Athena through Karen Cottle

You Are The Real Heroes


I am Athena, Goddess of , and and I greet you in and pleasure.

I come forward today to talk about dissension in the ranks.

The negative side uses dissension amongst all of you to create division. Through division they help you focus on minor problems rather than see the larger picture. They divide you and through this division cause you to fight amongst each other, thereby conquering you without lifting a finger. They’ve been using this strategy for millennia. None of you can see this and so you fight on, each one believing they have the right way and everyone else is wrong.

This is not the way to win a war. Everyone has their own truths. None of them are wrong, as there are many flavours of the truth. Accept the differences and through your differences you will realise that you are on the same side. Squabbling and one-upmanship serves no-one, except the dark side.

This pattern keeps repeating itself over and over again. The dark side have no need to fight, all they do is sew seeds of discontent between you and your neighbour. They are masters at this, and you being as gullible as you are, snap at the bait and swim off in the wrong direction.

It is time for you all to stand tall in your light, close ranks and fight for what you truly believe in. Stop looking outside and focus within to find your light. It is shining brighter and brighter with each passing day. Use this light to protect you and those around you. Find your centre which is opening and swirling with love. Once again I reiterate, use this light and love and create the world you wish to see.

I have incarnated into this life to help those of you on your journey, as have many other Gods and Goddesses. It is not an easy road, but do not allow yourselves to be detoured by trivialities. We are with you all the way. Call upon the legions of angels and beings of light swarming the planet. They cannot help you unless you request it. Remain heart centred when you ask for help. Each one of you has a powerful higher self that is connecting with you. Focus on this connection and you will find your way.

We, Ascended Masters, might have ascended, but you are the true heroes who are mastering in the midst of chaos.

We see the energies you create daily moving out across the planet touching those in need. Your craftsmanship is of the highest quality and its beauty takes our breath away.

Stand tall in your light and show the way.

And so it is

May you be held in the hand of Mother/Father God, until we meet again.

I am Athena