21 2011

Channeler:  Kasia Basia della orba

the Ascended and Saints by Kasia Basia, 6 june 2011:


I AM everywhre

I AM here

I AM you

YOU are ME

I AM in all

I AM divine

And so ARE YOU


The Universal Source

Shining unending love

Pouring the brightest light



Nature being

Present at

Present at mind

Present in body

Pouring its nectar of love

Available to ALL who listen with their being

So beautiful beyond description

So perfectly balanced

Healing, loving, caring.



We are HERE with YOU

We the universal being that is YOU!

United light and love of the Source.

Feel YOU in the , wispering the mysteries of your origin. Reveal the puzzle by being, by being love, by being here, by being love. That is the biggest secret. The that is in you becomes your asset when used with care and creativity and the best of intention to all highest good. You are so limitless beyond imagination.

You ARE!

You are the creator of yourself! You create what you need to experience You! Just like the Creator created you to know, to feel, to be, to be amazed! And amazed he is by some of your choices but he/she does not judge for you are the outcome of your actions! There come reactions! Just be aware of yourself in each and every moment. We the masters of the universal Source greet you with the power of the now and leave you to contemplate on these words until you really believe yourself and be reasured of your greatness! You can acomplish anything in this earth life on this earth! We the masters ARE with YOU chearing and pouring our love and light to you, strengthning you and reasuring you that all is perfect, that all IS! Expand with the love that you give, with the love that you breathe, with the love that you receive! We bow iin front of you and admire your determination to always find the light in every situation.

We are: Sananda, Master Kithumi, lady Violet, Lady Rose, Pink Ray, mother , the saint Martin, saint Marcus, saint Christopher, Confuscius, Kwan Yin, El Morya, supported by the Creation.