14 June 2011

Janet Trevisan

Devatas: “Yes we’re here, good evening. It is good to be with you again.

Worry is a thing of the past if you did but know it and it is a useless which wastes your so let it go. In the future you shall not have worries to consider for the level of worry is that of past conditioning and you will simply Be in the , which is perfect so look forward to that if you will.

It is not also that you are going to be hit by comets and it is not also that you need worry about those things either. For although they are on all your internets and will be eventually in your magazines and newspapers, it will not manifest.

There are beings upon your planet at this point in time who enjoy and persist so to say, in putting out negative information. Your has been geared as we have said many times before, to the fear scenario and it is a conditioning , remember that. It is a remember that, and do not subscribe to it.

It is not your reality and it is not your paradigm we may add. So we tell you to enjoy. And with these happy words, we say good evening to you.

Sometimes it is good that we speak to you a little of these happenings in that we hopefully put your minds at rest, for we understand, although on your conscious level, you feel it is all a waste of breath, on your subconscious and emotional levels, there may be a residue of fear left over from previous times.

So let it go and Be in the Now – Be in the Joy in Who and What You truly, truly Are.

And we Bless you for this for you have the capacity to do so. And this indeed is a relatively rare capacity in this day and age, but it shall become more and more the norm as you move through into your higher frequencies.

Your species now is working towards this development and it will not be so long before this happens. It will not be a switching from one moment to another but it will be an outcome which will take place for the many in time.

You have spoken many times about the light and the light frequencies have you not. And to dwell within the ‘Light Body’ is a possibility for humanity. Yet it has been clouded so to say.

It is the future possibility for mankind to be as such.

You are in , Light Beings as you well know, yet you have not let us say consciously activated this within yourselves to any large degree, but you will be doing so within the fairly, fairly near future.

This is the prerogative of the Spirit now to indwell and to help to Uplift the species.

Your species has traveled for many, many incarnational realms and now it is a progressive time; it is a time to move out of let us say, the ashes metaphorically speaking, into the Clear Light, and back into those frequencies of your True Nature.

You have read in your sacred books, in your bibles, all of the stories of those great beings so to say, who have been connected to their Light frequencies, to their Higher Nature. And indeed they were as the saying goes, the forerunners of your species and they brought forth the Truth of the Spiritual Reality and the Truth of your evolvement as your species.

Yet this has been brought as a doctrine and you have been in-doctrinated with falsehood and fallacies which have kept you again, in negative forms of control, as we spoke of earlier this evening.

It is that in your lifetimes now, the shackles shall fall away and you must in that sense be prepared for the En-Lightenment.

Now it is a misunderstand expression – En-Light-enment, for when you speak to many asking ‘what is enlightenment’ then they will all have their stories to tell, and their ideas.

Yet it is the Clarity of the Spirit ultimately.

And it is the Transcendance of all the negativity and of all forms of incarnations, no matter how subtle, no matter how strong.

It is the Clarity of the Expandedness of You as That Which Is.

And it is the Overview so to say of All That Is.

So this is something which not many people as yet, have actually accessed. And they have on your level of being-ness subscribed let us say, to a more psychic input of energy which may be exciting, colourful and indeed contains certain light frequencies. But these are deviations let us say, from that which is the True.

So it is important now that you Open to this reality, and as you do so then what is there that you should indeed fear.

What is there that is negativity? It is like it slides away, it is that you just Arise in the Freedom of Who and What you Truly Are and everything just vanishes. It vanishes back into a miasma of misunderstandings and is just disappearing.

You have within the lovely lie of your sensuality, seen yourselves as separate and you believe yourselves to be separate from your atmospherics, your world and all that that engenders.

We tell you – you are One, and when the weather is let us say, as clouded as it is in your perception at this moment, it will affect the air passage

Devatas: “We would ask you this evening if indeed you have questions for us”.

Question: “Can you tell us anything else in regards with what is happening with the consciousness of humanity at the moment?”

Devatas: “You are indeed in a state, let us put it this way, of Impression, let us place this word. For ‘Impression’ is that which you are being Impressed. You are being impressed by a higher vibrational frequency which is your higher self no doubt, not separate again, remember.

And so as a species as we said earlier this evening, you are starting to evolve. So that yes, there is a definite Awakening, a definite ‘Lifting Up’ so to say, towards your higher frequencies.

Question: “It feels more and more that nothing on this level has any relevance at all and it is becoming more apparent. Is this happening to many people?”

Devatas: “Of course, it is the Change. As you let go, so you become freer do you not. And in that Freedom, like perfume, you lift. And you leave behind everything, as we said earlier on, of a negative nature.

You are Spirit – and that you have always been and that you always will be. And you are starting to access that reality now.

Question: “What’s interesting, on a local level, there is this issue of whether divorce comes into the island or not. I think the real issue is whether it is the end of fundamentalism here or not by the church with tactics of scare-mongering and brainwashing. So do you think that this is going to be a real opportunity for the island to free itself from this fundamentalism?”

Devatas: “Your island is a bastion of Christianity is it not. And your church has had control for hundreds of years has it not, and it shall not wish to give up that control.

However let us state here and now that the time for Change is Impinging all over your part of the world. Things are now coming to a point where people will no longer stay held back, held down. They will stand up now for their rights and they wish for change to come.

You have seen this in the countries bordering your and now you see it in other countries also.

But soon you will see in that this degree for the wish for separation which indeed is another 3rd dimensional attitude, will be very powerful.

There is no separation in the Spirit because all is One; but on the level of the 3rd dimension then it is not right nor is it good that two people must live together in disharmony especially where the children are concerned. For this breeds very bad karma for both the parents and the children as they grow up.

It is a time now where people will start to recognize people power, let us put it that way, and they are not succumbing to an organization which is still archaic in principle.

More and more people on your island now are becoming emotionally freed of the conditioning that their parents were brought up in and their parents parents were brought up in.

And as there is now for instance, the communications that they see all around the world and that they recognize that all around the world, there can be a different way of living, then the masses will come to wish for this.

For it is important that your country, although it establishes the sanctity of marriage, this sanctity of the freedom of spirit is more important.

And when the Spirit is held down, by the trammels of unhappiness and longing for a freedom, in a situation which may be in some respects, even dangerous, then that becomes a very strong force to be broken.

And the church is in a very precarious position now.

On a more mundane level, it is also that you have entered into your new relationship with all the other countries within and those too have gone through this unshackling, let us say, of past concepts.

To marry in love is beautiful, to live in love is sacred; but to live in fear and suffering is not your birthright.

So yes, this will move slowly, but it will move.

It is part and parcel of everything changing as we said, for everything now will shift.

And we reiterate again, and as we said, do not fear. Live in the Light and go forward in the Now.

That is Who and that is What You Truly Are.

And it is That where you are Returning.

We Bless you.