20 June 2011

Channeler:  Karen Doonan

Welcome beloved ones, once more we are here with words of guidance and support for you at this time. We are heartened to see that many of you take on board our words and that they resonate for many at this time. We fully appreciate how difficult it is for many of you to take what we guide as truth and we applaud those who have the strength and faith to process their own reality.

As the energies begin to increase once again further disharmony may start appearing in your daily life. We guide you to detach from any drama that tries to play out as you move through the next wave of . Drama is a result of deep ingrained patterns of behaviour and these have come to the surface for many of you. Being aware of the drama without necessarily falling into the drama is key to moving through the underlying emotions which are being triggered by the energies.

To explain this further let us use a scenario which many of you may be familiar with. Take for instance a drama beginning to play out within the family home. It may be that the children in the family have been “playing up”, pushing boundaries with parents that has left the parents feeling very drained and “on edge”. “Suddenly” before any party in the family realises it there is a background of hostility, the parents wishing the children would settle down and the children wishing the parents would give them some space. Both parties feel ill at ease. In this scenario it will be very easy to fall into a negative pattern, one where the party who feels most out of control will try to exert that control. In reality both parties are feeling hurt and neglected but this will not be shown to the other party who is already on the defensive. The resulting argument is probably known word for word by both parties who fall into patterns of behaviour that were learned. The pattern of behaviour will serve neither side as the pattern of behaviour is really a smoke screen for the negative feelings that have been stirred. Many of you repeat these patterns with different humans in your daily lives.

We fully appreciate how difficult it is to be in touch with your feelings at these times, many humans are at the point of extreme tiredness down to the pull of the illusion that seeks to have many of you working to the point of exhaustion. It will be in these moments that many of you react “instinctively” and fall into the negative behaviour.

We guide you to realise that you are using smoke and mirrors when you fall into this behaviour, whether it was initiated by you or the other party it is a way of acting that belies the true hurt that is felt underneath. We guide you strongly to detach from any scenario that is drama played out this way. It will further lead you into the illusion of division. It will seek to confirm that you are alone and in competition with all the humans around you. What you may fail to see is the hurt beneath the drama, the human who is trying to protect their heart from perceived hurt. We guide the hurt is perceived because fear will have been triggered. When a scenario occurs in which many humans are triggered the results are more dramatic. No one “wins” as there is in reality no “winner”, what happens is that the illusion seeks to confirm the very fears that are triggered.

We guide you at all times during the next few days especially to be aware of how you feel. To be aware of how you feel and acknowledge these feelings will lead you away from illusion. For many of you just now feel very sensitive and vulnerable. Many of you will have no idea what has triggered this vulnerability and will be trying to cover it up, ever fearful that the humans around you will see this vulnerability and move in for the attack. Do our words resonate with you dear ones, do you see how this is all born out of fear and what “may” happen. At all times dear ones you are in control of your emotions and how you feel. It has been such a long time for many of you to truly FEEL an emotion that you may feel overwhelmed. It is at times such as these that you must nurture yourselves and be gentle with yourselves.
If you wake up and feel sad and down then explore the feelings that have arisen in you. There are there to be acknowledged and released, the fact that they have arisen will show you that you stored them. The illusion will try to train you that storing emotion is the way , swallow the emotion and move is the training that is given. We guide you strongly to detach from this way of BEing. You came here to the planet earth to experience the human life journey and it is full of emotion. It makes little sense to deny the emotions you came here to experience.

We watch as many of you deny yourself the positive emotions associated with the human life journey. We watch as many curtail the happiness that wells inside of them for fear of the reaction of those around them. Fear is the weapon of choice for illusion, to keep humans in a state of numbness is the way illusion works. When many of you are so tired you have no idea which feelings that arise other than frustration, for others it will numbness born out of guilt of trying to be someone you are not, the list dear ones is endless.

We guide you to be in touch with your hearts at all times, when you feel sadness and pain then is the time to reach deeply into your heart. Your immediate reaction may be to lash out at those around you but we guide you strongly to detach from this way of BEing. This is a negative way of denying what is truly happening to you. This process is a DEEP cleansing of the human way of BEing. It will feel to many of you as if you go through a “dark night of the soul”, as if all your fears have risen to the surface and you may feel very uncomfortable with this. View this dear ones as evidence of your increasing vibration, for you would not allow to rise that which you are not capable of clearing. Know that your own BEing has faith in your ability to move through the most negative of emotions that arise within you.

The path to happiness is not always scattered with roses dear ones, it can be scattered with ghosts that are dormant inside of you. To have these “ghosts” inside of you means that you are not whole, there is part of you that you hide, unfortunately the hiding of this part from the world can hide it from yourself. It is this hidden part that will jump out when you least expect it and try to drag you back into the illusion so it may hide further away.

This whole process dear ones is to enable you to shine light on the darkest parts of your BEing. Try to be aware of your fears and work to move through them, realise dear ones that it is the thought that is generated by the fear that controls so many of you, the actual fear is not founded on reality. For many it is instinctive to go into a sort of “panic mode” where you lose sight of what is before you and allow your brain to take you into various scenarios of what “might” happen. Once more we guide you to be present IN THE MOMENT. The future is never reached, there is only the present moment and your power is available in the present moment. To allow your mind to take you to the “future” will rob you of your power.

At all times during our human life experience you have full control over your feelings, you allow those feelings to be what you wish them to be. Many of you abdicate the responsibility for those feelings by placing them at the feet of other humans, know this is a trick of illusion. There is no reason that you cannot find happiness in every moment you breathe dear ones. Do not allow illusion to rob you of what is rightfully yours. For you can be happy AT THIS MOMENT. Sit with our words dear ones and absorb them, how does it feel to know that happiness is yours? For many of you live with self imposed rules about happiness, many of you strive to be thinner, more educated, wealthier, a list very long indeed before you will allow the emotion happiness to enter your life. We guide you strongly dear ones that happiness is already in your life it is up to you whether you choose to see it or not.
To many of you across the planet this is a truly testing time, many of you feel that you no longer understand the world that you live in. Those of you who are awakening more fully may feel confusion begin to rise within you where you can at times see straight through illusion but at others time be so deeply immersed in it that you cannot see where you go to from here. We guide you to go slowly and allow the reality of your life to open up for you. It is drummed into the human psyche that there is a rush to the finish, as a species the human seems to be on a race to the end of life, where many do not take the time to fully appreciate all that is around them. There is an imaginary clock ticking within that sets the pace of their lives. We ask you why this would be? Why would there be any rush to move through your human lives at such a pace? What is to be gained from rushing from one thing to another?

We guide you strongly to look at this aspect of human behaviour and to see the illusion behind the scenes. For you to rush from one part of your life to another stops you from truly feeling all that is in your life. To deny your emotions will see them spring up “out of the blue” and overwhelm you. Nowhere is it written dear ones that life has to be lived on fast forward. The treadmill of everyday life is being ratched up dear ones to keep you away from discovering your true power. When you live your life at YOUR PACE marvellous things start to happen. You begin to realise that you have control over what happens and how you feel. That control was ALWAYS there dear ones, the illusion seeks to deny you access to this part of you.

We have guided briefly about dreaming and we wish to highlight this to once more. Much of your human life is created by your thoughts, you create your life based upon the thoughts that you hold true. Many of you daydream and we guide you to home in on this skill. It is perfectly possible for you to DREAM a new life. Many of you pour so much energy into your life that is negative, you have been trained by illusion to expect life to be hard so you pour your energy into this, this then creates the very life you are trying to change. Do our words resonate with you? If you pour into your dreams then they can manifest for you rapidly. To only hold the thoughts that are positive is the way forward dear ones. To hold only YOUR truth in your heart will see your lives change dramatically. We are fully aware of how difficult this concept is to many of you reading our words. You have been trained to think the exact opposite of truth.

The human race is trained to believe that their life experience is a result of outside influences and is external to their thoughts and beliefs. This is illusion dear ones, you create the life you have by the thoughts and feelings that you have INSIDE of you. If you believe that life is hard then the universe will deliver that to you. If you believe that the world is a happy place and good things happen to you then the universe will deliver that to you. It is a difficult concept for humans to fully appreciate but the creation of the life experience starts WITHIN.

Take control of your lives dear ones, do not allow illusion to take the reigns of your dreams, they are YOUR dreams, you can shape and mold them to anything that you desire. Fear will stop or slow down your creation of dreams. To have fear that you do not deserve a good life or that something will go wrong will see the creation of the dream have this contained within it. Hold only the thoughts of your truth in your minds dear ones, do not allow the illusion to plant seeds of fear where seeds of faith should grow. You are vastly powerful dear ones. Many of you across the planet are now waking up to this truth and beginning to live the lives they had thought impossible. It is POSSIBLE dear ones to live in love and happiness on the planet earth. To do this you have to find the truth within you and to have faith and trust in it. If you do not have faith and trust in your own abilities who will dear ones?

We ask who sits in judgement of you in your daily life? Who is the person who dictates to you what is YOUR truth? What human has the power to tell you that your dream is wrong? Who tells you that you cannot do something that you believe in? The truth is that no one sits in judgement for all humans are created equally, but illusion will lead you to believe that you are not the master of your own ship. Illusion will seek to pull the rug from under your feet. Many of you no longer buy into the illusion and have discovered that you can BE the human that you want to BE. This is liberating for the humans that have discovered this truth but for those around them this can be perceived as threatening as the humans still trapped in the illusion feel the difference in vibration.

The vibration of freedom, love and compassion and truth is different from the vibration contained in the BEing of those still immersed in illusion. It is this difference in vibration that will trigger many dramas with those asleep clashing with those who have awakened and are aware of illusion. Dear ones it makes no sense at all to try to awaken those asleep with words, the illusion has hold over them and they must awaken in their own time. Detaching from the drama that they attempt to create around you is the way to deal with these situations. It may be that many of you move away from friends and family for a while until this begins to settle. As more and more of you hold the intense white light that is shining across the planet it will become easier for those asleep to awaken slowly. Have faith and trust in this process dear ones and do not allow the illusion to pull you back in. Stand tall in your freedom and truth dear ones. Have compassion for those who are deeply entrenched still in illusion. It may have taken you some time to become aware and it will work the same for those who are still asleep.

These are truly amazing times that the human race lives through dear ones, we guide you to open your eyes and see the beauty and power in yourself. Realise that you are the ones that create your human experience and take control of the helm dear ones. There is a human phrase that we pluck from the mind of our channel “you can do anything you want once you put your mind to it”. Does this resonate with you? Do you now understand why your hearts should be in charge of your minds and not the other way around? If you can dream it dear ones you can live it, to live your dream you need to firmly have your emotions attached to the dream. Pour love and positivity through your dreams and watch them come alive before your very eyes. Fear will pull you down into illusion, LOVE will help you soar high above the clouds. Choose to soar high dear ones, the only thing that stops you is your faith and trust in your own ability. You are children of the light dear ones, pure white light shines through every one of you. Know that the universe does not take sides, the universe delivers what you ask it to. It is your thoughts that create your life dear ones, process this through your heart, change your thoughts and change your life. You were not born to be a slave to illusion dear ones. Soar high. We are the high council of orion and we are your brothers and sisters from the stars. Connect to us at will for personal guidance, allow us to connect with you. We love you, we have always loved you. We are ONE. Dream big dear ones, you create it all.