God said:

Wake up, little buttercup. You have drunk the morning dew, and now you look to the sun to fill you with its light. Sunlight and nourishment are one. The light of love is nourishment. Everyone knows that. So why isn’t the dough of love kneaded every day? Why aren’t hearts actively overflowing in their love? Love wants to come out. Everyone wants love, so let’s have more.

Let’s start with you. Unzip your heart. Throw the snaps away. Tear off the buttons. Dispense with Velcro. Take off the coats and sweaters, the cloaks and robes. Toss them all into the fire of love.

How can love in the world be hard to give when love is the easiest thing there is? It is unnatural not to allow love its say. And yet love is clamped every day, cramped, put in a vise, restrained, unclaimed, contracted, forbidden, stomped on, undone.

Let this be a day when all hardened hearts melt. What a day this will be. Imagine the world like a buttercup having drunk the morning dew and then basking in the sun of love.

I take pity on hardened hearts. Even though I never pity anyone or anything, I pity hardened hearts. I never pity because I know of the of love in your heart, and I know that you will one day decide to give your heart its freedom, and so save yourself from the dryness of immobilized love. It was never yours to go on a diet when it comes to love. Abandon restrictions. Have all the love you want. You have been store-housing love. Now open the doors of your heart and set it free. Throw open the windows. Let love have its will.

Lavish the world with the presence of your love. I didn’t say a display of your love. No, lavish the world simply with the presence of your love. Let your love roam the world and give of itself everywhere.

You jump around trying to solve the problems of the world, and you harden your heart. You disdain the rampant ignorance and the foul play, and yet you uphold disdain. You turn up your nose at love, and you fight that which you abhor. What happened to your love? Why have you not placed it under the sun? Why have you withheld your love? You have withheld it even from yourself. I know that it is true. Otherwise, you would not hate. Hate is killing and debilitating. It kills your heart. It inspires greater distaste. Feed your heart good fuel. Keep the sustainability of your heart. Sustain your love. No longer find excuses for not loving. There is no excuse for not using your love and blessing the Universe with it.

Love is not contraband to be hidden. Love is the sun which is to shine.

Do not be so particular with your love. You are so fussy. Just love. Get out there and love. Love without a word. Just love, that’s all.

Do you really have something better to do? Fomenting is not better. Disturbing is not better. Rationalization is not better. Privatizing love is not better.

Your love is not to snub anyone. Your love is to fly and to land everywhere. Un-cudgel your love. The way you would ford your way across a river, ford your love through all the mine fields in the world. Traps have been set to deter your love. Let nothing deter your love. You must forge across that river of love to the other side of yourself.

Do not wait. Love now.

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