9 June 2011  

Karen Doonan

Welcome beloveds and once more we give gratitude at being able to connect with you at this time. Much is changing and fluxing for many of you and we wish to clarify our previous connections to make our message and our guidance clear to you.

Please be assured that we do not make these connections and offer guidance and as a way of further enslaving you to the master of fear. THAT IS NOT our way and is not what these messages are about. We acknowledge that for many of you this is a time of stripping away what you once knew about yourselves, your families, your whole way of BEing. As this happens you will once more feel extremely vulnerable, this is perfectly normal and part of the process of aligning your SELVES into the ONE Being that you truly are.

We you to stay with this internal and external transformation. View yourselves if need be as soon to be butterflies, at the moment many of you are at the cocoon stage, that stage where you hide yourself away and conserve all the that you have to transform yourself into the beautiful creature that will soon emerge. This may be completely alien to many of you, many of you have had your life mapped out for you, whether this be something that you did for yourself or another has done this for you. We you strongly to disconnect with the “old” way of BEing and live as much as you can in the moment.

For many humans across the planet this is completely unchartered waters for you. We acknowledge that many of you will have be born into society which sees you continually striving, there is no let up, you are on the go and thinking about your “future” at all times. Always with you eye on the “future” goal. For those who are trained in this way of BEing these new energies are very different and will bring up lots of fear for you. There is though no “future” and no “past”, this is “old” world thinking and will rob you of the power that you are growing inside of you. We move into an age of multi dimensionality. Many of you reading our words will have already had experience of this but perhaps not recognised it for what it is. You exist in many different dimensions at once, the thoughts and feelings from one version of you can easily seep over into the dimension you are in at present.

This will bring up feelings and memories that perhaps do not resonate with you and leave you feeling very strange and questioning your feelings. You are here in this lifetime to HEAL. This is possible by drawing in all the different versions of you and healing the pain and emotion that is stored within your heart. The more you move towards the new earth, the more you will be able to work through and heal. Some of you may be able now to telepathically pick up the feelings of those around you and wonder why all of a sudden you feel the way that you do. Many of you may have had the experience of walking into a crowded room and suddenly felt overwhelmed. Know this is a skill you will be able to hone and get used to. It is vital at this fledgling stage that you recognise what is happening and take steps to work through it.

In this dimension you verbalise all that you wish to communicate, this is changing dear ones, in the new world you will not need to be so vocal. For those of you in the field of healing this will further enhance the skills you have at picking up what needs to be healed from your clients. There is a need to identify the feelings and who they belong to until you get used to living in this way. That is why we guide you to be gentle with each other and to have love and compassion in your hearts for ALL who live on the planet alongside you. Once you have started to acquire the skill of telepathy it will be easy to spread the feelings that you pick up. Stop for a moment and fully digest the words that we communicate with you with regard to this. Can you see the potential for spreading a lower vibration without meaning to?

As the days move towards the next moon we guide you to further cleanse your bodies with nutritious foods and clear pure water. The water is extremely important, many of you are existing on little hydration and this will result in various physical symptoms that you may find unpleasant. As you pull and store more light into your physical you may need less actual food but you will need MORE water, water purifies and helps the cells clear themselves and stay healthy. YOUR PHYSICAL presence is changing, the structure of your human bodies is undergoing significant changes to allow you to hold a higher vibration. We guide you to absorb our words in relation to the water and diet and allow yourself to vibrate at the higher level. You will know when your vibration wavers as you will feel sick, light headed and have various other symptoms.

As you hold more light within your BEing you vibrate more rapidly and this will open up realms of communication with other realms that live alongside you on the planet. Many of you will be able to connect with the and mineral kingdom in ways you have only dreamt of. Be aware of the support these kingdoms can give you in relation to your health at this time. If you feel drawn to supplements or herbal teas made from the ground then look at what this tells you in relation to your body. We are all ONE, the and mineral kingdoms seek to help and aid you at this time. You may be more keenly aware of your pets and of animals around you. You may be able to telepathically connect with animals around you. Once more we guide you to hold love and compassion in your very BEing whilst you do this.

For some of you this opening telepathy may cause you problems as you become more keenly aware of how other realms FEEL. This may overwhelm you at first and we guide you to clear and maintain your vibration. Clearing your aura is vital at this opening stage. Much is collected in the aura of a human being and as you become more sensitive you will be affected more strongly by negative emotions that are stored there.

The crystal kingdom calls many at this time. Those who have an interest in crystals will feel drawn to them in a way that is stronger than ever before. We guide you to go with the flow and to practice using the support of the crystalline Beings when needed. You are changing beloveds and the change will delight you, you are moving from BEings of fear and containment to the wonderful expansion of light that you all in essence are. View these energies as creative, as bringing you to where you were always meant to be. Disconnect from the illusion and begin to FEEL the difference in your BEing.

Try to walk in nature as often as you can, the very act of doing this will enable you to feel more at one with everything around you. This is a time of settling of new energies and it will take some time to get used to. Do not rush beloved ones for you have waited aons to be able to do this. Explore your new world as if you were children and you will find much love and support around you. Holding on to the “old” will result in a waivering of your vibration and may result in illness in the human body. For many across the planet the unexplained physical symptoms have no cause in “modern medicine”. This is because the cause is FEELING. The new way of BEing is based on emotion. The human race is numb and has been for a very long time. Many of you have reached the point of numbness through medication or pain. Shoring up the heart with huge walls to keep the hurt out, what in essence happens is that you lock in the pain. Whilst you have huge walls you will not be able to FEEL. You will feel you are drowning in the prison you built inside of yourself. Allow the new energies to set you free. You will not drown in emotion dear ones, the support all around you will wash you clear and enable you to feel your freedom.

The higher you are able to hold your vibration the less you will be able to cope with toxins, this is an important thing to remember. For those who now experience symptoms that appear allergic or irritant be aware of what you put ON your body as well as what you consume. You are clearing your very BEing, toxins will try to lower and clog your vibration and will not be as tolerated as they once were. If you listen and react to what your body tells you then you will be able to steer yourself through the coming weeks and months. This is a time of becoming more alive that you have ever been. If it all becomes too much then please dear ones rest. Once more an activity that you seem to have lost in your societies. Always on the go, always moving around. If your body feels tired and needs to rest or have sleep then please honour this. Sleep will enable you to process a lot of information that you may find impossible or difficult during your waking hours. If you find yourself at odds with those around you the chances are that you need to process. Allow yourself time for MORE sleep if need be and nurture yourself at this time. You go through a transformation and you are fragile, respect and react to this.

We step back now to allow you to absorb our words and to process the words through your hearts. We guide most strongly for you to discern YOUR TRUTH at this time. This is your life journey and you are the expert in this wonderful journey. We can connect to any of you who wish to communicate with us. As you raise your vibration you may find yourself having , many times this is an indication that those around you in the realms that you cannot physically see with your human eyes are there supporting and wishing to communicate with you. The higher the vibration you hold the easier it is for you to feel these energies and allow them to flow. ASK to connect to the realms around you and watch the transformation dear ones. We do not just choose the “favourites” or the “chosen few”, ALL human beings are able to channel us.

We will send out these messages through various other channels so that the voice of our support is echoed across the planet. These are exciting times dear ones and we are honoured to support and guide you at this time. Once more we leave you with much love and blessings. We are ONE, we are your brothers and sisters from the stars, we are the .