8 June 2011  

Karen Doonan

Welcome , we come once again to communicate that all is well across your planet. Many of you are feeling the new increased energies and this is causing some havoc to your . We most strongly to detach from the media and from advertising. The vibration that both stirs within you will cause your vibration to waver and flux, it is this that is causing you the physical symptoms that you may be experiencing at this time.

Many of you read our words through various channels and at the time of reading will feel encouraged and safe. Shortly afterward you will return to your regular routine and our words will be lost to you. We guide you most strongly to start living your truth and to take steps to change what alters your vibration in a negative way from your lives. Many of you are unsure of how to alter your vibration for the better, we appreciate and acknowledge that change itself can be a stressful time for the human race.

Once more we guide you NOT to rely on your vision only, the smoke and mirrors of the illusion is such that you can be shown something totally wrong and yet believe it is good. Many examples of this occur daily in your everyday lives. It is WRONG to judge your neighbour no matter the skin colour, orientation, lifestyle etc. Please do not try to justify why it is ok to judge someone else. We are ONE beloveds and that means that you judge yourself. The illusion spreads fear and negativity so that you turn on each other, so that you turn yourself into that which you judge. Do our words resonate with you? Whilst you bring hate and recrimination to the deeds of others you judge. Please stop and digest what this means for you.

Many will be set up to look like they have done much harm to society, this results in many of you instantly lowering yourself into fear, recrimination and hate of that individual or individuals. We guide you strongly to resist doing this. We ask you to look at the bigger picture and pour love and compassion through all that comes up in the near future. Please do not pour negative emotions through any world event for it is not as simple or as straightforward as it may appear to be to your eyes.

Many walk the planet with a hidden agenda. Many of you will hear others talk about alien races that are not working for the good of mankind. Many of you will instantly dismiss this as fantasy and conspiracy. Whilst some of it is misinformation to further confuse and alienate you all from each other some of it is TRUE. What better way to cause and suffering for the human race than to set up some human beings to take the fall for an atrocity that was caused by another.

We do not wish to send you into a fear vibration with our words but it is vital that you all start to process all through your heart. Messages about love and compassion will sweep the planet but you must also remember that the love and compassion is also for those who cause you pain. Much like the schoolyard bully who causes pain and suffering for those around him there are people who carry out tasks and jobs that cause pain and who your compassion. Fooled as they are that what they do is correct they do not see the error of their ways, persuaded by the illusion that they work for the good of their fellow mankind they do not see what harm they cause.

The agenda for the survival of the human race is complicated and much more than meets the human eye. All planets now work to help you through the next wave of chaos that will hit the planet. As your planet upgrades to higher energies more of the negative will come to the fore, it is vital that you do not judge the negative, it is vital that you view the negative as the need that it is. A need that is based on fear and survival. We are not sure if our words are the ones to penetrate the ability for you all to still judge and pour hate out into the world. We try to make you see that witnessing or hearing about an atrocity and then reacting with hate in your heart to the person or persons who carry out said atrocity works against you.

The new earth will be a haven of love and compassion, we need to guide you strongly that this will prove difficult for you if you do not start practising love and compassion in all that you do and especially in relation to wars that rage across the planet.

Wars are the easiest way for the illusion to spread hate, fear and mistrust but the most powerful way for you to practice love and compassion for each other. You are all human and you are all aware of the basic need for love, shelter and . That applies to your “enemy” as well, the enemy are another part of yourselves. You fight over the unobtainable, you fight over negative possessions, where you could come together and create more.

The illusion will feed this to keep your separate, if you only knew the combined power of all human minds together and all human hearts you would be amazed. The illusion knows that it takes only a large percentage for the tide to turn and hence the fear and hatred that is spilled out into the world to keep the vibration low. We guide you to try to stay centred and focused on love and compassion over the next few weeks. Expect the illusion to ramp up the atrocities it sees fit to show you. Even when you watch on your tv screens we guide you to try to view what you are watching with OPEN eyes. Do not blindly accept what you are shown to be true.

We acknowledge and appreciate how difficult this is for you to comprehend and especially difficult when you are being side tracked by personal issues. This is done deliberately to keep you off balance and to keep you distracted. While you silently wage war on your boss or the company you work for you feed the negativity that the illusion needs to survive. Then when you watch news bulletins you again feed the negativity by accepting what your eyes see and your ears hear without processing.

Take time to meditate where possible and to detach from the world around you to go into the silence within. That is the place where truth lies. It is the ONLY place where you truth lies beloveds. We guide you strongly not to be swayed by the words and pictures which will shortly hit your tv screens. Remember that the illusion NEEDS your negativity to continue to keep the vibration across the planet low and to keep you bound.

Practice compassion in your daily lives, start with yourself. Every time you look in the mirror and say something negative cancel it out and find a positive. YOU ARE ALL children of the universe and unique and special. YOU ARE LOVEABLE and ALL PERFECT. These are words the illusion will never use as they do not feed the fear and hate that is seeded within the human race. Look not to your fellow human and see their flaws, look to your fellow humans and see the light that lives within, see the cloak of fear they wear and take steps to help REMOVE that cloak of fear.

This message is urgent for all across the planet, it is vital that you disseminate the truth from the lies. If you do not then the ascension process will be painful and you will wonder how you have create the nightmare that you find yourself in. YOU CREATE YOUR REALITY, please remember this. Detach from anything that tells you that you are at the mercy of everything outside of you, this is a lie.

Take care of your bodies and minds during the next few weeks, eat good nutritious foods and rest well. Nourishment is vital when the energies expand and increase. Detach from the old and create the new within you. Illusion is not your friend although it may appear to offer the hand of friendship it carries a sting that is so poisonous it could destroy you. You have unprecedented awareness across the planet, those who are awake are beginning to clearly see through the smokescreen, to them we ask you hold the vibration level for those who are only now beginning to awake and question.

We step back now to allow you to absorb our words. We do this not to create fear and worry across the human race but to alert you to the next wave of destruction designed to plunge you back down into the pit of fear. There is no need for this to happen, FEEL your world beloveds, do not take ANYTHING at face value not matter how plausible the explanation. The media and the governments across the planet DO NOT WORK FOR YOUR GOOD. Take responsibility for your own existence. That is the and the step towards freedom. Do not blindly follow, in YOUR shoes, with YOUR own ideas and start to live the life that you dream.

We are the high council of Orion and we guide you at this time of rapid change. We are you and you are we as we are all ONE. Live in truth and freedom and detach from the illusion beloved brothers and sisters. We will communicate through other channels the same messages.