12 June 2011    

Rachel Goodwin

Right now on the planet, many people are having the experience of being Sarah. I'm contacted each week by people having this experience. Now I am not saying what is possible or is not possible, I think all things are possible, but I'd like to give a perspective on what this might mean from some channellings I brought through this week.
Sarah talks about her role in the Age of Aquarius in helping us find our very own wonderful and perfect divine essence inside of ourselves, but also how she is powerfully coming into physicality through at the present time.
My own experience with Sarah when our energies first started to align with each other, was that it was a gradual process (a little like a reiki iniation moving through the body one chakra at a time) which took weeks and months. At this time I also experienced memories and emotions that felt as if they belonged to Sarah, and I found this a very difficult time. However I sought help and support from my spiritual community, and came to accept that Sarah's was overlighting me (and that I wasn't going mad, which I was really worried about, having been a psychiatric nurse for 7 years, and hearing plenty of patients tell me they were Jesus!)

Since then, I have worked to accept that often in my spiritual I work co-creatively with Sarah, with both of us being involved in the process. I don't feel overshadowed by her, but have kept a sense of my own self and feel we work very much in partnership.
Many of you who read this will have been touched by Sarah in some way, from being drawn to her, to feeling that you are her. All of us our connecting in our own way, in a way that's perfect for our own soul's journey. We all receive what's perfect for us, and what on a soul level we have agreed to work with.
I believe that more and more people will be having Sarah experiences as time goes on. She is anchoring a new level of vibration of the Christlight in our time, and it needs to be brought into the physical realms.
Which is where we come in! Many of us are being called to anchor in this light and Sarah is often making very personal connections with us in this work.
I really look forward to hearing your Sarah stories, (which you can email to me) and of course you can post your Sarah experiences on the Master Sarah FaceBook page. This month Jan from the US has posted the most incredible Mary & Sarah photo which appeared on a photo taken in a cave in , you can see it at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ascended-Master-Sarah/110836575599947 (if you click on the photo you can see it enlarged)
And sometimes, some of us can have a little trouble integrating Sarah's energy into our life, so if you would like some help I offer one to one sessions by telephone and skype. You can see more details at http://www.sarayei.com/readings.html

8th June 2011 Channelling
'Sarah in the physical'
This is a way for me to be here. For me to manifest myself in the world through humanity.
Giving a little piece of myself to each of you, yet remaining whole and undepleted. (I am as a flame setting each of you alight, whilst my own flame remains undiminished.)
My light can awaken in you your own 'new earth' keys and codes. You do not need to receive anything new, all is already within you. It is more that the gateways and barriers need to be removed/ gently dissolved – I can help you do this. Then can your keys and codes for the New Earth come forward for you, for you to come into yourself. All is within. Nothing is without.
My love, my light, spreading throughout the whole world now. As my veil is removed (gently dissolved), so shall yours be. We are One, We are One, We are One, Blessed Be, Sarah.

I have come here to work though many of you. This is true. It is also true that many of you are starting to awaken to my love/ my light & that this is a great to you. But I tell you that your greatest will be when you feel your very own love, your very own light and become consciously aware of the divine light that you are.
This will be the greatest joy of all. I am a conduit/ coming into the physical through my energetic / coming into through the many – not as myself, not coming into as Sarah, manifested here in a human body, but coming into through all of you.
It is my energy of oneness, the Christlight in Unity Consciousness, that lives through you – not Sarah the person, Sarah the woman.
It is not my ego that expresses through you, but the most inner part of myself that I was able to realise on earth, through and because of the sacred marriage the Christ and the Magdalene; it is the Christlight in unity, whole perfect & complete that manifests through you, and so 'I am' in the physical. Sometimes it may feel as if you are me, and I am you, & so it is! We are all one!
But you too are a perfect piece of the Divine's plan, manifesting your own perfect piece of the divine's plan/ with all of your soul's beautiful light, all of your soul's experiences brought into this plan. Each of you is perfect exactly as you are.
In the perfect place, with the perfect heart's desires.
Each of you is perfect exactly as you are, and do not need to be anyone other than yourself!
I will lend you my soul's light if you wish, to catalyse that expression of the perfection of the essence that you are, but strive always to come back home to yourSelf, to the perfection that you are.
Blessings are upon us, each and every day of our lives, blessings, blessings, blessings. Sarah.

I am manifesting through the many, through the collective, in co-creation with yourSelves.
Humanity's task now is to rise up collectively as a group.
Unity consciousness calls many of you to come into being in oneness with each other, yet through being the individuated, beautiful, divine sparks & personalities here on Earth, that each of you are.
This is the challenge for the Age of Aquarius – each of you being the incredible, divine, individuated sparks that you are.
Divinity has a (ever constantly changing) divine plan .
No-one else can fulfill our very own perfect piece.
Only you can be your own perfect piece of Divinity! (God's perfect plan is built upon a rock)
All is well, all is well, all is well, Blessed Be, Amen. Sarah.