My Journey with

All that I bring to you thru these messages with Jeshua
Were brought to me after I had experienced
An answer to a question…

I would ask of him a question
And then my very life would turn into
The very experience of the question
I had asked…

He often says to me…
You cannot KNOW the answer
Until you have experienced the answer…
As always…he would say…does this make
Sense to you???


You cannot know from the depths of your being
What anything is for until you experience
Loves answer…Until you are ~willing~ to live thru
The very question you have asked…

Then…you Know…then you can truly live it
Because it is now known..
In truth…we have always known at our Soul Level..
We are simply remembering…

Jeshua does not come to us to speak to our
Mind….or to speak to our emotions…
He comes to speak to our Soul…
In truth…he is speaking from that very place…
The truth of us…Our …that we share
As One..

The E-Book is a series of dharma&;s
That he brought to me a few years ago…

He told me that many have studied the Course
In Miracles….and The Way of Mastery…
These dharma’s are more refined and
Will move you into a deeper depth of remembrance
Of Loves Presence and allow you to
Receive the gifts from them much quicker as the
Energies now are much “lighter”….

What used to need to fill a book….(heavy books)
Can now be received by your True Self
Much easier…There are many who have done the deep inner work
That has allowed a quickening where anyone can now
Receive Loves truth in such a way that has more ease
Than those of us who went before…

Jeshua told me that one day I would become
That voice if I would but be willing to give up the world
I believed I knew to allow the Real World to be
Revealed to me….
That his voice and mine would become
one voice…
That time has come and now I am ready to
Bring these beautiful reminders of the Love
We are in a total state of co-creation with Him…

He reminds us that he is not above us…not some
Great master sitting on a throne that is unattainable
For us..
He is what we are…He brings us the Truth of who
We are…We are But Love…
His unending love is simply a mirror
Reflecting back to us the truth
Of who we truly are…and we are
Innocent….passionate…pure Love…

He says….”I am simply a field of spaciousness
That allows abba…all that is…to move thru me
And “teach only love”…which is simply to extend
The Love that the One within you desires
To have move thru you…

In truth… our Truest State…

We are simply a field of awareness
That is One with All that is..
And we move with That One..
We extend loves perfection
Into Time…or wherever and whatever dimension
We find ourselves to be in..


It has simply been our ideas of Who we really are
And what Love …pure love…truly is
that has been in need of “an adjustment”…

This E book…the Bridge to Home has within it
A series of 18 dharma’s and then a series of
18 thoughts to ponder related to each dharma…
It has been my experience that when Jeshua gives
Us a thought to ponder
That there is much to be remembered…to be known
If we will but dive deeply into the thought
He has asked us to reflect on…

We ask that you spend at least a couple of weeks to

30 days with each dharma…

Each one of them will become a living Matrix
For you…As you read them the universe
Is already busy creating “holy instances“
(which often do not appear to be “holy”)
Where you will be able to put what is being
Taught into practice…
The Purpose is so that Love can reveal itself
To you by slowly undoing the eyes you have
Been “seeing” thus ~perceiving ~
from and bring you
The truth of what alone is Real…
that being Love… ~ the singular eye~..

This process must be ~allowed ~…

Allowance will be the key that will “open the gates”
To the truth of love’s presence
That we could not perceive thru the blinders
We have placed over the truth of Reality…

Know this to be true as you wake up each day after reading
Your dharma…Read each one day and night..
The same one for at least a 14 day to 30 day
Period…You will get a feeling within
When you are ready to move into the next dharma…
I f you have a question…go within and ask
Your voice of Love for the answer….
It will be revealed to you….It may take some “time”
But it will be revealed…

This process will allow you to go deeper into
Your own relationship with the god within you
That has been patiently waiting for this very moment…

Also…Precious Hearts
Please be aware that there is much more going on
That can be known to you in this moment
Within and behind the words..
The frequencies of what you would call “home”
Are filling your soul …touching your soul once
Again with the “ignition” that will begin the
Very process of remembrance for you….

If allowed…it is quite a de-light…!!!

Know this…the only true way home is thru
The very practice of forgiveness…for all you see
Is an aspect of you…when ~You~ choose
To ~come home to love~
All of creation becomes your mirror
Reflecting back to you that which is in need
Of your forgiveness…for in truth…
You are forgiving yourself and that process
Alone will ~bring you to WHERE I AM…
( jeshuas words)


With oh so much love and gratitude
I bring these to the world….



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who are in need of these loving words
that he brings thru …please keep this in its
original form…

blessing to us all…denisa