God said:

What a remarkable Being you are. You are so good at fooling yourself and the world about Who you are. You run these little races and participate in skirmishes, and you and those you come across and come across you seem to take that little squiggle for the whole of you when you, and they, are so much more.

It is said that seeing is believing, and yet you do not see. You do not see the wonders and glory that you are. You have turned a blind eye to them. You have alit your eyes on everything else, all the small details and disruptions and seldom or not at all have you alit your eyes on the glory of yourself, the beautiful splendor, the strength, the courage, the mightiness that brings you to to cavort about in only a semblance of yourself. It takes great courage to be less than you are. It takes great courage to ignore your Greatness and accept littleness instead.

You sit in the middle of a Great Ocean, and you see not water. You see flotsam and jetsam. You see encroaching temperament. You see storms brewing. You see not the sun above. Your vision is clouded. Who made it so?

You are like a tumbler, an who does these false falls over and over again, as if you could not rise higher and leap across all the present knowledge in the world. You are a of illusion, and you buy your own illusion. You trick even yourself. Will you admit this?

Will you admit that you could possibly be more than the individual who sits before you now, idling away at whatever you idle away at?

Is your very nature less interesting than a TV sit-com? It seems like you will do anything to avoid coming to terms with the Greatness that you are. What is so scary about your Greatness that you would run away from it? Would you consider tackling the subject of your Greatness? Would you open to the possibility of being great and greater yet?

There have been occasions when you have touched upon the edges of your Greatness, and, then, it was like you had touched a hot stove with your fingers. Ouch! And you run away. How fearsome is your Greatness to your smallness.

A lesser book you would open. A book that leads to your Greater Self, you stick back on the bookshelf almost in horror. “Who, me? Great?” you say or don’t say and yet run away from it. You who are Infinite may choose to be infinitesimal.

Offered a big or a little , you may choose the little and apologize even for taking the little one, as if you have no rights to all the oranges in the world.

You grasp at other things, and yet are reticent when it comes to the simple Greatness that is yours and that you are.

What could My heart’s be but great? Yet you push that away? You don’t want to be a Great Frog in a Great Pond? You would rather be a little frog in a little pond?

I admittedly Great am seeking you to unveil yourself before your own eyes so that you may reflect My light, capture it, as it were, and sow My light all over the world, in the forests and the mountains and all the caves and deserts on Earth, and, yes, even shine My light brightly where it already shines. Do I ask too much of you to believe what I say and to act on it? Put your shoulders back and remember henceforth what I say to you, and absorb what I say, and make it true to you and to the world while you are at it. I bless you to your Greatness. It is yours. Take it and run with it for all you are worth, for you are worth a lot, worth even more than what I say to you right now.