June 2, 2011

I have not written an in a really long time, but this one just begged to be written as the energetic pattern for June is nothing like I have ever seen before! I am not much on astrology so can not speak to the potential for such an amazing shift in those terms. What I do notice however is an amazing shift in direction. The energy seems to be flowing in, gathering us up and setting us down somewhere else, dimensionally.

This is not just an energy of transition, but one of transmutation/transformation. We talked a lot about transmutation during the month of May on the NHEP calls and now I know why.

This energy is the kind that changes everything to the point that you don&;t even remember what things were like before. This is where change, structures change and what we made matter in May no longer matters by the end of June.

I hope you all are as excited about this as I am. I know that many will say that eclipses and new moons are a great time to set your , however I want to suggest that maybe the to simply be all that you are, to know yourself as all that you are or be the love that you are, knowing that none of us really have any idea of what that means. Stay general here, because quite frankly I do not believe that we can fathom what things will look like at the end of June especially when change is viewed as a wonderful opportunity for a new experience of self!

Funny even the statement “more of who you really are&; does not really fit this energetic pattern. Talk about an energy tsunami. This is it. This pattern is not a tsunami in the destructive sense but in its force and capacity to clear away old outworn patterns.

I get the sense that with your focused intention to simply allow this energy to be all that it can for you and through you, that you could wake up each day in the month of June new! It feels like becoming the butterfly over and over every morning with new colors and expressions of self showing up everyday.

Part of me would love to know what it might be like on the other end of this type of energy however I feel that anything that my current consciousness would offer would only be a limited version of the possibilities, plus the not knowing is part of the fun!

I have noticed the following more detailed energetic patterns as we enter this massive wave.

A greater “in the body” of our oneness. That which has been dished out will get to be known from the other side. It’s the “what goes around comes around energy”, but not in the sense of karma. There is no sense of punishment here. This energy comes from a place of love. Seeing with love for yourself and others what you have shared from a place of fear so it can be seen, understood and healed. It only needs to be noticed to be transmuted! Celebrate what you notice!
The capacity to LOVE that which has been unloved within you.
Both sides of every situation being seen, loved and neutralized.
Those hunches you have had about situations, events and such will be validated from the inside out.
Awareness from within will be the awareness of choice. You will be trusting you!
Expanded awareness even when that has not been your focus.
Dimensional blending so that you have access to your loving unseen support system as seen, known experiences. If you have not already had interactions with higher aspects of yourself, angelic and archangelic presence, get ready to meet and receive from them.
Shifts toward well-being even in the physical. Notice what you notice here.
Time warps, shifts, things get done with little effort. Let your intentions be carried through what is left of the concept of time. Notice the collapse of personal and collective time lines. Much will get cleared in very little time.
Expansion in ability to give and receive love.
Noticing that you simply don’t feel the same, don’t engage in the same way and generally just love life for no real reason other than something is bubbling up from the inside out.

June will clearly be a great month to notice what you notice. As you notice, please understand that you are adding to the possibility and potential to the collective mix. Give yourself the gift of loving yourself through the process. Be your own best support system. Be nice to you. Much of what you are not is not going to be around long enough to matter at this point so there is no sense telling a story about it, disliking it or wishing it could change. It IS changing.

When things feel tense in the energy, OPEN up. It will only feel big and uncomfortable if you are making yourself small in it or feel that it will be too much. Get as Big as it or bigger. Expand with the pattern versus shrinking in fear of it. LOVE the ride and you will LOVE the experience it brings.

I have a feeling we will be addressing this energy in the balance and integration segment of Pure Presence, Friday June 3rd on the Awakening Zone so drop in if you want to hear a little more about this energy and get ready to ride the wave!