God said:

is no telling what tomorrow will bring. Have the idea, which is an intention, that tomorrow will bring you everything you want. Would you rather spend your thoughts on the nebulous unwanted things that tomorrow could bring? What is the gain? Do you know that, when you are negative, you are making a sourpuss of your ? God forbid.

You may call negative thinking realistic. I will call it being unkind to yourself. Let not your thoughts be battering rams. Let not your thoughts be . Let your thoughts be light-hearted.

Let your thoughts be like of golden trees in the sunshine blown by the wind. The seem to swim in the air like goldfish in the sea. Let your thoughts be like that, thoughts that swim happily. See your thoughts swimming to you, and you have more and more thoughts swimming to you. The fish get until you are overwhelmed with the success of your thoughts.

Or let your thoughts be like a herd of elephants. Elephants seem to move slowly, and yet they reach their destinations sooner that you would think. Elephants take big steps. Let your thoughts on all the good coming to you and the world be steady. Your thoughts can walk in the world like elephants. Your thoughts can be solid.

Let your thoughts be birds that take flight. Let them soar. Let them take in the whole horizon. Your birds of thoughts will return to you. If you want falcons, think falcon thoughts. If you want humming birds, think hummingbird thoughts. Whatever you think, your thoughts will deliver. How many thoughts do you think in a ? In an hour? In a minute? Better to have a handle on what you think.

If your thoughts come home to roost, have the thoughts you want return to you. They may return a thousandfold.

If you must make a prognosis of world events, make your prognosis a good . Watch what you think, and watch what you say. What if your thoughts were a public newspaper or ads on ? What if your thoughts were the evening news? What if your thoughts were wishes? Your thoughts are as good as wishes, beloveds. Monitor your thoughts. Discipline your thoughts. Make thoughts a habit. You say you are unable? What do you think negative thinking is but a habit?

If you want to be happy, engage in happy thoughts. You will see results. Over , you will see great results.

If you want to bring on doom, think dooming thoughts. You will prove to yourself that you were right. You bet on the right horse, see?

To foretell the good is not being blind. Rather, envisioning the good is seeing the future you desire. Downward thoughts are a dime a dozen, and they are thought by the bush load. Why would it be hard for you to be optimistic rather than pessimistic? Why would anyone think it is smart to be negative? Anyone and his brother can think the sky is falling.

Herald days of joy. If you can have bad days, you can have good days. Who are you to decide the fate of the world, and yet you do. At the very least, a vote for what is undeniably good.

Peace is good. Love is good.

To some minds, war is good. To some minds, hate is good. This must be so, or there would be neither.

Do not think for one minute that I endorse the negative. Why would I? Why would you?

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