God said:

Your whole life is a . Your whole life at any one moment is what you are conscious of. You make of your life what your consciousness perceives. One person sees gold. Another sees golden light. Another sees blessing. Another sees fault. If consciousness is a stream, it is not to stay still.

Regardless of the stream of your consciousness, you have a consciousness that is higher than what your perception may reveal. You have High Consciousness that underlies everything.

However, generally speaking, you follow your thoughts. Action> perception> reaction. How you perceive mandates your reaction. It is not what is out there that requires you to respond in a particular way. It is what you make of what is out there that determines how you respond. Are there not times that you are aware of how you would respond to something quite differently now? You perceive differently now. Your perception seems to rule your life.

An action is an action. A word is a word. And yet you perceive a friend or foe, and that makes all the difference in the world. It is better to be inclined to see a friend than a foe.

The least you can see before you is a faltering human being, one who has felt aggrieved, one who himself is at a loss to see a friend. Such human beings exist. They may create mayhem. And yet you can come from a higher rung of the ladder. Of course, they could too. In your case, knowing your relationship to Me, you must.

It is much easier to befriend another when you see the misguided fear in his eye. If you don&;t see love, then it is fear in one form or another that you are seeing. A Great One, however, would know his own love independent upon the scalawag before him. What keeps you from seeing yourself as a Great One? Why not you?

When you sit on a mountain, there is a greater view before you. You can see portions of life that you cannot see from the bottom of the mountain. This is what it means to be true to yourself. It is yourself that you have to be true to.

Many who are misguided have led you. You bought their misperceptions as truth, and thus you trained yourself in misperception. You swallowed misperception whole hog. Misperception is a great part of the past, and misperception is part of the past that you want to let go of. It is like a hot potato. It burns you. If misperception orchestrates your life, you may be sure that your life is burned up in the fires of misconception. You may hold on to misperception for no reason but that it is yours. This is a useless reason, a foolish reason. That is no reason at all. It is a baseless excuse. It skirts the issue.

The issue is that you are a Great Soul who inhabits a human body in the world of human bodies. Introduce yourself to your soul. Let it come out. Bring it out. You have been holding it back because of one misperception or another. You may not have dared to step forth in the world from the height of a mountain. Not only have you so adapted to life at the bottom of the mountain, others have seen you that way as well. Others are no longer to keep you where you have thought you were. You must climb the mountain of your life and perceive and conceive from the crests of yourself and not the lows.

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