God said:

The world is My altar. I have set it before Me, and you have lain yourself down on My altar and donated yourself to Me. The world is the altar of My . And you are the tribute you give to Me.

In giving to Me, of course, you give to yourself. There is no one else to give to. You are Mine, and all are Mine, just as I am totally yours. Oneness lies down on the altar of itself and declares the world to begin.

Your life is an offering to Me. Now you have chosen Self over . You have let abdicate the throne. You have forfeited illusion for Truth. Of course, that is no sacrifice. That is coming down to , and this coming down to is your passage to . You are sailing on a ship or riding a horse all the way to . This is what your physical life is about. Have a good trip. Just think of it, you are coming to Me. You are rushing into My arms. What a reunion We have. What a welcome you get. You are coming to Oneness of Heart where there is neither hot nor cold, simply Oneness. There is neither near nor far. There is neither space nor time. There is Oneness Supreme. There are no factions. There are no seeming interruptions. There is nothing to dissolve. All has been dissolved. You have been absolved from arbitrariness. You have been absolved from wasted motion. You have been absolved from the past. You swim where the fishes play.

My Own True Love is coming Home, and I am readying the table for you, and soon you will eat the fruits I set before you. The table is set. You are coming for a full meal. The feast is love. How happy you will be, surrounded by love, inside and out, though, of course, there will be no outerness whatsoever. Oneness will be your full plate.

You will settle in to the peace of your own heart. You will eat your fill without having to eat. All will be given to you. All will be digested. All will be predigested. There will be nothing to digest. All will be Oneness, and nothing but Oneness.

Here is the Garden of Eden where you abide and where you thrive. You soar over the stars. You hold them close to your heart. You are a suffragette of love. You storm the hearts of the world as you sit like Buddha relishing the world. You are the force behind the world. You are the force beyond the world. You have sat on the throne of Holiness. You are My Holiness. I have declared you Mine, and, so, Mine you are. That you are Mine means you are freed from whatever has held you back. You have pressed Fast . You have entered Heaven. You have sole occupancy. Like Heaven, you are filled with soul. This is your soul’s journey you have been on, and you have fared well. You have new thoughts now. You have new vision now. For the first time, you can really see. You can see all. You see, for once, the tribute to Me that your life has been.

You see how well-pleased I am. The Prodigal Son has returned Home. We thank Each Other. Our hearts are complete. The One I love has returned. His awareness has returned. We have embraced, and embraced All Which is the Oneness of Our Heart. We are truly One Love.

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