Last night I picked up a box of incense to get one out. I enjoy the fragrance of Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa. Sai Baba was an Indian (Asian) Avatar who left his body about a mounth ago. I don’t know where he went, but I guess that is another story. It probably isn’t germain to the discussion, but what do I know?

Anyway, I was looking at the of the box and reading the warning. I chuckled internally at the Indian syntax (insist for this label). I looked at the center bottom of the box and it said “made in ”. What? I have special inscense from that insists on authenticity and it’s made in China? I turned the box over to check and make sure I had the right stuff. Yes, this was the same brand I was used to and it was from an Indian address. At least that was the manufacturers address. I turned the box over again and it said made in China! Then I wondered if the paper box was made in China or if the incense was made in china for an Indian manufacturer. How could it be cheaper to make anything like incense in China, than for the Indians to make it themselves? I turned to the front again just to make sure I had the right stuff, turned it to the again, and sure enough it said “made in India”. WTF?

Twice it said made in China as I studied the words! The third time it switched to India! I had an epiphany! I discovered a glitch in the Matrix. It was like in the movie (I trust you have all seen the “Matrix” and if not I advise renting it right away) when Neo realized his reality was all written in code and he could stop bullets just by thinking a different reality.

Now, you may say that was my mind playing tricks on me. And yes it was and that’s the point! We are living in an artificial reality that we did not create although we chose to interact in it. Part of the agreement was that we would forget what we were doing and why. The purpose of all this was to create a stimulus for all of us to progress in a certain way, and develop in a certain way, that couldn’t have happened if we were conscious of what was going on.

Now that development of the New Human has been achieved, matriculation (enrollment) is over and its time for graduation! The Universe is providing a Higher Frequency environment where the old codes don’t work and that is why the old Matrix is breaking down. Please acknowledge the glitches in your own experience and highlight(notice) them for what they are.

Its time to remember the shining being that you are, and after graduation, assume your role as the creator of your own Universe! Don’t accept a job in an upgrade of the old program. Be self employed!