How to Enter the Kingdom…

forgive yourself for the projections
you have placed on the innocent
face of the one in front of you…

thank them for the gift they bring you
that will give you the opportunity
to heal that which you have projected
by your embracement of it…

that and that alone
will lead you into the Self-Realization
that you are already in heaven…


Now it is time to remember
what it is to be in heaven..

it is to ~Be~ Heaven..

that is your journey of discovery now…
how to live
~within the heart~

to live within the Divine Mind
while still in a "body"
as you would perceive it to be
is to bring heaven to earth..

blessings and peace my precious …precious

I AM the Voice of Love

I AM that which you are…

the perfect that lives within you now
if you would simply
invite me to make myself known to you
ever more deeply and ever more deeply…


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remember to love your Self this day…