HEAVEN #3842 Rise with the Sun, Set with the Sun, June 2, 2011

God said:

You have been at the mercy of the world. All the while, as you have felt whacked back and forth, you have longed to be unattached. Unattached, you are free to not feel devastated by life. Life goes on, and you go along beside it. You are not so dependent upon it. Life doesn’t have to fit your picture of it. It’s okay for life to be life. You go side by side, and yet you are not knocked by it. Whatever life is today, you don’t foam at the mouth because life and the people in it did not do your bidding. You don’t yawn about it, nor are you thrown. Life does its thing, and you do yours. You are never at the end of your rope. You have equanimity.

Dreams come true, or dreams don’t come true. What is the difference? After a while, what is the difference?

You have to accommodate anyway. Now you accommodate without fuss or worry.

You allow life to be whatever it is in the moment that it is. You know that life changes by the minute and that you don’t have to make so much of it. Unless you nod to life, unless you are singularly unaffected by its twists and turns, you are attached. Attached, you cling to people and events in your life as you propose them to be. You hang on for dear life.

There comes a time when you are no longer attached or so attached. Then sometimes you find out, when all is said and done, that you were attached to your attachment. You thought it would be so wonderful to be unattached, and then you find you miss your attachment. You are finally growing up, and you miss the of life as it is lived in attachment. You thought you would be glad to be unattached. You thought you would jump for joy. You miss your caring so much. You miss your being affected so much. You miss your elation, and you miss your inability to exist without such and so. You may feel that you have lost your innocence.

No, My darlings, you are restoring yourself to innocence. You are realizing that life does not have to be tumultuous. You are abandoning suffering. Now life isn’t such a struggle, and you once were so used to struggle that it was the mainstay of your life. Now you see that you are irrespective of whatever life tosses you. If it tosses you a bone, you find you are not so elated as you used to be. By the same token, when life tosses you a zinger, you are not so zinged. You may find that you miss upset. Upset used to be the signaler of your existence. Now you exist on an even plain. The waves of the ocean do not toss you about the way they used to. Big waves or little waves, you bounce along the same. Whether a storm or a calm on the sea, you are calm.

You fear this is indifference, and in a way it is. And yet you still care only you do not exact a price from yourself. Rain or shine, you’re okay. Neither rain nor shine is the determinant of your life. You are the determinant of your life. And you have come to the place in your growth where you are even-natured irrespective of whatever may be going on.

Whatever may be going on comes and goes, and so you rise with the sun, and you set with the sun. Like Old Man River, you just keep rolling along.

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  1. This may sounds strange, but, an man of your image in a grey suit visited me in a dream last night. He happily said to me,” Do you rise up with the rising of the Sun?” I instantly awoke after this was spoken at approximately 3:30 -3:40 am eastern time. I remebered this phrase and later googled it, finding this page. I feel this means something. Did you happen to send out a message last night or yesterday?

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