11 2011

Karen Doonan

Welcome beloveds, we are honoured to be able to communicate with you at this time. Once more we wish to be able to give you words that enable you to move through the process that is taking place on your planet and in your very BEing, to help you adapt to the amazing changes taking place all around you. We wish our words to enlighten and elevate you and we strongly that any messages that say they are from off world that do not do this are perhaps not the messages that are sent. Do our words resonate with you?

It would make little sense for the universe to communicate via other civilisations and planetary inhabitants in a negative way. goes through an amazing transformation and the universe supports and loves each one of you, why then would other planets appear to give you information that would lower your vibration and plunge you back down into the chaos and fear that you are struggling to leave? Please process ALL communications through your and listen to how the words used in these communications make you FEEL.

You are moving more into your and that is the key to your very freedom. Why would another planet come to you and push you back down into the fear that has enslaved the human race for millions of years? We are all ONE, please absorb the true meaning of these words. Would you turn to a family member who was going through a tough struggle emotionally and pile on guilt, fear and distrust? What would this achieve?

The universe supports all, that is the function of the universe. This is a truth that has been kept hidden from the humans on planet earth since the beginning of your records of time. The truth to how powerful you truly are, the ability that is within you to create, to have the life of your dreams has ALWAYS been within your very BEing. That is a truth that is easily processed through your hearts.

The heart is the key to the universe, so what better way to control and defeat the human race than to clutter up the hearts of you all. What better way to guide you to the illusion of separation and duality than to divide you? There is a human phrase that we pluck from the mind of our channel “divide and conquer”, do these words resonate with you? The battle you fight across the planet is not as you believe, it is not with each other, that is further evidence that the hearts of humans are not working to their proper function. The war you fight is the battle with darkness. Please be aware that we do not use these words and phrases to plunge you back down in the chaos many of you feel that you are drowning in.

It is vital that you realise just what your enemy to use a very human term is. Even in using this it disturbs us to the behind the word. The darkness fears the light, that is the bottom line in the whole situation. Darkness will run from the light because darkness is totally immersed in its own nightmare, darkness feeds on fear and darkness feeds on hopelessness. It has never known light and love and therefore it fears what will happen to it. It is the job of every lightworker, every human across the planet to hold MORE LIGHT within their BEing, but you must be aware that the more light you hold the more fear the darkness has. The more fear the darkness has the more it turns up the illusion to put things back to how it was before. Do you understand our words and our analogies? View the darkness as a frightened child, a bully if you will who is full of fear and angst, who does not know any better, he rules the playground which is planet earth. To pour love and compassion through all that he does will help but most humans react to the bullying with fear. He feeds off fear. That is akin to pouring on an open fire. It must be stopped beloved ones. You must lay down your swords and now start pouring love and compassion through all the situations that appear full of fear.

We note how you react to situations that appear in your media where there has been evidence of wrongdoing to more vulnerable members of your race. We note the immediate reaction of hate and disgust at the human(s) who have carried out the violence or mistreatment. For a moment re read the paragraph we have just communicated, can you now see how pouring hatred and more disgust through the situation ENABLES the darkness the take hold? Do you see why we guide you to pour love and compassion THROUGH ALL? Darkness takes many forms dear ones, the humans who appear “out of control” are seduced by the illusion. They have great fear and anxiety in their very BEing. We guide you to have love and compassion in yours. If you do not have love and compassion you are in effect feeding the illusion and you are prolonging the darkness hold over the entire human race.

We fully appreciate how difficult our words will be for you to digest. Human nature so far in your history appears to meet violence with more violence. These were the seeds that were planted within you at the very beginning. They were DELIBERATELY planted within you to further enslave you. It is time for you now to weed out the seeds of fear and anxiety and to plant seeds of love. The weeding is done through looking at what triggers you. Anything that is done or said to you that results in you behaving negatively and from the place of fear to the human who triggered you should be looked at. Go deep within beloveds, to the heart space and look at what is growing there. Should the seeds of fear be there then weed them out. The more that you do this the harder it is for the seeds to be replanted and to grow.

This is an ongoing process beloved ones but it is a VITAL process in this period of growth and expansion. As you learn to manifest and create at a faster pace the need for the weeding of fear will become more and more apparent. You can create and manifest at will but you must be sure in what you do. You must have trust and faith in YOUR OWN ABILITIES. You will know if you have seeds of fear related to your own worth and your own ability for you will mirror this back to yourself. You will see lack when you should see abundance.

Once more we ask you to ask the question of why the trust in yourselves is not fully working. What would be gained from having a planet inhabited by millions of humans who were unsure of their worth and their very existence? Think about beloved ones. Think of the power of your BEing, multiply it by the millions and millions of humans alive across your planet. It is a powerful love is it not? Why would the darkness need to keep you from your own power? These are questions to take into the silence within you. Meditate on them and start to view your world as it REALLY IS.

Start to appreciate each other, be mindful of the tendency to lower your vibration when you feel the seeds of fear begin to grow. NONE of you are in competition with each other for you are all ONE. NONE of you should hate one another for you are all ONE. NONE of you should fear one another for you are all ONE.

These are our teachings and our guidance at this time for you the inhabitants of planet earth. You who are our star brothers and sisters and for whom we carry eternal love in our hearts. We are all as ONE. You are one with the moon, the stars, the planets and all around you. Please dear ones absorb our teachings and our guidance, process your life and feelings taking into consideration what we have guided. Ask the questions that you have been kept from and start to take back your power. For you are indeed a very powerful race. We work to help you free yourself and to help you to find your path back to power. We are the high council of Orion and we love and respect each and every one of you.