22 June 2011

Karen Doonan

Welcome beloveds, we are blessed with another opportunity to communicate with you at this time. We guide you all that illusion is becoming stronger for those who are not yet awake, many of you are now beginning to experience the emotions of those who are unaware of the changes that are happening across the planet. We guide you to have love and compassion at all times for those who seem to be completely unaware about the process that you have named “ascension”.

At any given time across the planet there are those humans who begin to stir. The awakening process for many humans can be a slow one. One in which their lives no longer begin to hold the same meaning, they may feel total confusion at being in their lives but not fully BEing in their lives. We hope that we have used the correct words to describe that which we are trying to communicate. Those awakening now will begin to feel that their lives are MORE. This feeling can be overwhelming to many who now are beginning to question their own sanity. As the illusion begins to strengthen its grip in an attempt to keep the level lower these newly awakened humans may find life no longer makes sense to them.

Many will begin their search now for what is missing. It is important that they are NOT led to any truth but their own. It is sometimes tempting for and wayshowers to place their truth on their clients and fill them with information that they have. We guide you strongly to resist doing this, this further confuses the newly awaken human. All of you found your path by following your hearts, it is NO different for those who awaken now. The truth will be different for all of you, no human has the exact same truth as another human, you all have your own separate reasons for incarnating on the to experience these times. Your truth is yours and yours alone. To explain your truth as if written in stone is illusion dear ones. It is feeding ego and ego works in shadow. Many across the planet state that their truth is the “way”. That they have all the answers and many humans follow in the belief that they do. What this creates is hierarchy, that is what the “old” world was all about, with those at the top and others at the bottom. That is NOT what the “new “ age is about dear ones. It is about equality, about ALL finding their truth, living their truth and accepting the truth of all those around them.

To follow without questioning and processing through the heart is to swap one “god” for another. This process is not about following, it is about expanding. Whilst you question and process through your hearts you are able to expand your BEing, you are able to reach beyond that which you have attained up to this point. When humans follow those they believe preach the one truth they become contained once more, they tend not to search beyond the boundaries that have been shown to them from the ones that they follow. Do you see what we mean dear ones, do you see how this contains humans rather than expands them?

It is an easy trap of illusion to fall into, many lightworkers across the planet are blind to this part of the illusion. Believing that the more “followers” they have the more “important” that they are, this can lead to further beliefs that they have more information, are party to more knowledge, all illusion dear ones. EACH AND EVERY HUMAN on the planet has access to all the information that they need at any one time. EACH AND EVERY HUMAN has the right to search for more knowledge and by working on their hearts and their shadows will be able to access deeper and deeper truths as they move through their life journey. This is the of the universe.

We note that many humans across the planet have failed to accept this truth for the truth that it is. It seems to be human nature to create hierarchies and have people kept from information. This is illusion dear ones. Illusion seeks to separate at all times. Illusion will feed the human ego if it creates the separation it seeks to portray across the planet. Be very aware of this dear ones. Every human Being alive across the planet is seeded with love in their hearts, some will awaken quicker and faster than others, some will awaken at the last minute, all is as it should be, divine timing is at play at all times. No one human is more than another despite what illusion would have you believe.
You fall into illusion if you believe that your truth makes you a greater human than the unawakened human who may stand beside you. In your state of awakened human you have taken on the responsibility for BEing fully aware of the higher consciousness that is around you. You are then able to see further in the distance than the unawakened human, this leads to you holding the space for the unawakened human as you are ONE.

We appreciate that the concept of all being ONE is a difficult one for many of you to fully grasp but it is a truth. All are connected to one another. So the neighbour who causes you hassle, the boss who makes your working life difficult is but another aspect of yourself. It would make no sense at all to create a war with yourself but we watch as many across the planet do just that. This feeds illusion that seeks to tell you that you are alone, that the person who stands next to you is higher or lower than you. WE ARE ALL ONE dear ones, we are no better nor no worse than anyone else in the cosmos.

The energies that have swept across the planet have brought to the fore many, many emotions that have been buried for a very long time. Many of you will have gone through a lot of turmoil in the past few weeks and months as you struggle with the emotions that appear for you. Many who have not be aware of what is happening have turned those emotions onto others and created more divides where in reality there are none. It is vital that the humans who have awakened hold the space for this to be healed. To awaken is to accept responsibility for all your actions as you are now more aware of what they do, to awaken is to begin to heal. To awaken is not to look at your neighbour, your boss etc and feel you are MORE than they are. That is not the point of this process.

Human Consciousness affects ALL across the planet, the more that human consciousness is raised then the more the illusion falls away. As illusion falls away the humans on the planet earth will be able to see the futility of many of their actions, they will begin to see that the harm caused is to themselves, that there are other ways of BEing. To stand back and watch the unawakened humans and proclaim you are more than they are or to dismiss what they go through is not the action of an enlightened human. This is the action of a human who has gained more information but has not absorbed and digested the meaning of the information.

Planet earth is not creating two different societies, one in which enlightened humans reside in and one in which unawake humans live in that is not the purpose of this process dear ones. To believe this is to fall into illusion, can you see the illusion of separation in this concept? YOU ARE ALL ONE, that means that you will all live together in one society. Already we can feel the seeds of fear begin to grow within many who are reading our words. Fear is illusion. It is possible to create a new society for you are already part of it. Illusion will begin to break down before your very eyes. The unawakened ones will believe it is the end, so far into illusion are they drawn but they CAN wake up, with your help and they can begin to stir to help illusion fall faster.

The ascension process is for ALL dear ones, the whole planet is due to ascend and to reach the next level of human consciousness. There is not a rush to do this, there is no queue of humans you have to rush past to claim your place on the ascension mission. This is all illusion seeking to frustrate and turn human against human, thus lowering the human consciousness vibration.

Always look into everything by processing through your hearts dear ones, for in your hearts resides the truth, YOUR truth. The human life experience is so unique and so individual that it would make no sense to have the exact same truth as the human next to you. Each life journey is different and unique in so many ways. We watch as lighworker turns on lightworker ever ready to defend the skills they have or compare the skills they have, YOU EACH ARE HERE TO DO DIFFERENT THINGS. There is NO competition unless you have fallen into illusion. Within the illusion there lies the veneer of each human for themselves, for a race to the finish. This of course will rob you of your true power which is in each and every moment of your life. The illusion seeks to trap those who are awake as they are just as susceptible to illusion as the unawakened humans. The illusion uses different guises to trap those who are awake. But traps they are dear ones and we guide you strongly to avoid competing with each other. How can those who are still to awake begin to live in a “new” world of togetherness if the “new” world resembles the “old” but with different titles?

We guide each of you to be aware of your actions at this time. Much emotion is spilling out across the planet and as you all become more sensitive and telepathic it can be easier to mistake emotions from another human as your own or to over react to situations as the depth of emotion is so strong. Do not allow illusion to hold you back dear ones. You are moving higher and higher each day and the strength of your love increases. Push forward, always digging out seeds of fear that arise or are replanted by illusion.

Love is the answer to all questions dear ones. Love poured through any situation will begin to heal it. Do not allow illusion to persuade you that you are any less a human than you are and equally do not allow illusion to persuade you that you are above any other human. Humans were created equally and will ascend equally. Many will reach out to others to give them truth when in essence they need to search and find their own truth. Remember this dear ones, you do not help a human who merely asks for a truth to be enlightened. Enlightenment comes from your own search for truth that means your own journey into your heart. To circumvent this does not help another human, it furthers the illusion that they are not equal to the rest of the human race. This is not truth dear ones. Do not allow illusion to help you spread that message for it is not a message of love to give someone your truth. The message of love is to give someone the tools to find their own truth. That is love. No other human can live the life you have been given this life experience so why would your truth be equal to their truth? You are not they and they are not you, do our words resonate with you dear ones?

Any one of you may access our guidance at any point. Simply ask to connect to us and we will respond. We give guidance through this channel at this time to help humans in the process of ascension but we are able to guide you personally should you wish this. Do not become frustrated by trying too hard. We come to all who ask us to. We are the high council of orion and we are your star brothers and sisters. View each other with love and compassion in your hearts for we are truly as ONE.