16 June 2011

By Ashrim

First & the Integration Protocol

Greetings Brothers and .


I received the following message from my source, Ship 102.

First contact is a multidimensional event operating beyond levels of human comprehension. The acts as 'guardian body' of this operation to ensure and uphold the Principle of Free Will for all individual Souls involved in the Harvest.

Initially there will be direct contact with certain groups and individuals by their Star Families. These Terran Eagles will act as wayshowers, teachers and mentors to their earthly Brothers and Sisters enabling open Federation interaction with society without causing 'shock and awe', or in any way provoking a negative reaction.

This is the objective of the Integration Protocol.

The experience that each individual now incarnate on Earth chose as their 'first contact scenario', if chosen, will manifest. This, as you may imagine contains an infinity of possibilitities. For one individual the experience may well have a 'ufo' theme, but for the other, for example, a 'miricle' may happen or a mystical journey may be taken in some form.

A large percentage of earths population choose to subscribe to the views of the and will only 'believe' that which is fed to them via the television screens as being 'real'; thus the media plays an important role during First Contact.

Firstly an awareness of the true of our planet and shall be triggered. This enables planetary entities to resonate at a frequency more 'in tune' with that of the planet.

As an earth incarnate you have spent much of your life within an ilussion of separation. This has had a karmic effect on the planet, earthquakes, huge natural 'disasters' are the physical reactions to this dissonance between the human soul collective and the Mother.

When the true relationship between earth history and extraterrestrial involvement is to be understood then 'first contact' will initially be a 'historical discovery' about the true past of our host world,

Other events, for example in , will also help prepare for open contact.

Through education it will be possible to avoid breaking the Law of Confusion and thus infringing upon an individuals right not to know.

We add at this point a reminder that for many individual and soul Groups that 'first contact' may not be from the skies but establshed between 4th density inner earth plane groups.


We hope to have answered this intruments questions.


Love & Light


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