21 June 2011  

Karen Doonan

Welcome beloveds, we are here to further and nurture you through this process. Many of you are now fully experiencing the and the energies are increasing to the point of perhaps being very symptomatic for many of you. We you strongly to look at how you are reacting to places, people and events around you and to allow all to flow. Holding on to what you “have” will seek to heighten the difference between the “old” way of living and the “new” way of living with many of you feeling that you are being pulled in two directions at once.

The way to move through this is to allow all to flow, do not be inflexible, do not hang on to outcomes or what you think your life “should” contain as all is being changed and moved by the new energies. Many of you will fear that you are losing, whether that is people, jobs, money it makes no difference, all is changing across the planet and new ways of BEing are coming into form. We appreciate how difficult our words are to many of you who look around you and see the destruction of your world and cannot yet see the new that is beginning to flourish. Everything in nature is a cycle, the old must “die” and fall away before the new growth begins to show. Nothing is ever static dear ones please be aware of this, even when illusion seeks to prove to you that “nothing changes” know that is not truth.

The frustration levels rise just now within many of you as you seek to exert “control” over your lives, we seek to guide you that at these times you have fallen back into the illusion. There is no need to “control” your life for you are CREATING that very life. All that takes place as stemmed from YOU. YOU CREATE at all times, we guide you to be very mindful of this and to place only thoughts that are positive within your . As we have previously guided now more than ever it is vital for you to clear and shield your . As more and more humans across the planet feel their frustration rise many do not know or understand WHY this should be. Many are still asleep and will fall further into illusion as they try to swim within that very illusion. It is not designed for anyone to float on top of it, it is not designed for you to win either, all illusion is to keep you trapped and at the mercy of feeling powerless.

We guide all of you to be aware of how you feel and to look carefully at why you feel this way. A dredging of the bottom of the depth of emotions is taking place within many of you. Know that for many of you this dredging process will bring up feelings and emotions from long ago. Trying to relate it to this section of your life using linear time is fruitless dear ones. You are moving into multi dimensionality, this means that you can access different dimensions of YOU at any one time. The need to think outside of linear time is fast approach for many of you. This will make sense of your experiences as the energies increase. To think in the “old” way will further frustrate you as your mind seeks to make sense of something it cannot grasp.

Multi dimensionality should be viewed as the gift that it truly is. You now have access to various dimensions of your BEing. This enables further deeper healing to take place within you and moves you to who you truly are in essence. This is what joins you to the rest of the cosmos, this is what has been held back from you for so long. To be able to access different dimensions for the that will help you make sense of your very BEing, it will help you understand your life journey on the planet earth. Linear time will begin to change for many of you, invented by illusion to help “control” the hours of the day and ultimately all who live their lives by it. Many of you will have noted the speeding up of this time over the years as you strive to fit more and more into your “day”. Know this is illusion dear ones, there has never been a time when it was not now. It is within the moment of now that you have your true power. Do not seek to throw it away dear ones, realise what it is that you have each waking moment.

As the energies begin to build for the next vibrational shift you may feel as if you do not truly belong where you find yourselves. Many of you are right now struggling with how you fit your new view of your life into your work, home and activities, we guide you strongly to just allow all to flow. There is no instant adjustment to be made, you will naturally adjust to the new energies and your vibration will find its balance, it is vital to allow this process to unfold for you. To try to move your vibration to where it is not comfortable or to try to force your vibration higher at this point will only seek to fuel the frustration that bubbles away beneath the surface. Change is a major trigger for many humans, such is the training that you endured that change is frightening and something to be feared. Changed should be embraced dear ones, if you could see further than you can at the moment you would see how wonderful this change is for you as a race. You do not have access to this knowledge as the vibration across the planet is not at a level that any human may access this information themselves. Know this will change dear ones, know that as many more humans across the planet raise their vibration you change the vibration of human consciousness. As this increases then more light is held across the planet and more information can readily be accessed by the humans across the planet.

There are many tools that you have at your disposal during this time of great change and we guide you strongly to use these tools where you can. Many of you are drawn to the crystalline beings and we guide you to use your intuition on how these can be of assistance to you. You will find yourself more in tune with your crystals as the energies move your vibration. Use this time to work in the way that you remember. You have all the knowledge inside of you, allow yourself the space to remember dear ones. Many of you will be drawn to sound, if this is the medium that you have chosen this life time dear ones use it well. Many lightworkers across the planet have remembered various skills from past lives and use these skills to help heal those around them. We guide you that you have remembered these skills to help HEAL YOURSELVES. It is vital that those in a healing role take the space to clear and shield and heal themselves. If you work in a healing role that involves you coming into contact with many humans you may pick up the frustration from their vibration. Remember dear ones as the energies increase you are all more aware of each other vibrationally. This is important to remember, each vibration will interact with the vibration around it. See yourselves if you will as musical notes, each one playing alongside another note, some will create magic whilst others will not resonate. Do these words help you to see how you all interact on a very deep level ?

Many of you will have symptoms of disturbed hearing, disturbed sense of taste and of smell, know that your physical is being changed from the cellular level out. Many of you will find your senses heightened and this will settle down over the coming weeks, it may heighten to an uncomfortable level before finding the balance. Please do not descend into fear around this, it is part of the process that you undertake. Likewise many humans across the planet have symptoms that modern medicine are struggling to make sense of, many of you may have visited your medical doctors with various complaints that they can find no reason for. Again we guide you strongly to try to detach from the fear associated with symptoms in your at this point. Many of you are simply changing and your will find its own natural pattern in due course.

View these energies as whirlwinds that have come to blast you clear and clean from the previous vibration that you held. A vibration that was low and suffocating, these energies sweep the human body clear and allow the transfer of knowledge and wisdom to come from your higher self. For many humans this is a new experience so it makes sense for you to go through the process slowly and carefully. For many others this is an experience they have waited for knowing what may happen to them, to those humans we guide caution, to try to move forward without absorbing fully what is happening is not a shortcut to a better place. There are NO shortcuts in the upgrading of human consciousness dear ones, the process is what the process is. There is no way around the feelings that come up for clearing nor is there any way to jump ahead. Patience is required by all across the planet as you move through and upwards.

It would make little sense to be able to jump forward as your mind would not be able to comprehend all that you felt. As we guided previously the human is the source of LOVE, if you were to attempt to jump forward without clearing the of the hurt and pain stored there then it would solely down to your mind to help you adjust to the new. The mind does not work in this way, the mind is drawn into the complicated and illusion. The mind would seek to find solutions to something it has no knowledge of. Once more we guide that the is the in this new you. It is from the that the changes and the new way of living will emerge. The mind will follow the and not the other way around. Any perceived shortcut that involves circumventing the hurt in the is illusion dear ones.

The process is what it is and the way forward is to keep on. Look to the moment and deal with the moments as they occur. Do not look too far into the “future” dear ones no matter how tempting illusion is. For you can only change this moment and the next moment, that is where your true power is. This is a building of a new age. The key word is “building”. Solid foundations are required for the depth of knowledge that will be uncovered within you. To build on sand is futile as you would descend into chaos and illusion once more. The road to freedom may be slower than many of you would like or want but it is needed dear ones. YOU set the pace for the new YOU. The more work that you do clearing old beliefs and old hurts the faster you will go through the process, however if the clearing of said beliefs and hurts is not at the level required they will come back again for more clearing, do you understand our words and what we mean dear ones?

Many of you are under the illusion that to work faster is to gain more and we guide that is not the way the new world works. There is no race to knowledge, all the knowledge you will need is locked inside of you. Once you have the keys then you open the knowledge to find more keys to find more knowledge and so it goes on. You cannot miss out on something that you came here to do dear ones. Likewise the knowledge that you have stored within you cannot be taken by another under your very nose. That is not how it works, we guide you that this way of thinking is illusion at work. Illusion would have you believe that you HAD to have something before another human, that there was a race on and whoever got there first won. That is illusion playing with your minds. The new age does not work like this dear ones. The new age is one of freedom and acceptance. Not all of you contain similar information, you have the knowledge that you need WHEN you need it. You will unlock it when it is needed. There is no race to raise the vibration to higher than anyone else, again this is illusion.

Be very careful as you expand and heighten your vibration dear ones for illusion will see you stand out. Illusion then sweeps in to try to lessen the vibration, the key to this is to clear and shield your energy and be true to your truth, hence the solid foundations that we guide to you. Truth fully absorbed and understood is unshakable, no amount of illusion will penetrate the truth once it is absorbed by you. Take the space to do this dear ones and watch as all sorts of illusions melt away to reveal the truth.

We step back now to allow you to absorb our words and our guidance. Be kind to yourselves dear ones, this is not about how much pain or grief one can endure on the road to enlightenment, nowhere is it written that the human who endures the most will win. This is illusion. Help one another, reach out in love to your fellow humans and seek to move forward as ONE. For we are all ONE, when you help another human you help yourself also. This is not about a race of humans all striving for the finishing line, this is about a race of humans embracing their truth and love for one another. We are the high council of orion and we are your star brothers and sisters. You move forward at all times dear ones even though illusion will try to prove to you that you do not. Know that you are watched over by many realms, supported and loved by many realms. Love is the answer to all dear ones.