May 31, 2011



Dear Future Centenarian,

A hot new anti-aging product called Stem 100TM has recently been introduced. I have been testing it for about three months, and I'm impressed.

I tried it before it hit the market, because I'm familiar with the 27 years of genomic research behind it. That research showed aging is linked to altered expression in more than a hundred genes. The lab discovered this by combining artificial intelligence algorithms with animal longevity assays to screen for wide-spectrum herbal extracts that extend lifespan. They succeeded in greatly extending animal lifespan using a novel class of nutrigenomic supplements that fine-tune genes involved in both aging and age-related disease.

After I was on the product for two months, I found out it increases both average and maximum life span in lab animals, even when started at middle age. As far as I know, it is the only supplement proven to double lifespan of an animal model. I have not seen any other supplement come close.

Effects vary among individuals. But the general expectation is, for most health measurements that are in the normal range for your age, Stem Cell 100 can promote readings you had when you were 20 years younger.

I have been fortunate. Most of my biomarkers are in healthy ranges, and I have been doing a lot for many years to get them and keep them there. Even so, since taking this product, my already good blood glucose level dropped by 11% since my previous reading, and my HDL level increased slightly, even though my total cholesterol dropped from 154 to 146. My LDL level dropped by over 11% as well. When total cholesterol drops, you would expect both HDL and LDL to drop accordingly. So my results are positive.

The main effects that have been observed in their clinical tests are: lower blood , somewhat lower LDL and higher HDL and reduced fasting blood glucose. Expect to see lower blood and blood glucose within one week of taking Stem Cell 100. Of course, if you already have low blood and low glucose, you may not see much change. The cholesterol changes will take longer. Check after two months. Another lab parameter you might see improve is lowered C-Reactive Protein (CRP), which is an indicator of .
They make no claims about telomerase activation, as they have not checked their treated patients for changes in telomere length. However, they do believe telomere loss will be reduced with the supplement use due to lower stress levels and to the reduction in both oxidative damage and
Besides the changes in lab tests, some have seen other anecdotal advantages such as more endurance during vigorous workouts, reduced anxiety levels, elevated mood, cleared sinuses and lost belly fat. Longer term, some have observed improvement in their gum health, less eye stigmatism, and smoother, more elastic skin. 
You can see what else Stem Cell 100 can do by visiting their website.

You may or may not feel any different within a month when taking any anti-aging supplement–even one that works. Statins and baby aspirin are two examples of drugs with apparent anti-aging characteristics that typically lack any feel-good aspects. Yet, both drugs have lowered all-cause mortality in large scale clinical trials. If you are already in excellent health, you may not observe any real difference with treatment unless you monitor the silent biometrics of lipids, blood pressure and glucose. These biometrics are the best known indicators of future lifespan and healthspan.

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Long Life,
David Kekich

P.S. Mark you calendar for 5 PM Pacific/9 PM EST, Saturday, June 11th. I will participate in a teleseminar with Dr. Joe Mercola, Dr. Aubrey de Grey and telomerase experts Dr. Bill Andrews and Greta Blackburn.