God said:

Life is unpredictable, and you don&;t want to predict life anyway.

Of course, knowing you, you want to know if your will come and when and what his name is, yet you are not meant to read the script of a before you go to the live theatre. Better to watch the as it occurs.

What is it exactly that you imagine you gain by knowing what and when and how life is going to appear? It is better to live your life than to preview it.

Understandably, you would like reassurance. Let Me reassure you now that you are going to have a blessed life. I ask you to make it blessed. I ask you to be a good sport when things don’t go your way, and level-headed when things do go your way. Life is not meant to be an ambush, nor is life meant to make you swagger.

You create your future, but you don’t own it. It’s not yours the way a check made out to you may be. The imagined future becomes the present soon enough. Get out of the past, and get out of the future. Dance where you are. This is the day I have set before you.

In a way, seeking to know what happens next in life is a little like getting the questions to a final exam ahead of time so you can ace the exam. It is cheating. There is no real advantage. There is only a mistaken illusion of advantage.

You don’t want your life to be a rerun. You want your life to be vibrant, and you want to live it as it arrives. This is like eating the soup when it’s fresh and hot off the stove. Do you really want stale bread served with your soup as well? It’s better to cross the bridge when you come to it. I say it’s essential to live today.

If you were given a favorable prediction, what makes you think you wouldn’t worry just the same? You might worry: “Is this really true?&; You might carry your about the future along with you just the same. With a favorable prediction, you might even carry greater because now you feel there is more at stake.

And if you were given an unfavorable prediction, you would be upset, and your upset would indeed impact upon your life in the interim. You might kick the present time away as not worth it.

Were you to receive a prediction, even a favorable one, odds are you would then want to have a revised version of it. You might suggest, “Add a little here, take away a little there. “Why not? Why not?” you would ask. “And why couldn’t it be a red dress instead of blue?”

You could write a story about a man who knew what his life would be in a year from now. As the fiction writer, you might wonder how the man would live the year before with the knowledge of what the future held. You might even wonder if his knowing might change his future. Yet all of this is moot, for no one knows the exactitude of his future.

Do you really want a predictable life? Ho hum.

May I suggest that you create your life as you go along in it?

If you really do want to know the trend of your future, I will tell you how. Pay attention to your thoughts now. Your present thoughts can tell you the flavor of your future. In fact, I will tell you to look forward to many blessings. I will tell you to accept the concept that everything is a blessing. May you be your own blessing.