03 June 2011


is an easy word to say but it is one of the hardest things to practice. During many of my meditations when I am conversing with Jesus, the Holy Spirit, , and Father God, they have told me to have in myself and in them. My in them has been unwavering. The part I had the problem with was the in myself. Brenda and I have had many difficult situations in our lives just as I know many of you have had. We know and understand now that it was our in them and through their guidance and help that we survived these situations. We didn't realize the that we were receiving because we had no in ourselves.

Why is it important to have faith in ourselves? The answer to that question is in knowing who you truly are. In knowing that you are love, you will understand what I am about to tell you. By being the love that you are, you have the power to change any situation. Love commands the Universe and by being the love that you are, you command your Universe. This is where having faith in yourself plays such an important role. The power of love, when it is used only with the right intent, can manifest many of your needs and desires in your life. What is the right intent? The right intent is for the of yourself and the of all. Having faith and in yourself can and will manifest changes in your life.

Confidence in yourself and confidence in your faith in Mother and Father God will come as you begin to realize the many blessings and miracles you are receiving every day. These blessings and miracles come in many forms. Knowledge and understanding are the two greatest blessings and miracles we can receive. When you learn this Truth, material things become much less important in your life. You learn the importance of simplicity and moderation in your life.

The key that opens the to this reality is simply to be the love that you are. In knowing this, rightness of thought and rightness of action will come naturally to you. This is what is meant by righteousness. Righteousness opens the to receiving. Confidence in your faith in Mother and Father God and confidence in your faith in yourself opens the to manifesting the changes in your life that you desire. This is why it is Mother and Father God's will that we have faith and . Faith in them, faith in ourselves, and of their reality.

This is why it is so important that you keep your childlike qualities throughout your life here on Earth. One of those childlike qualities is believing in yourself (confidence in the faith in yourself). How many of you know the story of "The Little Engine Who Could?" This children's story teaches us that if we believe we can do something, we can do it. I believe it also teaches us that with kindness in our heart, compassion for others, and the right intent, we can achieve great things. These great achievements are accomplished through the power of Love and the confidence of Faith in yourself. Mother and Father God will supply us with everything that we need when we have right intent.

You should practice faith every day. Faith in Mother God, faith in Father God, faith in the Holy Spirit, and faith in yourself. When you practice faith and consciousness every day, your confidence will increase tremendously. You will know that you are receiving many blessings. Peace, joy, and happiness will be in your life. This will also have a tremendous effect on people who are around you. They will feel your love, your , and your confidence in your faith.