15 June 2011

Karen Doonan

Welcome loved ones, you are now approaching the time of great change with speed. Many of you will have been keenly aware in the past few days of the energies around you and through you intensifying, changing and shifting. We you most strongly to stay with these energies and allow them to settle into your very BEing. It is difficult and we acknowledge this, for many humans to just allow the energies to sit. Many of you will have felt on “edge&; the past few days and will have perhaps had altercations with those who are closest to you.

It is to this way of acting that we first of all direct our guidance. Know that each one of you that reads our words and is awakening is changing. These changes happen from moment to moment and although at times the shifts are huge and leaps upward are made by your the changes continues at ALL times. This results in many of you feeling slightly “off centre”. For some of you the time of the moon is most challenging as you feel drawn to the moon but also feel “bothered”, something just doesn’t “sit with you”. These are phrases that we use to highlight the way you may be feeling, we hope that these resonate with you.

Know that at these times your energy system is tweaking itself, its fluxes and changes rapidly at this time and these “upgrades” further loosen what is within your BEing that no longer serves. Many of you will have arguments or disagreements with those you are closest to and not understand why. Those who are closest to you may note that you appear more “harassed” or “sensitive” than usual and may seek to spend less time with you. This may trigger many of you who take their retreat as some sign of abandonment from them. Nothing is further from the truth dear one. They are allowing you the space that you need to complete the changes that are going on. Their subconscious is aware that you need some space and is allowing this. Do not judge those around you harshly when this happens, they are doing their best to do what they FEEL is right for you.

At these times of major change and flux and movement it is vital that you are aware of the triggers. Once aware of a trigger, for many the trigger will go off well before you can even realise it is a trigger, then take some time to explore it. What is wrong with a loved one giving you space to heal and to even out your energy? What is wrong with YOU taking some time to nurture yourself and feel more even and balanced?

To nurture oneself seems a very simple thing to do but we notice across the planet the reluctance of the human race to indulge in this. We fully understand the training that you have received will trigger feelings of guilt and selfishness within you when you attempt to take some time and space for yourselves. We guide you to question this most strongly. Are you not worth nurturing ? If you do not nurture yourself and value your worth and your health then why not? What is it about you that does not “qualify” for the value of nurturing? These are important questions to start asking yourself as you are more than qualified in this area beloved ones.

To nurture oneself is to love oneself. If you do not come from a place of love FOR YOURSELF then how can you offer that love to another? Many of you spend a good deal of your waking lives following the rules of another. Putting another human before yourself. We once again ask why this would be so? Are you not important? What about your needs? Once more we guide you to question the existence that you have and if it no longer sits with you then please let it go. Nurturing yourself is simple dear ones, it is allowing yourself to sleep when you are tired WHEN you are tired. It is eating foods that fill you with joy without triggering the guilt that you have eaten something. It is spending some time doing things that bring you joy without worrying what another has to say about it.

The most under-nurtured section of your race appears to the mothers of small children. We note how this section of the human race spends all of their time and energy caring and pouring love through their offspring. BUT these human BEings feel immense guilt when their bodies react with tiredness and they drive themselves to the edge trying to be a “perfect” mother to their children. Where does the definition of “perfect mother” come from? Do mothers not know what is inherently good for their children? A mother is connected very strongly to the energy system of her children, it would make sense for her to be keenly aware of changes in that energy and therefore changes in her children.

Many parents across the planet have been undermined by the media and medical profession for too long. A mothers instinct has been overridden leaving many parents feeling undervalued, overwhelmed and disempowered. Much as we guided previously that each human KNOWS their own body and will become more in-tune with their body the same applies to the younger humans. The children across the planet are more in-tune and fully aware of their energy systems than at any time previously in human history yet the reaction of the illusion is to guide you that you do not know what is best for your child and that your child needs contained and drugged to be able to comply. We guide you strongly to question why this would be.

Children arrive on the planet full of wonder and joy, their enthusiasm for life is plain to see but this is being curtailed at younger and younger ages with many parents finding it a struggle when their child does not react as they did. We guide you to sit with this and to understand that the children arriving on planet earth are more in tune and more aware of all the energies that the previous generations. For too long the young of the human race have been contained and ignored, children are young but they are full of life. They know exactly how to BE. This appears to be a threat to some older sections of the human race and we guide you to question this. Your life is meant to be filled with wonder and joy, you are a fantastic human BEing and you live in a universe filled with much wonder and awe. Yet many of you spend your daily lives focussed on what the illusion persuades you is important.

How many of you can remember what it was like to be a child? To wake up and wonder what the day would bring you? Already we can feel that this does not sit well with you. Many of you question our guidance and fail to see the significance of your early years. All is valid dear ones, your inner child is still within you and needs to be nurtured today as they did when you were the same age on the outside. Image if you will a child not being filled with fear that grows up and matures into an adult, imagine for a moment what life would be like for that adult. Now reflect back to where you are at this moment in your life and note the difference. Is there any? If there is then in what way? Do you see our analogy here beloveds, do you see how it is the seeding of fear that is the ONLY difference?

Times of great change should be embraced. We guide you most strongly to detach from illusion in all guises whether it be the media in the form of bulletins or it be in the form of “updates” from friends and family. We note with interest the human propensity for spreading “bad ” rapidly from human to human. It is another method of training used by the illusion to further the seeds of fear. We note how “bad” spreads more rapidly amongst you than “good” and we seek to guide you on this.

Words are and the energy behind a word affects the immediately. We once more refer to the younger humans amongst you and try to bring to your attention how early in their lives the seeds are planted. Many of your children will go off to school to “learn”. Whilst there they will be told whether they are good enough or not by the teachers that work in the school. Now cast your minds to when YOU were in school. Were you happy? Did you have good, positive words cast to you by your teachers? Did you absorb the enthusiasm for your work they displayed ? Or as we note across the planet did you receive harsh words, words that were used deliberately to pull you back down into obedience.
Be careful the words that you use when talking with another, realise the powerful energies behind words. You react to words instantaneously and you ABSORB the power of the words. The words being used across the planet just now have FEAR as the power behind them. You drink in the words and absorb the FEAR.

We cannot highlight enough the use of words in many languages across the planet. Harsh words contain harsh energy. The bully boss will deflate and bring down his entire workforce, he will displace their energy so that the people who work for him feel small and unimportant. This is FEAR used to control and make the person saying the words feel better. This feeds EGO in a negative way but it does not just bring down the workforce it brings down the whole company who work in a atmosphere of FEAR. The words of the boss in our scenario also do not just stay with the employees that he uses them on, they will go home and repeat the words to their families and friends, the boss now has spread FEAR far and wide. Do you understand our analogy dear ones? Do you see how EASY it is for one human to spread FEAR across a vast amount of humans?

We ask you to think about how the media works across your planet and then re read our scenario with the harsh boss. You can clearly see by our scenario how intense the FEAR would be if it spread out through many channels all at once across the planet.

Our guidance is not about FEAR dear ones, we highlight the FEAR so that you can be alert and observant as to when the FEAR is at work. To detach and hold love in your hearts is how to deal with FEAR. It may have a bark as it were but the bite is non existent. Please believe us when we guide this to you, the FEAR will pretend that it is huge but in reality it is but small and frightened. We guide you to pour love and compassion through all FEAR that you come across whether it be contained within a partner, a work colleague or yourself. All can be transmuted with the energy of love.

These are exciting times for the human race and this period of is working to release and recalibrate your entire BEing. Remember to nurture and to love at all times beloved ones. Find ways to help yourself that pour love into everything that you do. Allow yourself that hour earlier to bed and rejoice in the increased vitality you have the next morning. Allow yourself time to walk in nature and drink in the wonder that she provides for each and every one of you.

Do not buy into the illusion dear ones, do not allow it to taint the wonder of the human life. You can be all that you want to be, much as children let their imaginations run riot you can too. If you can DREAM IT you can LIVE IT and that works both ways dear ones. Please be aware of this, if you pour FEAR through your dream then it will be created as you are powerful BEings. Keep your mind positive and hold love and compassion within yourself as you go about creating a better world for all. UNITE with your fellow humans, extend the hand of friendship and love to all around you, for in truth you are all brothers and sisters of the stars.

We step back now to allow you to absorb our words. Our guidance once again dear ones is to open your hearts and allow yourselves to BE. There is no race to the end, the life journey is called a journey for good reason. Enjoy the journey that is you in this life time. Spread love and joy around you and allow the beauty of nature to unfold for you. You are part of nature and she is part of you. We are ONE. We are all connected to everyone and every BEing in the entire universe. Allow yourself to FEEL part of the huge galactic family that you belong to.

Work WITH your body and honour your body. Do not buy into the illusion that seeks to wring you out with constant go, go, go. Allow yourself time to physically rest, allow your mind to relax, meditate, garden, connect with nature. Do all that you enjoy doing and do it with joy dear ones. The planet you live on can become your own playground instead of what the illusion would have you believe it is. Planet earth is your home amongst the stars. Honour yourself, your children and all who inhabit this planet. We are all ONE.

We will guide more in due course, we guide you once more to process ALL communications through your hearts. Process all of your life through your heart centre. What no longer serves can be released and will be replaced with wonder. Trust and have faith in your abilities dear ones for you are each the of your own picture. We love you, we have always love you, we are the high council of orion. Until our next communication we leave you with much love and blessings.