God said:

How do you separate the world from its people? There is , and there are people. Together they are what make up the world. I created the world. I set it in motion. I created formulas so that the beautiful and its beautiful inhabitants would do some wonderful together. I gave you free will so you may dance a dance of your choice. I did not foist only a certain dance on you. You choose the dance you favor. You may say you do not favor the dance you are , and, yet, beloveds, you chose it, for you are it. How you dance is up to you. I provided the orchestra. I provided the dance floor. I provided you the legs, the , the sense of rhythm, and yet you can develop anything. Regardless, you are a force in the world.

It is not meant for you to be passive. A wallflower does not have to sit there waiting for her world to . Those who are dancing chose to dance. It is not for you to wait for life to plop you here or there. A wallflower in life waits to be chosen and considers it all the luck of the draw. Luck does indeed seem to exist, and yet you can draw to you the life you truly want.

Dancing in life doesn’t have to be dancing. You may favor mountain-climbing. You may prefer ping pong. Follow your heart, beloveds. You need not be such an avid follower of the world. Be a leader, and advance the world.

Your in life matters to the world. You have a responsibility. You have a job to fill. It was made for you. You find your calling through . If there is nothing that gives you right now, it could be you are thinking too much about yourself and your lack of .

I made the Earth for you. Will you take life by the shoulders and uplift it? Instead of waiting for something in the world to change, change yourself. Change your intention. If you are radar, have a bigger screen. If life is moil and toil, you had something to do with it. But never mind that. The question is now: Where do you go from here?

The only thing for you to change is your own thinking. If you want to change the world, change your view of it. Change your view of yourself. You don’t have to put up a big front or any front at all. Be honest. Be honest with yourself. It may seem that the world wants to humble you. Be humbled then. That life humbles you doesn’t mean that you are being demeaned. Life is alerting you. It is possible that in how the world reacts to you is giving you evidence of the way you are to go. Certainly, you are to rise.

Humbled is a good place to start from. Being sure of isn’t such a good place. Humbled, you can take responsibility for your life. Arrogance makes it harder to. If you blame the world for , if you blame circumstance for , you are denying your responsibility to yourself and to the world. Ego is a factor here, of course. Ego would have you neglect your responsibility to yourself.

Do not think of blame. Think of responsibility. You are responsible for yourself. Blaming others is a way of making excuses for yourself. “I didn’t do it,” you say. “They did it,” you say. When you blame the world, when you blame others, you are negating the importance of yourself.

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