Posted: 13 Jun 2011 02:58 AM PDT


I am Athena, Goddess of , and and I greet you in love and pleasure.

I come forward today to discuss friendships.

Each friendship that you create is assisting you on your journey. The friendship reflects that which you need to work on and also reflects how far you have come. The nature of your journey these days means that you are constantly moving on, finding new friendships and then moving again. It can be very disorientating and distressing, especially if you believe that you should be friends with a specific person forever, no what.

This is part of your growth, learning and understanding flexibility.

Wrapping yourself in the comfortable blanket of a friendship tends to lead to stagnation. We are not advocating that you simply get rid of your friends left right and . Some friendships grow with time. Use some discernment. If you feel your friendship is coming to an end and yet you persist in keeping this flagging ship alive – step back and ask yourself why. What type of relationship do you have? One of dependency?

tends to keep you in your seat of complacency. Making new friends assists you in ‘seeing’ the bigger picture and teaches you new understandings. Moving from job to job, town to town, or country to country has the same effect. Beware of chasing the ‘grass is always greener’, this is the time to use your inbuilt gut feeling and ask yourself why you need to constantly move on. Is it healthy or are you simply running?

Remember that all of this is yours – no-one else’s but yours. The situations you find yourself in are simply bringing an issue to your attention. Inner work will help you find your feet. Find your centre and work from there. Everything outside you is a reflection of your inner world.

The ‘demons’ that present themselves to you are your own inner demons. The negative or is simply manifesting to help you learn and grow. We are all one. We all come from the same Source. As you move up in vibration, so do we. The whole universe is learning.

Your world is so used to seeing everything outside as not part of you. You will probably find this confusing. How can those dark entities ‘out there’ be creating my problems? We are all intertwined, no matter how much you deny.

Lucifer made a huge sacrifice in service by becoming the ‘fallen angel’. There are many that chose to follow him in a selfless act of love to you. They agreed to become your worst nightmare in order for you to understand the negative side of life.

The problem you now face is that you are so entrenched in your negative patterns that those entities who are of the ‘dark’ are struggling to find their way back to the light. You keep them stuck in their darkness because it is familiar. The demons you fight are you and no-one else.

The dark entities that surround beings of light are simply waiting for you to transmute them back to their true essence, that of love. The stronger your light, the greater the number of negative entities you will attract. They crowd around you like a moth to the light. They are simply pulled to you in order that you may transmute them. If there is a lesson to be learned, you will learn it, otherwise simply transmute them. Do not the dark or negative entities. Your will keep you stuck on the same track, running in the same place. Overcome your and find the love within your heart to grant the dark entities their wish.

Your world is so entangled, like a ball of wool that a kitten has played with. The way to find your path is to look at yourself and find your shining light. Your shining light is incredibly powerful and yet you constantly ignore it. Unconditional love is the greatest protection you could ever have.

Open your hearts and find that unconditional love. Wrap yourself in it. Through opening your heart you will find the balance in yourself between the dark side of yourself and the light. Let us show what we can do.

And so it is

May you be held in the hand of Mother/Father God, until we meet again.

I am Athena