

I greet you in the light of abundance, in the light of the fecundity of these times, of rebirthing, in the light of change, in the light of becoming one with many aspects of yourself, finding always that not only are you vast, grand, and glorious, but you are connected, connected to all that is and has been, coming into a Unity Consciousness, not only of your own individual understanding of your Monad, but also of that which has been your relationship with others, coming into a discernment, an understanding, of what is in alignment with you, and what is now about to be let go.

As you can understand, that at this time, on your planet, at this time of your second eclipse in a triad, a lunar eclipse that is very much focused on the , allowing for an intense aspect of electromagnetic radiation from the center of the Milky Way Galaxy to come in to reabsorb you into an understanding of the united aspects of your beingness.

As you can understand this, you will be able to consciously let go of that which is the old set of patterns that are no longer working.

As you can align with this much is about to be made available to you.

For this time, of this eclipse, sets in motion a set of parallel frequencies of alignment that will allow, if I could make it as simple as I can, for different realities to begin to be manifested on your physical Earth plane.

One set of realities will be focused on an upward spiral whereby there is a flow into higher levels of consciousness, and direction from your Monad into the alignments of infinite possibilities of creation, as the sense of fear around manifestation continues to be stripped away, and the next steps flow effortlessly, in the stream of the Ascension, and of this Shift of all shifts.

The other stream, is one which can stay a little horizontal at times, gradually moving up, and can move into more of a spiral, but sometimes can rotate, so to speak, in opposite directions, almost nullifying some of the movement, for there is much confusion at times in the mass consciousness about what the illusion is and what reality is.

And so, to get back to my point, this eclipse is creating a divergence whereby where you focus your attention is where your reality will be.

The physical experience will be the same in terms of you will be able to see others on the other track, but there will be a sense of objectivity, of being able to be the observer, as you notice which track you are on, the spiraling one of course, where there is an observer possibility.

The other one, and I mean this with no judgment, for all is choosing their own design, at this time, there will be some confusion, for they will be partaking of some of the changes that are coming on the Earth to help redirect the planetary grids and magnetic fields from what has been a dense grid of entrapment, so to speak, in certain ways of being.

To allow them to break free from these, there will be motions and movements, and collapses of existing structures that can no longer survive in the higher frequencies of light that are coming in from the Galactic Center starting from tomorrow in your timeline.

And so, I bring this message to urge you, as you step into the timelines post this eclipse, to go deep within your heart spaces, and to find in your own discernment, and in your own understanding of self, a deep alignment with your own Monad, and your own inner voice, to what your next step is, and to consciously let go of those patterns, those people in your life, and this could include family, that have held you back.

Consciously let go. Set the . Let go of attachments, of emails, of letters, of photographs, of that which has held you back, and choose which way are you going.

It is not that they are good or bad, for everyone is part of Creation. Every single one of you is a child of God.

It is simply that they are still mired in the illusion, and so they are on this track that is oscillating.

Eventually this track will move closer to the spiraling track I am speaking of, but it will take some time.

And the process of staying aligned with the spiraling track will give you the ability to observe, as opposed to being in the trenches.

And being in the trenches, those who are in the trenches, will need your help.

As you help them you will find, as I was saying in my original point, when I came in, the Monad, the Unity Consciousness, extends not only to your own being, but to all who are around you.

As your heart opens, as you can spread this love of not only for yourself, but it begins with the self-love, to others, so it is that your own experience will grow and your own community will grow.

Indeed, this will happen.

But as you can set the example, those who are in anger, fear, frustration, will continue to not be part of your reality.

And as they recede from your reality, the fields of lower vibration that they connect with you, and vibrate you into via resonance, your own fears and insecurities, those fields will be less in your proximity, allowing you to reclaim aspects of your Self by being in the higher vibration, where there is health.

And in that health, noticing the fear, the illusion, and consciously letting it go.

And let me just comment for a minute on what I mean when I say let it go.

For, there might be a sense of how do I let it go; it is still always here.

Well, at this time, of this eclipse, not only has there been an acceleration already of the electromagnetic waves of , but it will move into a new octave now, whereby simply by intention the manifestation, the will start moving very quickly.

So that if you can focus away from that which is the fear or the illusion or the pattern, that is still showing up, and focus on joy, on something that makes you happy.

It could be a musical, a concert, a walk in the park, whatever it is that floats your boat, as they say.

If you can focus on this, the pattern, if you can set your intention “I am going to let this go” will simply flow out of you, down your grounding cord.

The waves of clearing are so effective, they are going to do the work for you.

That is the of this ascension, if you can choose it, if you can stay aligned with it, and not get caught up by the aspects of fear that are being very strongly generated by your media now to keep people in fear.

And so, if you focus on the distractions, it will keep you mired in that which is stopping you from doing the work.

And this is indeed my message for you and those who will listen to this.

It is time now, dearest ones, to claim the Children of Light that you are, to claim your Monad, to claim and open the heart space into the deep alignment with beauty.

And in this will come a flowering of the Self, a set of smells of light, and of the colors of the iridescence of all the rainbows that have been, and the radiance of light that will allow you to be the beacon for yourself and for others.

For all the wisdom that you seek, all the abundance that you seek, all the light that you seek, all the aid that you seek, is within you. It is not in an external form.

As you can claim this inside, it will come to you most effectively.

For with the Law of Attraction, as you beam out and radiate your own sense of self-worth, it will come in most effective ways.

And so it is, I also note, for I understand the frustration about manifestation; a lot has been delayed or has not connected.

It is because there are so many pathways being generated by different beings, so to speak. They are all moving in different spirals, or not, and choosing to connect, or not, and this has been oscillating.

At this time of this reboot, on this eclipse, it becomes simpler, going back to what I was saying: the two strands.

It becomes a set of groupings into where each grouping is heading.

And so within each grouping there will be a greater chance of connecting and manifesting, and finding community and that abundance.

And so, that is the gift of this eclipse, in addition to the acceleration of the Shift, it will allow you to manifest.

But even if you are on that spiraling track, if you focus on trying to connect with someone and create an opportunity with someone who is not on the same track, it will be still difficult.
But the gift is this that those who are aligned will continue to be at a bandwidth of frequencies whereby the separation of these two lines will allow for a greater connection, even if their paths are a little off. They will be within this bandwidth of spiraling up that will allow them to connect.

And so, at this time, perhaps by the 3rd eclipse, by July the 1st, there will be a greater sense of optimism for those who are spiraling up.

There will be a greater sense of ease and peace, as the pieces of the next steps begin to not only be seen, but the miracles start appearing, as the flowers within the heart, of those which are your own Spring-time come into full fruition as the Summer proceeds, and the fruits get ripened within your boughs, as you find that all that has been is now golden, golden and aligned with the light of Source that is flowing.

And your Monad, the Monad aspects of that which are becoming one with you will speak to you in dulcet tones and sounds and sweet whispers in your thoughts, and in your dreams, for the dreams will become more vivid, there will be clear directions for you.

This is the gift. This is the time that you have been waiting for. This is the time that is coming now. This is the time of being one with your Monad, of being one with your community, and spreading the love with the smells of these new ascensional portals of time.

The music is being sounded. The spheres of the heavens are ringing the bells of change, and of joy, and of applause, for there can be no doubt.

The work has been done. It is all moving. It cannot but be. The Shift is happening.

Those who choose not to accept it will experience some difficulties.

Yet it is that all will find the pathway, for it must be.

It has already happened within simultaneous time, and it is simply connecting.

And as the timelines of 2011 come towards a fruition of November the 11th, 2011, much will have changed in your world, for those who have the eyes to see.

And it will be like there is a new dawning, a new dawning on a new environment.

And this new environment will indeed be quite beautiful, quite placid, and quite full of the many aspirations and acclimations of a new Creation, of a new type of strathosphere, and geosphere in the new domes of light that will be anchoring down in portals, through the 5th dimension in certain parts of your world.

And so it is I will leave you with these words to ponder and to be in a state of joy knowing that much is happening, and much is clearing, much is moving you into your Unity Consciousness, into your Monad, into your communities.

Stay aligned with your beauty, with your light, with your potentials, with your optimism.
And use this time of the eclipse, tomorrow, to let go consciously, in a meditation, if you will, even if it is for a few minutes, of the patterns which you are aware of, that which comes up again and again and again in your life, to say “I choose not to experience this anymore. Guide me Spirit on letting me go of this. I am ready now.”

And you will find many miracles are coming your way.

And so it is, an activation follows from a friend of ours in a few seconds in your timeline.

In the meantime, feel my love for you. I am always by your side, ever-present.

My sword of Excalibur is available to help you fight the fight and stay strong in your endeavors, and not be distracted, as the light of Source emblazons your world, and brings all back to the light of Yahweh, to the original codings of that which was created, clearing away at this time now, all of those mutations, all of those aspects of Creation, which were allowed to play in the Free Will but now must submit to the light.

Indeed, and so it is.

With the words of Yahweh:


I say to all of you : let this be the time of regeneration, of light, and of beauty.

And so it is.

Many blessings, my dearest ones.

I am Michael.

[Note the activation mentioned by Archangel Michael, from Thoth, to enhance balanced heart connections to the Monad is available as an audio download on my website www.goldsunhealing.com]

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