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Welcome beloveds and much love and blessings to each one of you. We are the high council of orion and we come to further and support you as the energies begin to peak around the planet. Many of you will wonder how you can cope as your life may appear to be falling apart all around of you, many of you will be feeling the increase in energies and feel very on edge as if waiting for something, the may be tinged with . We are here loved ones to reassure and you that all is well and that you progress well.

The energies will peak across the planet as the moon gathers her . You may be feeling this keenly at this moment and we guide you to work WITH the . Go inside to the silence and find what it is that is making you on edge, what is triggering you at this time? Find out where the seeds of fear have been sown so deeply and take steps to remove them. The media across the planet is furthering the growth of the seeds as the news reports slant ever more towards the death and disaster that is “happening” to your race almost everywhere in the world. Once more we guide you strongly not to buy into what your eyes are being shown and your ears are being told.

You will be able to discern for yourselves the truth if you process all that is put in front of you through your hearts. Many of you across the planet may have had unexplained incidences of tears over the past few days and we guide you to stay with this. This is deep emotion, probably so deep that you didn’t realise how far down it went into your very BEing. It is important that it is released. Your planet is releasing and cleansing and you as her children are going through the same process. Let the emotions flow, open up to those around you, if you live you life contained, never showing much emotion to those you share your life with this is all about to change. We sense our words are bringing up fear within a lot of you at the thought of showing those you care about how you feel and we draw your attention to this. You are pure love and your natural state of BEing is to exude pure love, why would you live with each other and NOT show how you feel? What is to be served by keeping all your emotions locked away inside of yourself? Once more we guide that illusion is at work if this is how you have been living.

To separate yourself into little compartments and to act differently depending who is in your company does not serve anyone. It further disempowers you as you struggle to maintain a persona which is not your own. We are ONE beloved ones and we can feel the pain in your race in general. You yearn to be free but are paralysed by the fear of allowing others to see the real you. We guide you strongly to ground the new energies and to begin to release this way of BEing. The time for hiding your light and pretending you are someone else is upon you.

Grounding is important and so is diet at this time. Many of you will be drawn to drinking more water over the past few weeks and months and we guide you to continue to do this. In some parts of the world the water is not for drinking and we guide you to drink PURE, CLEAR water. Do not be fooled by the advertising of the illusion that water with added nutrients is in anyway healthy for your . Water is water and should be drunk that way. Many of you will be drinking hot water and be unaware of why you should do this. It is more easily used by your as it is at optimum temperature to help rehydrate you. The rehydration is necessary due to the physical upgrades that your is receiving through the new energies. You may feel fatter/thinner, heavier/lighter and have no why you feel like this. Again we guide strongly for you to from these feelings and let it go. It is simply your light body settling more strongly into the physical. As we previously guided you are now able to access differing dimensions and able to bring through different parts of yourselves from those different dimensions, all is settling into the body that you inhabit in this life journey. It will take some time and space for it all to level out and until this happens we guide you to nurture yourselves.

If you need to sleep more during these coming weeks then please your body and do this, there is nothing to be gained by trying to continue as you would have done. In fact to do this will place more stress on the physical and may see you become so weak that you will not be able to continue with your daily life for a while. It is important as the energies come into your body and level out that you the messages that your body communicates to you. As we have communicated to you, you will be more in tune with everything and everybody around you and this includes yourself. This may come as a surprise to many of you who will suddenly “know” what is wrong with themselves and take steps to correct it. This is the moving into harmony.

As you claim back the power that lives within you this will happen more and more. You will begin to realise that YOU have the knowledge about your body and will not give that power over to someone else as you have done previously. YOU are the master of your own bodies, we cannot stress this enough to you. Beloveds the power that is contained within your mind and body is immense, learn how to use this power. To start with it may be too overwhelming for many of you to fully absorb that is possible. For those we guide you trust and have faith in yourselves. You are beginning to live the life that you were meant to, so different is it to the way you have been trained since birth that a period of adjustment will take place. The more you relax and have faith in your own abilities the easier the period of adjustment will be for you.

We guide you all to hold yourselves in love and compassion, please do not plunge into negativity if you do not begin to master how to BE. Many of you are still unsure of how to BE and we guide you strongly that it will come. To BE is not to stop everything that you do, it is not just to wander about feeling completely ok, to BE is to shine your light out around you, it is to live the way that frees you. Many of you have jobs and work and we guide you that there is nothing wrong with this at all. This is the way of life for many humans across the planet and it would make no sense at all for all humans to stop what they were doing all at once and do nothing. That is not what BEing is all about.

We guide on BEing to further clarify for all of you who go through this process. When you are in touch with your core BEing then life will flow for you. You will KNOW what to do next, faced with a list of tasks for the day you will be able to deal with all or some of them at will. You will not descend into mass panic and think to yourself that you cannot do everything. You will not plunge into frustration, to BE is to cope with everything in your stride. It is also to detach from any FEAR that is associated with any of the tasks that you are due to do. To see the bigger picture if you will and realise that there is NO FEAR. That love is the answer and that if you do not have a solution to a problem at that time, ONE WILL APPEAR. That is to BE loved ones.

We do not advocate sitting around all day doing nothing, that does not serve anyone least of all those trapped in the cycle of fear that have not awoken. We are also not guiding nor asking any of you to stop what you do for a job and suddenly do something else. That is not what our guidance entails. Too long the human race has been subservient and just done what it was told, we do not tell you how to live your life beloved ones, that is entirely down to each one of you. What may happen with some of you is that as you find the seeds of fear and uproot them your idea of what you want to do with your life will alter, sometimes this will alter rapidly. You will find the strength and the courage to do what brings you joy. This sometimes will result in many of you deciding not to carry on with the job that pays the mortgage simply because that was the only reason that you did that job. Now that the seeds of fear have been removed you will find that the job holds no pull for you. Do our words make sense to you beloved ones?

This process is deceptively simple but we fully acknowledge and understand why human minds would seek to complicate it. From birth and from generation to generation you have been trained that life is hard and complicated, you have been trained to ignore your own feelings and ideas. You have been trained there is only ONE way of living and if you do not comply then you will not gain any rewards. It is akin to training a wild animal what to do is it not? Do you see the analogy?

We guide you most strongly to be gentle with yourselves. Do not attempt to change too much too soon as they may plunge you back into the illusion without you realising it. It took the human race a long time to begin to awaken and it is doing so rapidly. There is no sudden way of BEing that you must comply to, this is not what ascension is all about loved ones. It is about reclaiming your power and returning to the way of BEing that you are in essence. It is about finding yourself, realising that you have choices, you have feelings and you have inner guidance that for many has not been listened to.

Please also be aware dear ones that as you begin to change then this will affect those around you. It is a ripple in a pond scenario where you begin to change the way you feel and act. Others around you who are still asleep or just awakening may expect you to be the person they have defined as you. As you break out of the mould of subservient human you will find that others will try to put you back into the mould. When this happens then please be aware that they react instinctively out of fear. If they are asleep they will not consciously realise the difference in you, they will FEEL it though and this will trigger the deep rooted fears that were implanted within their BEing. Rather than ignore the fear they will try their hardest for you to comply with what they define is YOU.

This can be a difficult time for many of you as those you are triggering with your heightened vibrations will be close family members. For many of you across the planet the fact that you are awake and awakening more fully has meant you have felt very different from your friends and family from birth. This may trigger fear within them and within you. Allow the fear to show itself then root it out beloved ones. You cannot at this point do anything at all about the reactions that your family and loved ones have with regard to how you are starting to change but you CAN do something about YOUR reaction. We guide you strongly to pour love and compassion through all of it. Hold the space for them to realise that you are still YOU. In fact you are MORE you than you have ever been!

We guide you all to have faith and trust in this process of awakening and enlightening. You have waited lifetimes to be able to stand in your power and we are excited and blessed to be able to share this with you. Let no one tell you that you CANNOT do something, if the something FEELS right and is out of love and compassion then it IS right. Your heart will continue to guide you to the right path at all times. Sometimes your head and your heart will clash and when this happens we guide you to go inwards and process through the heart. Always work to release the fears dear ones, try to act always from a place of love and not fear. When you have reacted out of fear then please do not further the strength of illusion by being negative with yourself. Realise why you acted as you did and then look for the seeds, find them and dig them out. It will take time for you to get used to acting out of love as the human race has been a race seeded with fear for aons.

The time of change is upon you dear ones, please see the liberation of your race for what it is and do not allow illusion to tell you it is the end for it is not. You are so very close to the freedom that is your birthright dear ones and getting closer every day. Live and work with love and compassion for all other BEings within your heart and watch as the world you live in transforms itself.

There is no need for fear when love is present, true love that is, not the love that needs certain objectives fulfilled before it is given. The love between parent and child will extend to all, you can all live in unconditional love for that is your essence.
We go now to allow you to absorb our words and we send much love and blessings to you at this time of great change. If in doubt of what to do then please go deep within yourself and listen to the answers for you ALL have the answers within you. The path to finding those answers may be covered with ivy so long has it been since you walked that path, but find it you will, have faith and trust in yourselves and love and compassion in your very BEing. We are the high council of orion, your star brothers and sisters, we join with you in love and we look forward to communicating more with you in due course.