God said:

Time in the way of love. Love exists, and time does not, yet time in the way of love. You are too busy. You have too many things to do. You have space to clean, and a commute to take. You have to be somewhere on time, and you about your day forgetting that the day is for love.

Love is Godliness. Love comes before all else. Not love a capital L, just compassionate love. Let there not be a minute of your day without love. If you find yourself short-tempered, pause and regroup yourself into love. Anger does not have to feel so to you. Let not anger take up time from love. What a waste of love for you to embrace that hothead, anger.

Love those who love you, and love those who do not love you. Others&; love or inability to give their love has nothing to do with you. Only your love has to do with you.

Let love become your modus operandi. Get on the bus with love. Get off the bus with love. Take love with you wherever you go. No matter how busy you are, take love with you. Let love from your heart be like confetti.

Let your presence in the world be the presence of love. You don’t have to dress up love. You do not have to say its name. You just have to be love which is what you actually are.

Whatever you are doing, send love. No matter whom you are meeting with, send love. Send it silently. You don’t have to proclaim it. You don’t have to make a movie of it. You simply have to remember it.

If you find yourself forgetting love, if you find yourself substituting something else for love, annoyance perhaps, a hurt heart perhaps, full-blown anger perhaps, come back to love. Rest your heart on it. Let love be the pillow of your heart.

You may ask Me for things all the time. All the while, I have given you love. When you find yourself distraught in whatever way you feel distraught, you have wandered from love. Please don’t blame your lack of love on someone else. I am talking about your love right now, not theirs.

Your love is not meant to be a pawn of the world. No has to you for your love. No owes you for your love. They don’t have to dance a jig in order to your love. That they are My child as much as you are warrants your love. Keep your love . Do not divert from love. love. It is the only thing for you to .

Everyone has the right to your love.

Everyone? You say. Yes, everyone, I say. Everyone is I, and everyone is you. The face in the mirror you look into is yours. The beauty is yours. The distress is yours. The less than holiness you see there is yours. The contempt you see is yours. It is your contempt come back to roost. Remove your contempt, and you will see less that is contemptible in the world. What you see in the camera is your own lens.

Love is an idea, and yet it is more than idea. Start with the idea of love, if you need to. No matter how smart you are, you are not smart unless you cast love. Cast love everywhere. When you are disappointed in someone, cast love. Love is not yours to own, but to cast. Cast love before thousands. Cast love so that the day will come soon that all you see before your eyes is love. Do that, unless you somehow prefer to see anger or some such, as if you have not had enough anger before your eyes. Remember, you cast the first stone of anger, if not to the angry person before you, to someone else.